May 2016 Ascension Energies

April Review

April was about going within and working your foundation of beingness within the action-oriented physical world. It offered you some clarity between the external and its loudness, with your internal focus of peace and stability amidst change.

Patience is a great complement to peace and stability, though a calm feeling wasn’t as easy to access in April for many. That impatient Aries energy often wants to jump immediately! Though in April, your leap of faith was best served by building a bridge of connection between your heart and mind as you learn to perceive your opportunities with the grace of loving wisdom.  

May Energies

April was the perfect storm leading into May. You were likely stirred into something—desiring more peace in the world, more satisfaction in your job and relationships, more creative control in your life, or less Trump in the news…

May has the energy of action.

When I sat to get the energies for April, I was (unusually so) also given the word “action” for May and “reset” for June. As I prepared for the May monthly energies video, I was also told, “relationships and family.” So essentially May is focused on action and interaction (relationship). The self, the inner world—interacting with Life. What a wonderful progression and April has stirred some courage to change.

A.C.T.I.O.N.—Allowing Creation To Inform Our Now

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, often focuses on how your first action is internal. As you experience your life, information flows into you. You have emotional, mental, and even physical response. Your emotional and mental responses are subtle information that show you your authentic perceptions and beliefs about your experiences. As you allow that information into your awareness, you have the ability to make informed choice. What you choose is internal and subtle in that moment. It speaks directly to the quantum realms, informing form. Staying present, authentic, courageous, and peaceful are helpful to shifting or amplifying your future creations.

Observation and listening are powerful forms of meditation. They help you to receive information that may not be obvious, or even information that may be calling for your Love to form a new future.

For example, listening to one that is opposite of you may help you to understand something you were resisting. It may call you to focus your attention in a direction so that the future is effected by more Love and less greed, deception, and suppression. Your focused awareness, your Love flow, is important. We usually don’t get to see immediate results. Patience again.

Your first internal actions are shifting you into a detached compassion that is able to perceive beyond the obvious.

This is the peace that passes all understanding. With practice you will become less reactive, less afraid and more courageous, creative, and wise. Detached compassion is an open state that knows all is well. From this point of connection, you are able to touch new solution with your vibration. This will inspire physical action that is based in Love.

Relationship and Family

Your interactions are such a great motivator of movement! Every single experience is calling you to more empowerment, more Love. This creates more freedom from needing to control circumstances for a feeling of safety. Those that love you, like family, can not help but reflect your positives and negatives so that you can integrate into an empowered sovereign that connects boldly with Life.

This month, as May prompts you to spring into action, observe your authentic thoughts and feelings with your relationships. Seek to hold healthy boundaries that serve your growth and sharing. They may change over time, but honor your needs in the moment and continue to grow beyond them as appropriate. For example, at one time you may need to hold a boundary with someone and say no. At another time, you may be benefited by stretching yourself into interaction. Family is wonderful barometer of your peace and strength.

"If you think you're enlightened, go spend a week with your family." —Ram Dass

Family is often how we learn much of our perceptions and beliefs. When a child is young, the subconscious is highly programmable as they are most often in a receptive brain wave state. They also “speak” emotions rather than words, so they are highly susceptible to the emotions of their caregivers and family members.  

As an adult, these unconscious programs are mixing with your logical decisions. This is why it is important to honor your authentic, immediate thoughts and feelings. It's easy if you're feeling good. Celebrate that! However, if you hate someone, let that just be information that is a vehicle of discovery for you. As you discover what and why you hate them, you will transform that emotion into the wisdom of understanding. You will discover you felt a boundary of power or safety being pushed. That discovery pulls unconscious (subconscious) information into the conscious and you can now progressively heal that fear. You then discover that you appreciate that person helping you grow. 

Many suppress their challenging emotions because they don’t know that the emotions heal, they just know it hurts. They haven’t felt that freedom from fear, that freedom of knowing how strong they are, that freedom of being able to interact with Life, change, and create. Here we come full circle to the energies of May.

Your inner actions create beneficial interactions.

Your interactions have a ripple effect that create inspired actions.

Your actions speak volumes to your future.


In May, we are asked to make bold inner choices and interact with Life from empowered Love. With so many planets retrograde, the energy of action likely isn’t as much “full steam ahead,” as much as it is connect your head with your heart and interact from there. As you observe your interactions, look within and allow the reflection to inform your choices and then external actions. It is a perfect time to choose to Love yourself. From there, you grow into such a Love for Life that challenges become fuel for your creative flow. Yes, you may!


