Thoughtful Tuesday: Politeness

Currently my experience with polite behaviors has been the opposite than what have been exhibited. In the past week, I had noticed peoples manners toward me, but more so when I have my bike with me on public transportation. Those of you whom know me personally know I always try my best not to be in anyone way. One of the mannerisms I noticed was how people try and tip toe around you if you have bike or just in general without saying "excuse me", especially the ones with head phones on, like you are invading their personal space. At times I have been guilty of such behavior; maybe this is why I am able to notice it easily. Personally I rather for someone to say "excuse me" rather than just tip toe around me or someone. I find it plain rude. When someone exhibit politeness, they show respect for you and the shared space.
We have to know, feel, and understand the world around us is a shared space and it’s not getting any smaller. It is ok to speak up and excuse yourself or others. We are one and there should no need to feel ashamed or quiet when you there has been an injustice done to you to another. When we are rude to another, we are rude to self, it shows little respect for self and exhibits self-importance (meaning I’m more important than you) when we are all equal. We come from one source, one place, just in different manifestations to experience the variations of life. The universal energies are shifting and so should we. Just because you had a bad day, things didn't go the way you intended, doesn't mean the rest of the world has to suffer with you. Release whatever anger torments your soul, for it does no one any good. At the end of the day all will be as it should, love will win the day.
So the next time you have to tip toe around someone, say "excuse me" with a smile, you may just change someone’s day.

Take the time to be thoughtful in all you do and say.



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