Thank You Thursday: Soul Mates

Be thankful this day for Soul Mates.

When we think of Soul Mates, we usually think of the one person/soul that is meant for us to spend the rest of our life with. We search endlessly for this one soul, and when we find a soul matching our vibration, we feel and know they are "the one". The challenge most of us have is when we find "the one", we (self) create an image or level of expectation, while we pour all we have into the cultivating the relationship forming a new bond. To further complicate our own life is when the relationship comes to an end and we play the victim role. What we fail to see immediately is the person who recently exited our life taught a valuable life lesson. The life lesson is not observed until we release the heightened emotions of the human experience. Remember we are Souls first, Humans second. Understand we chose to come here during this time for our Soul to evolve to be our Best Self, our Higher Self. The question now becomes how do we see our Soul Mate for who they really are to grow together?

To find our Soul Mate, we first must understand and know we have a Soul Group. This group of souls made an agreement with one another, to play a part in each other's life. The role played by each soul is to help one another grow and evolve. Immediately when a Soul Group is thought of, the role of family comes to mind. Our human family is the most challenging role played. Members of our Soul Group took on the role of the human family, because they are able teach us lessons other souls are unable too yet. As we go through our human development and soul awaking, the family is there to guide us every step of the way. Yet there are moments or extended periods where the soul(s) playing the family role get caught up in the "role" and forget their Soul is guiding us, not a “role”. There comes a time when each soul has to release the role chosen and allow the guided soul to grow. When the soul group member forgets their purpose and continues in the role played, this  can result in the soul retaining unexpressed emotions, guilt, resentment, or other like emotions. When this is recognized by other members of the soul group, we are filled with a longing, a desire to help this soul remember who they truly are. We have to pour loving energy over them and accept them as they are, so they know they are loved.

However, our human family is not the extent of our Soul Group. Our dearest friends are a part of the group. They play different roles at different times. They are often advisers and not like guides or teachers like our family. This is one reason why or family is dear to us, because they are teachers, guides and sometimes guardians of our life. The role of adviser is a key role in our life. When we fail to listen to our intuition or second guess self, we seek outside council. Our friends are a trusted panel of knowledge. The knowledge they learned about us over the years is a reflection of who were are or evolved from. With the knowledge gained about us, our friends can assist us in making informed decisions. We also have to remember, not everyone who enters our life will always be there and not everyone a part of our life is a part of our Soul Group.

As stated earlier, we have to remember we are Souls first. This means we are loving and kind Beings of Light. Those who enter our lives are meant to come in for a reason and for however long. We allow other Souls to enter and exit our life once the agreement is filled, yet there will be souls who are not fully awake or aware as the others and may soulfully forget about the agreement made. This can cause a level of hurt to the soul express in a human way. We have to learn to release this disappointment on a soul level. As souls, we will have to have clarity about self and the roles others play in our life. Everyone entering our life is for a reason. The reason is only for self to know.

Our search for our Soul Mate is a tireless one, when expressed in human value. As humans we date, spend time with various people matching our vibration at that time in our life, meaning once our vibration changes so do the people, with exceptions. The exceptions would be family and closest friends, those souls that have been with you for many lifetimes. We have more than one Soul Mate, but there is a Primary Soul Mate. The Primary Soul Mate plays a pivotal role in your life and you meet one another when the timing is divinely orchestrated. The Primary Soul Mate is a soul that has been with you in every life and may not always be your Spouse in each life. Your Primary Soul Mate can be your mother, father, brother, sister, close relative, friend or spouse. We have to love the other members of our Soul Group just as we love our Soul Mates, and Primary Soul Mate.

Each Soul Mate teaches us a lesson to grow and be our Best Self, our Higher Self. Without our Soul Mates we would be lost on Earth. They make it easier for us to navigate through life. They help us in many ways when we are open to receiving the lesson for self to grow and then in turn share our truth with the rest of the world. We are all connected and our Soul Mates help to keep us grounded while evolving.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the lessons taught to us by our Soul Mates.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the miracles come to us from being open to love from our Soul Groups.
Be thankful this day and everyday to honor the love and truth coming from our Soul Mates and Groups allowing us to be who we truly are.

Impressionable Soul
Knowing my energy attracts and repels what's desired
All matter and non-matter
All life and once was living

Expanding energy leaves traces of where I've been
An impression and imprint of other souls I know
Where do you find me

Do you recognize an ever morphing entity
The core never changes
The surface is a cover to mask the signal
A desire for solitude

Peace is of the soul
In stillness all is seen
All is heard
Transmitting thoughts energy emotions desires

What is this sensation felt
I'm open
I travel great distances as light
I am light
Being a witness from a call answered
I am present

Connected from the day of birth
The first birth a choice made and continued for lifetimes
I know you
You and you and we know me

A glimpse
A thought
A premonition imprinted upon me
Guide me to a place only the soul knows why
Once fulfilled joy takes over then released

Leaving a mark
Leaving a note
A symbol
A sign
We were here and we all do matters


LiveFronParadise 11th May 2012 12:20 am

Wonderfully written article, but soulmates, divine beings of light, souls, best self, higher self -- these are all limitations you are placing upon the boundless, we simply, are. If you bind yourself into this construct you will find a myriad of disappointment because we are not split into infinite pairs, we are one, we are infinite, we are connected. There is more love to be found in the many then there is ever to be found in a single other being.

