February 2016 Ascension Energies

Woohoo! The energies this year feel like they are moving fast! While I feel February as a little smoother than January (Whoa that Mercury retrograde felt stronger than most!), I still feel a fast-paced month—even with the leap year dragging it out for one more day.

Overall in February there is a lot of movement in the throat chakra. I was shown a vortex of energy moving up from the torso and out the throat. I began noticing a lot of throat chakra clearing in January, so expect more calling toward expressing yourself and aligning with what you want to manifest. Watch the video version HERE

Conscious Coherence

Expressing yourself is more than just words, though your verbal expression is important. The path of Ascension is one of personal empowerment so that unity consciousness can anchor on Earth. Your personal empowerment begins with healthy boundaries so that you are holding your power and being responsible for creating your experience. Previously humanity has mainly responded to outside circumstances as we were not taught the power of our intent and our ability to consciously synchronize with resonant experiences.

Also in February, we are beginning more focus on developing a new relationship with time. This is also a natural part of Ascension, because Ascension is a vibrational elevation into more conscious interaction with the subtle realms. One aspect of that is time. As we begin to shift our relationship with time, we are becoming more creative and less reactive. This means more patience, more allowing, and ultimately, more peace. It can be a bit challenging to learn to access peace in fast-paced flow, but it is well worth the effort.

Your Powerful Love

This Year of Clarity is going to bring areas of refinement into view that assist your co-creative experience with Life. As we learn that it isn’t about control or just “getting what we want,” it is an adjustment. We have to shift how we feel about patience (it’s not punishment! ;o), as well as how we prioritize our own feelings and focus. Areon channels over and over that it is time to get more of your Loving energy into this world—that is what improves it. Watch a little news occasionally and send some Love, compassion and a new perception of potentials that a challenge can bring. Love yourself more, forgive easily, hold healthy boundaries and say no with loving empowerment, even if it is wisely silent or loud in a moment.

Love is a varied experience that encompasses all of life.

As you embrace more life with Love (from a distance if need be), even those experiences that don’t seem to offer Love, you are anchoring more Love into the human experience.

It is a really exciting time! Since December of 2013, the balance of Loving Light tipped into critical mass. As a Lightworker, you are consciously focusing on creating in the subtle realms and shifting your life from within first (working in the invisible realm) and emanating that out into your life (form builds from the subtle). How is your patience? Are you seeing that life is responding to you in different ways as you enhance your internal foundation of Love? That pesky Law of Resonance keeps moving you toward more clarity. Isn’t it a fun ride?!

Happy February!


Rainbow Princess 7th February 2016 10:38 am

Thank You Jamye & Areon!

I am feeling this!

Love love love

jamye 7th February 2016 12:42 pm

Thank you, Rainbow Princess! Happy February!

spiritdiver 8th February 2016 4:22 am

Hi Jayme,

Always seem to be aligned with you message. Materialzations are happening very rapidly in me. But i am just this weekend realizing if some are zipping along and then just fall short not reaching through to full manifestation, thats ok. It is still of value and purpose. It does not mean i am a failure, or doing something wrong. Patience, and allowing higher energy to move freely in time, not pushing in the process, is in fact the actual purpose. Temperance; The practice of our further refining and balancing our emotional strengths.

I don't comment all the time, but please know how much I appreciate your weekly readings, and value the lightblasts. I am sending you thanks and love always for sharing your healing talents and gifts.

zorro 8th February 2016 8:17 am


I love your LightBlasts as well, and look forward to reading them. They are unique code triggering gems that I find myself resonating with and they much appreciated! Sometimes a few days will go by when I realize their unique significance. Sometimes I can't resist chiming in with you, even though I don't understand where its going, and I love that they they cover the full spectrum of possibilities. Don't ever second guess yourself on these and keep blasting.

jamye 12th February 2016 10:01 am

Blessings, Rainbow Princess!

jamye 12th February 2016 10:02 am

Thank you so much, spiritdiver! I appreciate the feedback and I am so glad to hear about your integration of balance!

jamye 12th February 2016 10:04 am

Thank you, zorro! I really appreciate this! Much Love to you!


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