Thank you Thursday: Vicarious Living

Today have appreciation for Vicarious Living.

We know vicarious living is living through others. As my previous entry Knowing God, I explained my personal belief saying “We are God.” As a society we often share experiences through social media, sporting events, reality television, or anything resulting in participation. The reason most of us live in this manner is due to our own personal experiences, regrets or having lack in an area of our life. We feel when we are experiencing another's joy or like emotions, we take on the same emotions and desires. But have we ever stopped to wonder why we live through someone else, even create an experience for them we want?

When we create an experience, we only desire the best outcome, whether it be for us or someone else. When we create it is always from a place of love. The love we have of self is expressed through our actions. Sometimes through our actions, we can feel and determine the level of love for self or what is most important to us. It is in the creation where loved is birthed. This is where we receive the full understanding of love. Hence, when we create an experience for another, we do it with love and we are loving the experience we have created for them.

Yet each experience is different. The experience creates benefits for those who created it. What do we get out of the creation? What we receive is the satisfaction of some else's joy. Example: have a home cooked meal, the chef preparing the meal is doing so for the love of what they do, while recipient is enjoying the experience of eating, because of the joy and love it has been created with. This is true for any scenario. Take a moment to think about the times you truly enjoy something immensely. Now think of its opposite. The person creating the experience is enjoying the reaction of the person in the experience. They are living vicariously through them, in the exchange of energy.

When we are a witness to the joy, don't we feel joy also? Isn’t it contagious? We then in turn want to create the same experience for self, and want others to be infected with our joy. Yet, if it does not warrant the same effects, we get upset. Why is this? Is that we are trying to recreate an experience, a moment bringing abundant contagious joy? Each moment created is of its own energy and design.

The moments created are one with the person creating it and shared. For example, parents, they only desire the best for their children. Why? This is out of love and knowing they can do better. Parents know their children can do better than them because they see the potential lying in the child. The parent at times only pushes the child to be better than them. Times they succeed, other times they push the child away, not saying this happens in all cases, just speaking generally. Yet, while pushing the child, the parent creates an environment for the child they want. Though they are doing it through love, they may be selfish in not considering the child fully, if so the child may not be fully aware. When the child at any age or stage in their life is a success, so is the parent. The parent has taken on the energy of the child knowing this is there creation with love. This is the why our connection to the Divine Parent is so important, we are created with love and is bearing witness to its own creation. The Divine Parent only wishes the best for Its creation. The parent will always be proud of the child no matter what.

When we choose to live in other's energy, we choose to take on all that comes with it. We make this chose blindly, yet we feel we know what we energy we are living in. The energy is ever fluid and moving at a wind's pace. The energy we live in is all connected. The only difference is our level of awareness. We can choose to live in a place where blindly aware of our life or choose to live in a place where fully aware of our awakening life. All that is taking place is us remembering how it feels to be connected. There are souls wondering, meandering around the world searching for a connection to live through. We go on spiritual journeys, sabbaticals, or any place we feel we can connect to be connected. Yes each moment, each journey is different and serves a purpose, but it all comes back to Self, being connected from the inside.

We live through another, because Dear Ones, we are already connected, some more than others, and attracted to the same frequency. We are all undergoing a process of remembering how to connect to others, allowing others to connect in our space. We live to be an example to others, to show them the way. Each path is different, but the connection is the same. We connect on many levels, it is up the individual soul to choose what is they wish to share. Remember Dear Ones, we may be individual cells, but we are connected as One.

Today have appreciation for creating with love.
Today have appreciation for being a witness to love's creation
Today have appreciation to know We are truly connected as One.

Ever Present

Being now
Being present
Choosing how life is lived
Viewing how life is living

Missed opportunities now being played back
A feeling of regret has taken over
Lost the moment of being here
Feeling highlighted moments of joy

Fluid moments carrying me in to the next
Anticipating what is to come
Forgetting what was
Forgot what happened 
Living in the illusion of time

Being delivered to a time without movement
Being delivered to a place where space is infinite
Observing what is created with thought and energy
Delivering through the unseen
A veil no longer of separation

The other side of light love and bliss
Love is our creation
Creation is our Love
Baring witness to all Love 
Being present with what is

Moving beyond the tangible into sensory
Taking a new perception
Seeing with unseen eyes
Feeling the fluidity of all Love

Responding to the energy given
An exchange of the system
Where I am 
A place that needs no name
Knowing I am Now, Always



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