Hillis 12th May 2012 9:42 am

Greetings LiveFonParadise,
Thank you for wonderful feedback. Yes we are one, however when I mentioned about best self,and higher self, I was talking the connection with the Divine. And yes we are loved by the Divine and shared with all.

Love and Miracles,

LiveFronParadise 13th May 2012 10:12 am

A difference of words, however I feel that difference itself may be very important. By using Divine you are taping into a pre-defined construct of what "Divine" is -- The emotion it reflects, and the connotation and implications it brings regardless of context which then brings confusion.

When you you speak of a connection to the divine, are you referring to awareness, oneness?


And yes we are loved by the Divine and shared with all.

The divine is not a foreign entity, it is us, we, I, but does it love? No. Love is an emotion born of understanding, our higher vibration doesn't feel love, it is. However we can love, and that is all of the love that exists, the love between all of us, here and now in the expression and impression we are.

Hillis 14th May 2012 8:37 am

When I do speak of the connection, I am referring to the awareness of oneness. I also want to thank you for helping me to see the words and phrasing, making it sound there is a limit to who we are. We are limitless, we are the Divine being expressed in many forms. Love is an energy expressed in how we treat one another here, on Earth, the 3rd dimension. The word love exist to express the true value in how we treat one another back home on another plane, translated here, on Earth. Divine and Love is who we are. Once again I thank you for offering your perspective and clarity.

Love and miracles,

Conni99 14th May 2012 11:38 am

LiveFromParadise - Instead of tearing apart this wonderful article, perhaps you should write your own.

cedric 14th May 2012 3:36 pm

Beautiful article. Every soul is seeking to experience itself through others.Every experience unique, but connected to every other experience of every other soul. The divine connectedness. In the end, its all just one entity, seeking to experience itself, God.

Hillis 15th May 2012 5:49 pm

Coni, thank you for your voice, yet all feedback is welcomed, it aids in the evolution of self and others.
Love to you,

Hillis 15th May 2012 5:50 pm

Yes Cedric, thank you!!

Love to you,

k 15th May 2012 8:10 pm

Connie, LoveFron is writing his own. Why do we need to take sides? All the comments have the truth of what the author understands. No one is one is wrong. We are on a shopping trip, we find a tomato that is just right, we don't have to buy them all...further we find a zuccini, we do not have to buy them we? We have the choice of picking the ones that appeal to us, we do not have to buy the whole bin. We can go home with a basket full of various vegatables...or we can go home with a whole bin of just one veg.
Now, my idea of a soul family differs from what may be my understanding of this message. Our soul family is about our vibration, I think as a group a soul family developes and vibrates at the same rate. It really does not have anything to do with our physical family....if so, I do not have a soul group because I do not have a physical family. Like a prisim, the different vibrations separate out, so with the soul groups. The soul group when at a point, are able to communicate telepathically, they are one, and as one they graduate at the same time.

LiveFronParadise 15th May 2012 11:58 pm

My purpose is not to tear things apart, I am newly aligned with an amazing perspective/vibration, a realization of something i've always known, what is is. My goal is to spread this awareness as I have, as a scientist, bridged the gap between 'science' and 'religion' -- both said very loosely. As such my only intent is the spread of understanding. Willis is a fantastic writer and a valuable resource to the collective whole, but he as myself have to be better, be impeccable in our meaning in every vibration. What used to be semantics is now the pivot point of our existence.

LiveFronParadise 16th May 2012 12:40 am

Cheers, you are doing a very wonderful thing and touch many a people. You are welcome, glad to have helped.

LiveFronParadise 16th May 2012 12:42 am

have you ever considered that humanity is your soul group, as you put it?

Conni99 17th May 2012 7:35 am

You are all right. I suppose it was my ego getting in the way. This is something I'm working on, as well as not judging. Thank you all for being here. My apologies for judging you livefromparadise.

Love to you all,


LiveFronParadise 18th May 2012 4:14 pm

A suggestion if you are willing. Your ego is not your enemy, in fact its the single greatest asset you have. You just need to communicate with it better. Imagine your ego as the personification of your raw emotions. The fact that you are able to engage it with passion is a great thing, now you just need to realize and understand the potential (NOT control, this is nothing about control). Never shy from speaking your mind as how else would you learn? This and environments like my website are the perfect place to do so.