Deeni 29th April 2016 11:50 am

Thank You, Jamye.

Fabulous message!

And I am living it. So very cool!

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

zorro 29th April 2016 3:35 pm

April insights may still be projected out to "your", but by May, the grace period for projecting onto "others" and the "your"program is all over. "Yours" now officially becomes "Ours" . We speak from the first person and include ourselves as part of the receiving audience. Nothing else will pass muster at this juncture of basic Ascension Energies and current out-working of them . It's a New Day! Tell Aereon, "great message", but as I am sure he would agree, from here on out we lift together! I have no further need of real people or so called ascended masters addressing us with such lack of basic awareness, courtesy, and respect. 3D projection language does not fit 5D inclusive times!

GAF 2nd May 2016 1:59 pm

Nikos, the following post may help you understand what is going on "for the planet" as you say.

Gaia and those who are "ascension-ready" (not many, see my blog for details) will ascend very soon. Not everyone will ascend at the same time.

A big group of light workers are at a level where they can now hold the light for 3D / 4D. And this project continues.

These posts may also be helpful:

Stay present, that's where our creative powers are. One foot in front of the other.

Show yourself! Your True Self. Those still not awakened could stand to see YOU.

spiritdiver 3rd May 2016 9:11 am

Thank you Jayme for your wisdom and light!

GAF: i liked your article. And i resonate with most. Regarding the following:

"Will I call my team mates on their / your crap when I see it? Yeppers. Why? Because I’m more important? Nope, because YOU ALL are JUST AS important and I won’t allow you to sluff off. This team, this game, this project demands that you all play your position – no weak spots on the field / court."

Yeah that's what our soul IS all about. Yet, I will add this !!, comment from experience in addition. Which I believe supports the premise of your main point.

Only, ONLY! If doing so does NOT pull your energy from 5D to 3D. It is a fine balance and line. That becomes easier to work as we move along. There will be tests of strength, which are offered and recieved in love. If not move on!!

And this is also i believe percisely what Jayme describes her description of working the action being-ness in the physical world. "clarity between the external and its loudness, with your internal focus of peace and stability amidst change"

cyndy 3rd May 2016 11:26 am

It does depend on the energy of speaking up. As Brendan Hoffman said several months ago, "We are beacons not rescue boats."
And boats take us to ships and "relation ships." How am I relating to myself and then to others and what it is that comes out of my mouth.
Many days I am still in a place of needing to re-member, I am a beacon , not a rescue boat.

GAF 3rd May 2016 12:51 pm

spiritdiver, I don't get after people just to do it. No we are not here to "rescue" anyone. We not only have no Responsibility, we also have no Power to do so. But we do have influence. And that influence is exactly why we are here... not to "save" or "rescue" but to assist in others saving / rescuing themselves. Setting the example, providing light (information) to empower, not to make dependent.

Can't really hold the unawakened to anything.

But there are many who are awake, have been for many, MANY years. It's not only NOT asking too much for them to STEP UP, but it's their own soul mission... and they know too much at this point to plead ignorance. THOSE are who I am referring to.

And I'll caution you to not equate getting after someone with "being 3D". lol

When you are awakened to a certain point, then you do indeed have a certain Responsibility to others also, after you have served your own healing, then you serve others. Not about being a guru, not about rescuing, not about creating dependency but encouraging empowerment. ALL about shining your light.

GAF 3rd May 2016 1:11 pm

And spiritdiver and cyndy, when dealing with Joe Average Not-So-Enlightened... there's this little thing called Compassionate Non-Attachment.

The most significant component to this is energetic, a bit of an "attitude" if you will. The intention, the energy BEHIND the words and deeds when relating with others.

So... with this in mind, outwardly, there may truly be absolutely no difference between actions / words from those who are attempting to "rescue" and those who are spreading light (information).

And this then comes back to self. If you attach to what others do with the light you provide them, then that's going to rip YOU up. And if you haven't learned to love, care for and respect yourself any better than that, what makes ya think you have much of anything to offer anyone else anyway.

You first, always. But it's not "you ONLY".

GAF 3rd May 2016 2:08 pm

Folks, do you understand how precarious this situation has been?

