For the past few weeks, I constantly thought about words and how we use them. Words along with thought, combined with emotion have the power to create our universe. Whatever we think, then speak with emotion manifest itself in the world. It's all because of our words and how we feel. To materialize our desires, we have to pay attention to how we feel.  The Universe knows how we feel, but is unable to fully comprehend the usage of negative words or terminology.

Example: If we use words such as can't, won't, shouldn't, and etcetera, the Universe will only here and vibrate with the positive aspect of the word or phrase.  Or Phrases like "I can't allow…." or "I won't let….."  The universe will only hear "I can", even though we used the words, can't or can not/cannot.  

Some of the words or phrases are automatic speak, meaning we use them without thinking or having full awareness of them. Our physical words, thought or written, are our way to communicate with the non-physical.  The non-physical is loving and abundant, so they are unable to comprehend our negative language.  Our emotions are the key to a clear communication for materialization of our desires, with ease and grace. The non-physical clearly understands our emotions, how we feel. Our guides and other non-physical entities aid us in raising our vibration to better understand us and for us to hear them.

Next time when you use your words, think before you speak. All that is spoken comes to existence.


A form of expression written spoken sung that begun with simple thoughts brought to life that I give to share bare my mind my soul picking up the shattered pieces of life torn by words

Like a fist battered and bruised rouge black and blue

Mentally unstable that form words into syllables that scare the heart sinks to the pit of your stomach weighing you down causing an endless frown anger and pain retribution times the only solution

Like a bandage that heals the womb in time perseverance faith strength mentally sound stable as solid ground profound provoking thoughts to ease the heart soon to lift up from the pits of your stomach this natural high this undying unconditional love that leads to a utopia your space your worth

Your spoken words that are heard by listening ears inflict more damage than a fist times inflicted like a kiss before that mind has spoken think of unspoken the hidden the between the lines fine print God sent billboards neon signs use the divine intellect to choose your words wisely confide in yourself before you confront your friend or foe see the facts before you act

All in love

All in intent

All that is spoken is meant for that moment in time

My thoughts

My words

My lips

Your thoughts

Your attention

Your ears

All everyone speaks

All everyone hears


Excerpt from Silver sPHere



Radiant Love Energy 6th November 2013 10:08 am

Proof that words are so powerful! :thumbs:

Hillis 6th November 2013 10:40 am

Yes they are Radiant Love Energy!

keryndawer 6th November 2013 1:22 pm

Wow Hillis~~ I've always been somewhat aware but have recently become acutely aware of how hearing others use "negative" words, swear, describe "ugly" situations, etc. truly hurts my soul. I can no longer tolerate being around this type of "talk" and I must remove myself fom the situation/words as soon as possible or else I'm just a mess. I physically feel the incredible energy of words you speak of. Reading and listening to positive words helps me to feel "balanced" at the end of the day.

Thank you for your thoughtful post :)


Hillis 6th November 2013 1:44 pm

Greatings Keryn,
You are so very welcome! When I became more self aware, I tuned in-tune the words I would say and heard, then how I felt. How it felt was unpleasant, so I changed. Though there situations we often notice that are unpleasant to the ear and soul, we can tune out and walk away, we also can chose to clean our energy of other and not take it on through meditation.
Thank you for sharing your experience!

Be well,


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