Thank You Thursday: Time

Be thankful this day for time.

Time is amazing. It allows us to appreciate life and see it for what is truly is. Most of us are busy rushing through the day or time to marvel at its simple beauty. Time and day are moving parallel with each other to bring us life and beauty. Time also allow for healing of life and spirit. Just when life has beaten you down, through time you slowly rise to the occasion of life. Time is a teacher. It teaches us a better way to accomplish our goals and perform tasks better and more efficient.

Time is the energy we create. Through this creation of time we can feel rushed or relaxed all in the same day. Time is very generous with us, but is it us who complains about never being enough. Yes there maybe be days where we a lot to do or try to get from point A to point B, but the time in-between tasks and travel stop to enjoy the precious time given. Let's stop to take advantage of the generosity of time. Time is all we have, time is all there is, time will always be. We have to listen to what time is telling us. Time can speak through anyone or use anything.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the understanding of time

Be thankful this day and everyday to enjoy the beauty of time.

Be thankful this day and everyday for time well spent to learn about yourself and the life around you.

Identity Increments

Understanding time and energy

Both are fluid and never stopping just changing

Time broken down to seconds minutes hours days months years for simple minds to grasp the concept of energy

Not once was nor shall be evolution or regression is an unconscious choice yet made aware through life energy

Knowing the heart is knowing self an identity given from the birth of the first self the true self

Centuries passed since we were born and forgotten the identity but energy imprints helps to remember who we are

Ageless energy incrementally feeds the physical aging body both in harmony and fully accepts the transfer of endless life

Time is an illusion nothing is truly as it seems bending moving shifting

The question is raised “who am I?” the question is answered by answering simply “I am” with acceptance of flow




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