Thank You Thursday: Taking Action Through Stillness

Be thankful this day for Taking Action Through Stillness.

We have created an instant gratification society, where everything is now. It may sound like an oxymoron in the Spiritual Community, since all we have is Now. Our actions in the Now (present moment) creates moments of long lasting gratitude. The sense of gratitude should be one of peace and joy, not one of anxiety and feeling rushed. By creating instant gratification, nothing feels genuine. This feeling sets up varying levels of expectation. Then, we expect for every action taken, we should get a reward in that moment. Now we have created a cycle of expectations from others, God, and the Universe. This cycle is of instant gratification. Taking action through stillness allows our actions to cultivate our best qualities to bring forth the true passion and purpose residing with Self, our True Self, our God Self. The question now becomes how do we take action through stillness?

Most any action takes movement. When we move through stillness, we move the energy around and in us to make room for our true desires. Times we can move self to be put in the position to follow our life path. Yes we all have a general life path, yet it can be altered pending on the circumstances or lessons learned. Sometimes we learn our lessons fast, allowing us flexibility in our life, other times we are right on track, and times we get derailed and have to hop back on track. In any of the situations we find our self in, we have the innate ability to move, wield the energy that is us to take the proper action. The action calling to us will show up in many ways, through our intuition or friends making suggestions. Our true action is the physical inaction, the action of listening.

When we open self to listening to our guides, family, friends, or strangers, it's God, Universe, or Self saying "Hey this is what you should be doing!” We then stop to take notice; all actions make us stop to take notice. Times the action is not noticeable enough, and then the situation has to dire or catastrophic to be noticed to take necessary action. This is when most of us pray or sit in meditation. Taking action through stillness is at its best we when sit to pray or meditate. However, our situation shouldn't get this far for us to be desperate to receive anything coming across our vision; we think it’s the answer we called forth. Desperation creates anxiety. When we worry, which is our human self, we block all the energy coming to our aide. We send mixed singles to God, Universe, and Self, saying "I'm not worthy of this action or assistance.” when in fact, we are worthy or we wouldn't have asked. By listening to our self, we honor the action of receiving request through God, Universe, and Self.

When action through stillness is taken, it gives the illusion of nothing has happened, however we have done more than enough. When in stillness, we can move energies to allow self to live and act from a place of genuine gratitude. We innately feed the energy of love into our life. The movements are subtle and some of us will hardly notice them until the completion of action. When we become consistent by taking action through stillness, we will have broken the instant gratification cycle. We then harness the love in the moment to allow for all actions to flow freely in and out of life.

Not all action has to be physical. The most powerful actions are the ones done in stillness. When we act in this manner, our confidence goes up, we get in-tune with self, we feel more alive, we feel the inner and outer love, and there is a natural flow to what we do. Our still actions create harmonious waves bringing all of self into alignment with the overall life purpose, unconditional love and joy. When we are constantly moving, physically, we are unable to see the work being done on our behalf; the actions asked for. We fill our days with distractions not to deal with a situation, however in stillness we can see the situation for what it is and ask to see the solution. When we are free from the distractions, all becomes clearer in the moment stillness is brought forth. Being still empowers the souls to understand the choices already made. We innately already know what we desire. Our acts build us up to a place where we all are harmonious with self, meaning all is free flowing.

Be thankful this day and everyday to take action through stillness.
Be thankful this day and everyday to listen in stillness to take the proper action.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have clarity in the action taken.

Deliberate Deliverance

Finding the moment to share the unshared
taking a methodical approach to what is

Ever so careful not to become entrapped
wrapped up in the creation of time

feeling every wave of thought
bounded by intention
the purpose of making subtle movements

Knowing the how's
proceed with the why's
to manipulate the outcome for personal gain

Satisfied with the results
game changed
was it me or an outside force from the inside

A promise of will delivered on time
the perfect sequence which all witnessed


COBALT 2nd June 2011 10:20 am


Hillis 2nd June 2011 5:18 pm

You are welcome Cobalt! Love and blessings!

SpiritHeart 2nd June 2011 6:19 pm

Dear Hills,

Thank yo for this wonderfu Thursday write. Your words are comforting, knowing that even through stillness we are acheiving and contributing to the planetary transformations. Thank you for sharing your light

With love

Hillis 6th June 2011 7:03 am

Greetings SpiritHeart, You welcome and love and blessings to you!


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