Thank You Thursday: The Conscious Body

Today have an appreciation for The Conscious Body.

The conscious body and being body conscious are one in the same. How? They are both being aware of self in the many aspects. Funny how the reversal of words can change the focus on the meaning. When we are body conscious, aware of our body, our focus in on the exterior. When we become aware of the conscious body, our focus shifts to the interior. These subtle shifts in focus lead us to how we react and attract our desires. What is our point of attraction, how we look or how we feel?

Personally I have never been the object of body shaming, but seeing in the news made me wondering how we as a society treat people. I can say that I was a physically fit, always active in my life until I had to meet the life demands I created. I wasn't as fit as I used be, finding a reason not to workout, "I'm too tired, I don't have time, I am eating healthy."; those were my excuses not to maintain my level of health. Months turned into years and now I look at myself and not completely please with how I look, there can be some improvements. Time to say hello to the gym again. As I think about the reasons why I went to workout, one was health, two was for looks, and three was how I felt. But really, why do we do what we do to begin with? Is it to prove a point, not to be ridiculed, or have we moved past the point where the outside voice does not matter anymore?

As a society, why do we look to make others feel less than self or why do we look up to obtain something not of face value? The images projected into the world create an illusion of contrast. This contrast allows us to see the truth behind the illusion. Dear Ones, this is when the shift of our focus happens, from outside to inside, the body conscious to the conscious body.

Our physical body is a projection of what is going on with us, with the Conscious Body. For example, how many times have we craved something and don't quite know what it is? Then we keep eating and drinking till we satisfy that craving. Through the cravings we change our body, and we change our energy. Our body, the energy of the body, our spirit is communicating with this entity, us the best it can. But with our limited knowledge of the conscious body and our spirit, we can only hear so much. All the cravings, self-talk, and outside influences, causes a form of influenza or any illness, then we have no choice but to take notice. When we take notice of that is going on outside, it has been happening on the inside long before it manifested.

Our conscious body, the energy that is us is only one of many layers of spirit representation. All we attract and create starts on an energy level, whether are aware or not. Not matter our thought and/or feeling it is created in our aura, the conscious body. This is where most of our spirit information is held, in an invisible bubble surrounding us daily. This invisible bubble is a how we communicate with our Higher-Self, The Divine Parent, and even with each other when words are not spoken. The conscious body is not only outside of us, it's on the inside also. It is the energy system, known as our Chakras, Meridians, Glands, and Organs. This is a two-way system, interior and exterior. This communication is on-going and most of the time unnoticed by us, because we are not listening. How do we listen, how do we become more involved in the active communication of the Conscious body?

Meditation, stillness is still movement. This communication exchange cannot happen without us. Our energy is the system used for this communication and helps to govern this physical body.

Think of is way, a train in the subway system runs on electricity. The electricity is the interior system, the will of movement. The train driver is the exterior system, the awareness. With either component missing, the train would derail. Without the awareness, the train would not stop and keep going till it couldn't go anymore. Without out the electricity, the train will remain motionless and yet have a craving for new experiences.

The wholeness of our body, this entity works the same, we work within the energy system designed to communicate, expand from experience, and have full awareness of Self to share with other versions of Self.

Whether we are aware or not, our Spirit is always guiding us, speaking with us, and helping us the best way possible to live a life filled with all the experiences we have asked for, all with contrast and love. No matter what others say or feel, we live in a truth of self. How we feel matters. I applaud those with the courage to say what they feel and move to a place of "I don't care.” being comfortable with self. Dear ones know that we are One, having a unique individual experience to expand the One. From this expansion, from the contrast, we all communicate with each other to have conversations to come to a more harmonious and balanced place.

Today have an appreciation for the communication of the conscious body system.
Today have an appreciation for knowing who you are and the confidence to express it.
Today have an appreciation for the conversation started to create a harmonious and balanced world.


My will is my voice

Having something to say

Utilizing a speaker box to project waves of love

Raising to the vibration of love

Creating with purpose

Creating with intention

Knowing what I want

Knowing what is desired through contrast

Sharing what we all created as one

We all are creators

Creating each experience

Creating each feeling

Creating each physical manifestation

Creating the flow of life

We are unifiers

We are the one we search for

All we create some form of light

We wield the light

We are the light

We feel we have no control

We desire control

Yet we are already in control

We create with thought

We create with feeling

We are master creators

Yet still no control

All is sporadic

Still marvel at our own works

Lost in contrast

Having a sense of self

No control is allowing

Being rigid breaks

Becoming flexible and one with creations

Heighten awareness to notice this is my doing

I'm responsible for all of THIS

This soul

This body

This life

This is my choice

Now know it's not just me

It is We

It is Us

It is One

My will is love

My will is collective

My will is passion

My will our will



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