Thank You Thursday: Soul Health

Today have appreciation for Soul Health.

Usually, when we think of our health, we think of the physical body. We work to keep our physical body in working order. At times find medical care, exercise, and change the way we eat. The steps we take are to ensure the longevity of our physical health. But what do we really know about our body? It's trial and error. We try things, some things work, others don't. Then we continue on doing what works until our body changes, then we change what is working. We only desire what is best for our body, but how do we really know what is best for self if we don't know and experiment? The same can be said for our Soul. What do we really know about our Soul? 

In order to take care of the Soul, we have to know what the Soul is. The Soul is the core of our being. It is part of a whole existence. The soul defines our connection to one another. The energy flowing to the next human being is the soul communicating to each being, to Itself. This is important to hear Dear Ones, There is only one Soul. We are all one piece of a puzzle of the Soul we share. Here is an excerpt that better explains it.

Excerpt: a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll: J.O.P.B

The soul is the spark of God. It is forever, and it doesn't have your Akash within it. Instead, it has the imprint of the creator, and it is all that is. Some of you can feel it when you drop into the core during meditation. That's when it starts to come forward and you actually feel it. You know that it is not the Higher-Self. It's beyond that. However, it still belongs with you as a Human, since you are a multidimensional being. Your duality supports this, for it is corporeal and spiritual at the same time.

The soul is not that which communicates with you with words or thoughts or gives you intuition. It's more than that. It's not on the other side of the veil either! It's with you, and it hides in every single piece of the corporeal you. It's the beauty of you; the magnificence of all things. There are some attributes you need to hear, for I want you to begin to practice feeling the soul within. Every moment you spend in this kind of communication changes you. Some of you will be able to do this and some of you will not. Some of you will not even care to, but for those who wish to, I want to take you there.

Full entry here:

Even though we are individual, we are the same. We impart knowledge on each other to help self to help the Soul. How do we care for the Soul? The Soul cares for you if you listen. The soul is always guiding us in the direction of the human desire. The desire is of a singular importance at the time it is made known until completion. The said desire can be accomplished in days, weeks, months, years, or another incarnation. What is the desire of the Soul? The Soul, like God only wants what the human wants. Know this Dear One, the experience had now and forever is a Co-Creative one. The experience is one chosen to know self unto self, in its many forms and experiences. Yes, I know. How can I a human care for my piece of the Soul?

We care for the Soul like we would care for a child or self. We listen intently to what the Soul is asking us. What the soul ask and what is offered is always in alignment with what we desire, because the Soul only wants what we want. There are no bad or good choices, only the choices we make to experience this life to the fullest and terms we chose too. Some of us get off our path and it shows up in our life in many ways. It can manifest physically, mentally, and emotionally. I say to you, have comfort in your choice, and have comfort knowing you experienced something that another didn't and you can verbally communicate that experience to another, you can emote this experience to another. This can help the Soul, add to its experience and create a deeper connection with others and self. We are better communicators with emotions. 

The emotions were the first form of communicating. Each time we express ourselves in any form, we add the library of experience or the Akashic Record, which we all can access. Each individual experience adds to the connection of the singular Soul. Source, God, Divine Parent, Creator, no matter the name or feeling, We are not from the Greater Entity, We are a part of IT. Throughout time, we have created separation from this Greater Entity, and all the while this is a place we strive to get to. Understanding this Dear One, you do not have to go far. I will repeat. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO FAR. To access your joy, your peace, your health, all you have to go is within. 

To improve our Soul Health, we have to go within. We are all on this continual search for the best life, the best now, and the best this or that. What makes me feel good here, now, forever, this is our life search and mission? Yet I say to you, this search is part of remembering you are a part of Source, a part of a much fuller life. We all get diverted or the short or quick fixes to make us feel good or important. What we don't realize at the time of action is we are disconnected from Source and distracted with a personal experience thinking we are bringing joy to life. When this is happening, we are doing harm to the Soul and physical body. What we do to our piece of the puzzle shows up in our energy and has the potential to affect others. What we do to harm self, we can prevent it from happening to others. How? By becoming aware of what is going on within and how it's showing up in our lives. This way we can see other pieces of the soul having the same experience and guide them to go within to have the joy they seek. 

How do we take care of the Soul? By taking care of others. By going within. By trusting and listening. By nurturing our self. 

Today have appreciation knowing there is no disconnection between our physical and spiritual well-being.
Today have appreciation to now know we are a part of a whole, a piece of the Universal puzzle.
Today have appreciation knowing all we have to do is going on an internal journey to find what we already know.  

The Eldest

Having a picture of the eldest

Feeling of an ageless age

Coming to know the spirit of self as is

Coming to know a connected space

Being seeded

Being rooted in all that's created

Created from thought

Created from energy 

A pure manifestation of what is energy

An entity 

An entity older that we can perceive

A perception a closed mind desires 

A perception an open mind accepts

Knowing we are travelers of lights

A light moving through what is called space

Filling the space with a frequency of love

An eternal vibration

An eternal consciousness

A consciousness as ancient as there are unknown civilizations

Each universe

Each galaxy

All exist known to one

We are all one multiplied in cells

Universal cells of one consciousness

All sharing unique experience unto self

Contributing to the experience of the whole

We are receptive to the constant stream of energy produced

All aware unaware is a stream contributing to what is

We are all of what IS

We are all knowing feeling seeing hearing 

You are a part of what we are

You are We

Allowing this knowing knows you

We are as you create

We are what you desire in this moment

We are the perception of the thought created now

We are the vibration

We are the energy

We are existence of all consciousness

We are the Eldest


keryndawer 15th December 2014 1:50 am

Thank you Hillis for having me think about and comprehend the Soul in new and different ways. I always thought of Soul as very unique and separate, but you've shown me that while yes, Soul is unique, "You are We" and I love that :) And I love your techniques to care for the Soul: care for others, nurture the self, go within and, trust and listen. Excellent suggestions and reminders! Thank you Hillis! :)


Hillis 16th December 2014 7:50 am

Hi Keryn,
You are so very welcome! I am happy I was able to help you see the soul in a new way and able to care for Us. :)

Love to you,


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