Thank You Thursday: Rules

Rules were created by those who were bound by personal honor and are much subjected. Rules are the boundaries, the invisible lines not crossed for personal reasons. Everyone's personal honor or rules vary. The personal honor was clearly understood and accepted by all in tribes or close societies, when expressed. When expressed, often consequences follow if the honor was disrespected. Throughout times the small communities grew in size and one man's personal honor grew into law or rules for others. The question now becomes whose rules do we follow, one man's ideal honor and glory or our own individual boundary to be respected by others when clearly expressed?

As children we are very impressionable. We follow the blue print of the family we are a part of. As we progress and come into our own voice; we set own our rules; this one of many reasons of pushing the limits of others. We push others to see how far we can go, hence why some of us play the game of "Chicken". When we discover someone else’s rules don’t make sense to us, we begin to form our own. When we form our own individual rules, we often times demand respect for our own rules. How can we gain respect for our own individual rules; when we don't respect others? Simply we don't, especially when all rules are subjective to the individual. Yet another aspect of creation of rules is personal growth.

With the personal growth of an individual, comes compromise or changes in their rules and questioning of other’s rules. As we grow mental and spiritual, we begin to question authority or rules set in place. The reason for this questioning is to gain insight to a world or culture we desire to belong too. Once the rule or authority is clearly understood, we have respect for it and times add it to our own personal honor. This is how one person's rules or honor can come to law and have others honor it.

When living in a collective space, a set of rules are need. This are rules set in place and governed by State, not all make since, but at times need to be followed, remember one bad apple, spoils the bunch. The core of beliefs all members of the collective community must respect, yet there are those who don't respect them. When I speak of core beliefs, I mean being true to self and honor others space and rules. Remember the golden rule; treat others, like you want to be treated. When living in a collective space, we have to not only respect the core beliefs, but also honor the individual. By honoring the individual, you honor yourself through understanding why the said individual won't cross their line. Over time an evaluation or exploration of rules are taken, like a self examination. As time progresses, both the collective and individuals evaluate rules; which ones can be tossed out, which ones are amended to include exceptions, and should new ones be added. The old saying "rules are made to be broken" really means it time for a new set of rules. The collective or governed rule is "broken" it is really to benefit the individual who broke it; there is no respect for the core beliefs. When the individual breaks their own personal rule, it’s time to reevaluate their rules. As we grow in varying aspects in our lives, so should our rules?

Rules are primarily set in place as a safeguard for the collective space and individuals. Through growth and examination, we come to understand why we set these rules in place. Is it to keep others or self safe from harm? We are the only ones that can harm ourselves. We are taken care of by the Divine Source. We have to question the rules we make; are they Divine, do they offer nourishment, are they subjective or are a protective barrier? These are questions you have the answers too by looking within.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the personal honor rules provide you with.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the compromise made to achieve balance and harmony with the core beliefs.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the expansion created through evaluating personal space.

Cuz I Can


Energy in transaction transcending from manifested digested the metaphysical it is what it is and I am as I am


I am everything and can do anything learning the light guide to surpass all fore-thought


Comfortably in control with understanding of change


life itself 

devices and mechanisms to comprehend purpose and resist restraint


Aware as I bare the knowledge leveraged and wisdom given the total package confidence and courage as I make you think sink to the depths of your soul ask yourself are you whole


Why do you do what you do

Being satisfied with routine comfort and ever wonder can I do more


Sheer will wields the energy and harness determination empowering all I am

I am who I am

I do what I do

I believe what I believe

I love what I love

Cuz I can



Hillis 4th February 2011 9:37 am

Greetings Conni, Thank you for being a loyal reader. You are welcome and continue to enjoy the writings. Be well and love and blessings to you.


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