Thank You Thursday: Soul's Choice

Be thankful this day for Soul's Choice.
Before we incarnate, we review our life and choose the path most beneficial to us for growth and ascension. We choose everything from our appearance, life path, people to help us in growing, the cities we live and a lot more. The life planning of the Soul is an enjoyable task, yet when we incarnate, we forget how to have fun and what it is we are to do. On a soul level, we already know what to do. Our human brain perceives our life in a more mechanical way; every task preformed serves a particular function or purpose and must have a reason; unlike the soul where our life is effortless and flows with ease. When life is carried out with ease, we know we are just being and living in our purpose. With each soul the life planning process is the same, yet when we arrive, we forget our purpose. Our amnesia aids in the ascension of the soul through remembering who we are by lessons chosen. The only way to know  if what we are doing is in alignment with our soul's true purpose is to feel our way through life. The question now becomes, how do live in harmony with our predetermined choices with the option of free will?
Last week I was traveling and I paused for a moment and thought, I chose to be here, right here in this this moment. The life selection process is one no human brain can truly understand. As souls between lives, we choose every aspect of our life. The souls live in a place where all time tenses can be seen and from this place we choose an entry point, our human birth, where our life can be the most beneficial for self and have the most impact on the world. We also gather a group of souls (soul group) to form a pact, to help one another grow. Each soul in this group has a role to play in the accession process, yet all souls after incarnation do not fulfill their role. With the unfulfilled role, it can cause a level of grief for one or all souls in the group. The souls in this group are our parents, best friends or someone in passing. How we connect to one another is remarkable. At some level in life planning process, we knew who we needed and when. No one really just "shows up" in our life, we asked for them to enter at a particular moment. Some members of our soul group will stay for a while and others will come and go. Each soul will have served their purpose, yet with the possibility of the unfulfilled role, we have to become a bit more creative and interject free will.
Free will allows for flexibility of the soul's choices. With the option of free will, we usually see tangible objects or desires branching us off from the chosen path. Our life path allows room for experimentation. When we get to a point in life where there is no linear movement or stuck in a loop, we try other methods to move us forward. This is the act free will from the soul. Most acts of free will comes the soul being open to the enjoyment or playfulness of self. The human brain is too calculating for free will to impose itself on it. The brain is the recorder of our actions, emotions, and thoughts. This is why some of us are cautious, because we live life from our brain or recorded memories and not the soul. When we love life from a limited space, we too become limited. Sometimes living in an environment where there are limits, we seek to be unlimited. Our soul has limitless capability; we can do all things with love.

With the soul being limitless, times I personally wonder what we can fully do while on Earth. It is the collective will/consciousness along with old thought patterns holding us in a place of stagnation as a whole; though we are currently move towards a place where all life is fluid. One soul can evolve, yet can only reach personal gain to be an example for others. As a collective we are limited, because we harbor shame or hold on to what was passed down to us through DNA or viewed with our eyes and recorded with our brain. The choices we make daily are voluntary, conscious, and unconscious; such as the soul's choice to wake up or to earn a living or to live in service to self and others. When we come to a point where we become more aware of our choices on all levels, this is how we can become more limitless as a collective.
One of the primary choices the soul made was to work together and not against one another. When working together as a collective, we add value to others and grow self. The soul's choice has been to always work in harmony with other souls. With the combination of free will our ability to help others and make sounds choices in alignment with our purpose or primary goal extends. The extension of the soul creates a new level of oneness with the collective. We all innately understand this, yet processing through recorded functions makes it challenging to see the oneness we already are. Our choice is to live and as one and to grow in from the heart space of oneness.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the life chosen to live, knowing nothing happens by chance.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the moments to know we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do.
Be thankful this day and everyday to be limitless through the choices made before and during life.


Like a smile
Like a yawn
Transferring energy to another soul

Lost of words
Knowing the energy imprinted upon others
Knowing the sounds echoing throughout life
A voice rendered speechless

Waking up to the connective streams of oneness
Molded for purpose
Made the choice
All done with and through love

In this moment I can rule the world
All those around sending messages of love
Forever linked in the eternal flame


AscendingTheHills 19th December 2011 9:02 am

Beautiful reflections...

Hillis 5th January 2012 10:33 am

Greetings AscendingTheHills,
You are welcome and I am Grateful you enjoyed this entry!


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