Thank You Thursday: Talents, Gifts and Faculties

There is a hairline difference between the three. Talent is an ability that is learned. Gift is something offered to be of service. Faculty is an innate or intuitive ability. As a collective we interchange these terms, thinking they mean the same thing. The difference is in the function or capacity in the use. All three forms of abilities come from us; they arise at different levels in our own awareness.

As an individual or collective we all learn new talents daily. We learn how to tie our shoes, walk, run, operate machinery, work on computers, use wireless devices, etc. Anything we learn on a physical level and then becomes repetitive to some degree is a talent. The reason why is becomes a talent, is because we desire to learn more from a place of curiosity. The human curiosity drives us to learn more about ourselves and the world we created. Talent becomes a gift when it is offered of free will and generosity to others, without expectations.

When we have others willing to learn what we know, we offer our knowledge and wisdom to them, hence becoming a gift. We are a gift to one another, sharing what we learned to better the world we created. Each moment is a gift, because we are aware of the energy of it. Through offering of our energy, we truly become gifts to one another. With the sharing of energy, we become one with the person, we become one with the Divine Source and ultimately becoming one with all life. When we reach the level of oneness on varying levels of connections, the gifts then transcend to faculties.

The faculties are the intuitive energies of our mind, body, soul connection to self and others. Faculties is our intuition, sensing others emotions or thoughts, hearing thoughts other than yourself, feeling a strong to connection to the Earth and Divine Source. Faculties are not learned, they are given to us as souls. The reason why most of us can't access them is because of level of awareness. When we do first sense the awareness of them, we think we are going crazy. It's just the opposite; we are becoming sane through awareness of self and others. The faculties help to guide us in everyday life whether we are aware of it or not. Through awareness and practice we can hone our faculties to better assist self and others. The purpose of faculties is to assist others, while protecting self.

Through the variation of our human and soul abilities, we can be of service to one another. Being of service to one another is the true purpose of what we can be given. With practice and discipline, we can transcend each level of our abilities. We all have the same ability, the willingness to share and love one another with what we have. No one is greater or less. We are all equal. Don't allow yourself to be fooled or judged by circumstance. Those appearing to have less have the most to give and those appearing to most have less to give.

Be thankful this day and everyday for knowing your abilities and the willingness to share them.
Be thankful this day and everyday for be being of service to others through your abilities.
Be thankful this day and everyday forging and fostering a connection through your abilities.



Great than or less than

the sum equals to self


Equals parts combining in the creation of a whole


Added to multiple of universal properties

only to extract and subtract

left divided

only to be whole at home


Hillis 21st February 2011 8:06 am

Hi Conni,
I'm glad this message spoke to you. You are welcome.
Love & Blessings,


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