Continue your journey, you have the potential to understand. Your presence and the passion of your response tell me that much. Continue speaking your mind, for as important it is for you to read my and others words its equally important for me and others to be challenged by your words and your understanding of our words so that we may help the most people possible. So you are welcome and in turn, thank you Conni for speaking your truth.

Hillis 19th May 2012 11:49 pm

Greeting All, I love the dialogue between us Souls, it's amazing! Our Soul Group is just not our physical family, they are our friends, spouses, and much more. The immediate Souls closet to us are the ones committed to the agreement to assist us in the growth and evolution of Self, The Source Self. The Source Self is the God in each of us. There is a small piece of God in us, therefore we are God. We are one with all.

Our oneness is what motivates one another to be better, think, act and speak with clarity from the heart. No one is right or wrong,there just is, the universal truth and we all know the truth within self.

Thank you all for the love and support of this writing/channel.

Love and miracles to you all!
H. :smitten:

Anni 28th August 2014 8:21 am

It is a beautiful piece Hillis and thank you for it.
However, sadly, I feel like a 1st grader in a University lecture. I simply cannot learn the 'lesson' I have to learn through losing a 'soul mate' although I 'got' the part where I had to let him go...pathetically 2 years on I still don't know what it was I had to learn. Does the Universe have 'remedial' classes??? How I would love to know.
Thank you!

Hillis 28th August 2014 9:32 am

Hello Anni,
You are welcome.
Regarding the lesson you needed to learn, what I feel is being required of you is to journal and meditate, if you don't do so already. You will ask the questions you desire the answers to. When you do light a blue candle for you to receive the answers clearly.
You don't need a remedial class, you have to listen more and trust the voice you hear and messages you see.
I hope this helps.
Please feel free to email me at

Love to you,

Anni 28th August 2014 10:11 am

Thank you so much for replying! Yes.. I will try this. Maybe you are right...perhaps I am just afraid of the answer...

Hillis 28th August 2014 10:51 am

You are welcome!

Eyewitness 28th August 2014 12:13 pm

I would like to call your attention to something you may not have considererd. Those of us who live without the benefit of friends or family. I have neither and altho most people consider me to be hysterically funny and friendly in person, I don't feel one honest connection with any other human being on this planet. I live alone and wouldn't have it any other way. While I can see how most people long for companionship I do not feel this longing myself and actually consider it a burden to be expected to participate in banal social gatherings so I gracefully decline every time. Is it possible that enjoying the company of others can be considered beneficial in many ways but actually 'needing' the company of others is a weakness of the false ego?? Being loved is nice, but 'needing' to be loved?? It strikes me as somehow immature on a soul level. Just something I ponder... not trying to make anybody feel bad here. :) What do you think??

Hillis 28th August 2014 1:51 pm

Greetings Eyewitness,
Thank you for your view point. The first thing coming to mind as I read your post is, you made the choice to be alone and this choice is one of comfort. You love yourself enough to give yourself what you desire. I applaud you for this. The connection we create is one of our choosing and until we are ready to connect with another, to increase our connection with another, then we will have a need to to feel or be a burden to self or others.

Those in our life or not are there because we want them there. We when need something, it's out of obligation. When we want something it's from a desire. The company of another is nor strength or weakness. The company of another is allowing for a connection or a reflection of what we have chosen on our path in this life. The connection to the company we choose is always beneficial as is time alone.

You see it is what you choose to do while you are here and to understand what you have chosen. Regardless of the choice, know there is always love.

I hope this helps.
Love to you,

Feel free to email me.

Anni 28th August 2014 1:58 pm

Eyewitness... You certainly didn't make me feel bad! But what I will say is that you are indeed VERY fortunate not to have this longing. I know for a fact that if I didn't have this "longing" I'd be the happiest women. I too am considered great company and hilariously funny but when I go home, the emptiness this "longing" causes is at times so very difficult to deal with. I also , funnily enough, dislike empty superficial outings and yet enjoy one to one meetings from time to time. It's the damn longing that takes the good out of it all! So you're blessed eyewitness!! Relish it!! But somehow I think you do

Anni 28th August 2014 2:00 pm

Eyewitness... You certainly didn't make me feel bad! But what I will say is that you are indeed VERY fortunate not to have this longing. I know for a fact that if I didn't have this "longing" I'd be the happiest women. I too am considered great company and hilariously funny but when I go home, the emptiness this "longing" causes is at times so very difficult to deal with. I also , funnily enough, dislike empty superficial outings and yet enjoy one to one meetings from time to time. It's the damn longing that takes the good out of it all! So you're blessed eyewitness!! Relish it!! But somehow I think you do


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