Thank You Thursday: Spiritual Balance

Be thankful this day for spiritual balance.

Spiritual balance is living in your purpose, while creating the best intentions for the highest good.

Daily we are bombarded with the material world, routines and expectations from others placed on us. Though all is a learning experience, what good will it do, if our spiritual system is out of whack? When our spiritual system is out of alignment, so is everything else. Our physical body tenses up, stress builds, and emotions run high; resulting in an illness. Not saying all illnesses are caused by being out of alignment, but it's a start.

Our spirits are fragile, yet strong just the same. Imagine a skyscraper; the structures, steel beams, and foundation are in perfect alignment with one another. If they weren't the building would topple over, like the old game Jenga. When we come into alignment, our spirits are strong and can withstand the onslaught of the man's imperfect world. The question is how do become balanced or recognize when we are out of balance?

Our gut feeling or intuition is the first sign. It is the early warning system. When we fail to adhere the warning, the situation of being imbalanced worsens. Part our spiritual system is built on seven in body chakras. These chakras are built one on top of the other and the energy flows to the one above it. Each chakra has a specific function just like our human organs. When one is blocked or not function properly, then others will overcompensate for the blocked one. The chakra system starts at the base of the spine and works up to the crown of the head. The seven in body chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. There are a total of thirty two, but the seven in body ones help to govern our spiritual balance. Now how do we bring these chakras into balance to serve our highest good? Through meditation, wisdom, and guidance can we fully understand each chakra and its function.

To quickly move in spiritual alignment, we have to ask our self what is our purpose or what is the lesson in this challenge. All acts performed are for the single total human experience in living in our purpose. Our spiritual balance leads to our physical health and manifestations in alignment for our highest good. The first step in creating balance is listening to our conscious/intuition. This creates an open flow of communication with you and the Universe. Once there is communication, then ask what am I to do or to learn to progress in this life. Our physical self depends on our spiritual self for survival. The two work together when in balance with each other. When we are in balance, we create a new collective energy to bring harmony into the world. Remember, we are not in the, we are a part of the world, we are the world.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the recognizing the strength in being balanced.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the spiritual and physical self working together in harmony.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the collective harmony created by being a balanced example for others.

Love Intention

Intention set by a frequency of emotion felt by the true heart and purity of soul

Allowing the enchanting presence of love to freely flow to overwhelming desires of the heart

Sincerity envelops the state of being warping it to fathomed places conceived by two halves

Many forms of elatedness gathering life souls sharing in a common experience

The first intention

The last intention

All anyone intends to have

All anyone intends to be




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