Thank You Thursday: Voice of Spirit

Be thankful this day for the Voice of Spirit.
The voice of spirit is more than just an angel, God or a guardian speaking to or thru us, it is us. At different times or moments our soul takes over and offers advice for any given situation or circumstance. Know our soul knows what is happening or has happened, because it has seen this life before incarnating, often times we have the sensation of deja vu. The deja vu sensation arises when the little pockets of selective amnesia dissolve or we chose to remember that particular moment in this life. Each moment has its own energy imprint, just like our finger print or snowflakes, no two are the same. The question now becomes, how do we become more intuitive through the listening of the spirit of self, guides, protectors and God?
We as beings of energy and light are connected to invisible beings, angels and guides surrounding us daily. They are constantly at work protecting and guiding us daily. It is their job to guide us in this life as we come to a full awaking. The awaking is a point in life where come to realize we are more than human, or more than just an entity, what we are is energy itself manifested in another form.  The energy that is us, our soul, and containing us, human body, is energy of itself just in other forms. When this point is reached, the angels become more of teachers rather than guides. We grant them permission to intervene on our behalf through prayers. Prayers are not necessarily words spoken in the traditional sense, getting down on your knees and be humbled in a presence of a greater Being, God. Our prayers are meant to be heard and filled with conviction, spoken with courage and faith. They can be spoken anywhere and anytime as long as the intention is for the best outcome for all. Knowing there is a greater Being than self and asking for assistant is a humbling act. When we speak from our soul, we can move the world.
Speaking from the soul requires much heart and courage. When words are spoken from the heart space, it is felt by the soul of self and others. Times when we speak our truth, it affects our physicality in many ways, such as a cure for an illness or causing the body to tremble in releasing the no longer desired or the welcoming of the truth of self. The most important thing we have living as humans is our voice, to speak our truth. When we stray from the path then we are limited to appeasing others, living others' dreams, etc. Our voice allows us to break free from bonds placed on this soul, from self and others. When we don't us our voice, it gives others permission to limit self. When referring to the voice, I speak to both the physical voice and voice of intuition. There is power in the words spoken and not spoken.
The words not spoken are the ones lending or rendering the most power. The reason why there is strength in the unspoken is due to the emotional attachment to the words. Then we can link and convey the emotion of the words spoken with our physical voice. Take notice of your own voice when spoken with passion. Our passion for who we are and do changes how we interchange and exchange words with others. Those who speak with passion have the ability to sway the world's opinion. Those who speak with passion, speak with love for self and all surrounding them. The voice is a tool, like our hands or a hammer, when misused all things will be undone eventually. One of my old favorite quotes "Speech is silver, silence is golden" spoke volumes to my then personality. I was always a quite soul, I didn't say much, but my actions spoke for me. As I matured, I have aligned my actions with my voice. Now you can't keep me quiet, yet my actions follow suite. Without a voice how can we know the truth?
Without a voice, our truth will never been known. With the truth being spoken all can be revealed. Know our personal truth can be left to interpretation by others. Their interpretation of our truth is their truth. No one truth is universal. The only universal truth is the one given from God, yet still left to interpretation by each individual soul. However the core message is still the same. When we interpret a message, we use our limited knowledge, without accessing the universal wisdom available to us. Our wisdom guides us in using our voice to bring forth the desired change in our present life. Remember when we speak, we already chosen the words, it is the manner in which we speak and the intention behind them. Our reflection or inflection of our voice is one of guidance and intuition. The voice of intuition is our voice heard, even if it is an angel or God speaking to us. The reason why we hear our own voice is because it is comforting. Time when we speak to others, we use a voice appeasing to self and others; however we change our tonality when speaking to others or have emotional feedback. Regardless of what is spoken mentally or physically, we have the innate ability to change our life and the world, when we speak our truth, with comment, convection, courage and faith.
Be thankful this day and everyday to use the voice of spirit given to bring forth manifested desires.
Be thankful this day and everyday to use the voice of spirit to affect the world and let your light shine.
Be thankful this day and everyday to use the voice of spirit to speak unspoken truths, bringing harmony unto the world!

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A mind with a voice the no choice but to express emotions equivalent to the mood of the present and past experiences

Convey the cerebral cortex an intuitive system of delicate nerves with the ability to adapt to situations

built a wall

layers of defense

Pull the trigger go figure bang bang didn’t expect that dropped you like a bad habit

The greater than or less than the equal sum of your sanity of expression

locked away due to experience or lack there of

Contained in a cage of solitude cringe at the thought of being free turn around and scream living this adventurous life

Running no longer an option an adoption of the ways of this world and not of the one I created

Safe haven my rules misbehavin’ misunderstood I wish you would

Lifting the weight that baited me in seeking the care of the one true being to refine redefine the statement of life from this broken mind


JudyV 11th November 2011 10:33 am

Thank you for this insightful message and all the messages that you have provided. We are all becoming much more sensitive to sounds, music, voice, etc. and recognizing truth in all these energies. Great message.

Hillis 14th November 2011 1:28 pm

Judy, you are very welcome for this message. I'm grateful for the light shared in this and all messages!


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