VERY FEW had stepped up years ago & were able to then be forerunners. We got Gaia ready, then held the light in the world, held off destructive forces for years.

I have not been allowed, by God, to be used for energetic service work since Sept. of 2014 because I'm so spent, and I'm not alone in this. And the others who have been shoulder to shoulder with us are not far behind in having very little left to give to this collective effort.

Someone needed to step up & take over. Those in line were not being very proactive. Energies had to prod them along.

We forerunners could have been used up until it killed us and at a soul level we'd be fine, we have been ascension-ready for years, we'd ascend.

But this group of LWs, not only would they serve the world by getting far enough along to hold the light, but they would still be serving themselves 'cuz they are NOT ascension-ready yet. If this whole thing blew up right now, they would NOT ascend.


GAF 3rd May 2016 2:10 pm

Everything is far enough along now that's it's not quite so precarious... and Gaia is moving along. But that is ever so recently so.

These light workers are just starting their service work. Life, the Divine, the energies will keep getting more and more intense, not less so. I can get after folks, as a heads up, but I'm no where's near as intense as Life & the Divine.

Sandra Walter had recently said something to the effect of - Divine Love is not some blissed out, ungrounded thing, it has a mission. I whole heartedly agree. And those now connecting with their Divine self could stand to embrace this.

Divine Love is not milquetoast. Neither are those who carry Divine Love.

When I get after LWs, all I'm really doing is asking them to actually BE as Spiritually Mature as they like to think they are.

GAF 3rd May 2016 2:30 pm


It's also the first word in the name of this site we are on.

Nikos... what is Spirit?

zorro 3rd May 2016 3:40 pm

A good place for everyone to start with being authentic on this site is one alias per person speaking, so no one should be using multiple AKA's at any time, as tempting as that may be (just in case it is so). "Stocking the pond" to skew the debate has been detected via energy signature on many occasions, and not restricted to this string by any means. If true, I don't see this as long-term productive (tempting maybe?). I invite everyone to honor this and trust things will work out for the benefit of all, when all are in their integrity under one name. Has anyone else ever detected this on the site? If I am wrong, then that is good! Now let's continue playing nice, regardless!

My original point is that the need for an ascended master to address ascending beings in a disconnected way by projection "down stream" is doubtful, and by that signature alone casts doubt on the message, as an ascended being addressing seasoned and respected ground troops would be wise enough to use inclusive language. If not, I am always open to understanding, "Why not?", especially at this juncture.

zorro 4th May 2016 6:09 am

Hi NikosVg,

I was is in no way criticizing Jamye, but just pointing out the interpersonal communications dynamics used, which set-up a construct within themselves, which May 2016 ascension Energies will continue to improve and transform. This transformation involves awareness of subconsciously projecting the reader into the role of one who needs help and advice. This is often bolstered up by using names of entities who may or may not exist, but since you don't know, it subconsciously programs you to think they know better than you. Now, they may very well be real and have a message for us. But if they are that important that we should listen to them, they would know how to communicate with an audience that is in ascension to higher levels and not be "talked down to" (subliminally) by addressing the conversation to "You" and "Your". This is called "Projection"...casting someone into a role. It is a powerful way to control a dialog but in a way that skews the transactional dynamics to "parent/child". Count up the use of "you" and "your" in the message...

zorro 4th May 2016 6:25 am

Then Areon is introduced into the conversation to bolster the authenticity of the message. The message itself I have no argument with, but as Marshall McLuhan put it: "The medium is the message" meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.

Extrapolating on this, as this is allowed to continue, the "message" soon after becomes the "massage" and we become the ones being "massaged" if not awake to the dynamics.

Count up the projection language by overuse of "you" and "your" (as opposed say to "we" and "our" or saying perhaps, "one may experience"). It is a parent/child projection dynamic we are being lured into and asked to accept, and we are asked to believe the author on good authority, (Areon, after all).

My point is that if Areon is real, and guiding "Us" (the "you's and your's referred to), and he is really assisting in our "ascension", then why would his language infer descension by holding us down with the silly parent/child proj

zorro 4th May 2016 7:03 am

Now I can just feel it coming that someone will take the easy bait and and say " Our minds are over-stimulated right now (or something to that effect) , as if the mind is dis-connected from the ascension process. We are ascending at ALL levels, mind included, and the earth as well! So we stay grounded, use our intelligence and discernment, while remaining open and in ever flow to Spirit!


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