The Animal Kingdom Shift

Did you feel it? Around mid-October there was a shift in the animal kingdom—our powerful teachers. I mean the whole thing. All of them.

I hope you are getting used to the way this works. Shift happens in the subtle realm first. The shifts are invisible, intangible, and unprovable. The outcome is unknown because form is not formed yet. But something is happening.

I want to share this with you so you will have some context for what you may be experiencing. In mid-October the animal kingdom shifted into a higher teaching role.

What it feels like is loss. What it really means is more personal responsibility.

The experience happened very quickly for me. I was walking through my house and I was side-swiped with a lightning strike of grief that all the animals were leaving. It was completely non-sequitur, and all the nature around me and my own cats were (and are) perfectly fine. Then I heard from some others that they were also experiencing something similar—intense grief and empathy for animals, followed by a need to take action that is in accordance with their life path.

The animals ARE NOT leaving Earth. That was just my immediate, unconscious reaction to the knowing that a shift occurred.

The animals have shifted into a higher teaching role with us because we are ready for it.

Some people will understand and create change, some people will resist change. Others will not be involved much at all because the animal kingdom is not their focus in this life.

What Does This Mean For You?

Only you have the answer to that question. If you are feeling intense emotions around the way animals are being treated, let the emotions flow and take some actions toward change. Focus on some of the positive changes that have been happening and add your energy there. It can get overwhelming when you only focus on the negative. Your energy then becomes depleted and isn’t strong enough to be part of the solution. Maintain your balance even though it isn’t easy at times.

Some may want to volunteer at animal shelters, donate money or food, or petition politicians or companies. If you eat meat, put your money where animals are treated well. If you don’t eat meat, represent it with the loving kindness that opens people’s minds rather than shuts them down with shame and righteousness. Honor the diversity of path and pace that is part of Life and take inspired action that feels right for you.

Observe your animal totems more, what are they teaching you? If you find yourself afraid of an animal, look into what it represents and shift your internal feelings. If you’re afraid of spiders, no need to touch them to get over it. Just honor that they are part of the beauty of life and look into what webs you are weaving, what you are trying to bring into your web to feed you, what you can create when you allow the shapes of life to guide you, write (literally or figuratively) more and create/script your web of life.

This is actually a really exciting shift. I want to say again, the animals ARE NOT leaving Earth. They are not punishing the horrible humans. They have shifted the lessons that they are here to teach because we are ready for a new level of personal responsibility. They process much of our fear and insecurity. That is why people abuse or disregard another as less valuable. It’s not an animal issue, it’s a human issue that we are still healing—and getting better at according to this shift! We know there is still work to be done. Follow your heart of what feels right for you.

All animals are magnificent Source energy that come to Earth in different forms than us to reflect Love in its many different facets. They are powerful teachers. Are you seeing their reflection of the beauty of Life?

Remember that Love is always the answer and it is what brings real change. You are ready for more creative responsibility in your life. As you focus on your internal empowered Love while experiencing this world of diversity—you are bringing valuable change that begins in the subtle realms. It is forming a new Loving experience here on Earth.

Love the animals and all that they are here to teach. Become well with the transient nature of the physical experience. Understand that as you embrace transformation in all its forms, you open to a new experience. It doesn’t happen through resistance to what-is, it happens through choices to Love that seem inconsequential at first. You don’t always get the immediate satisfaction from these choices because that teaches you to Love based on your inner choice, not outer approval.

Thanks to the inner work of people all around the world, we have graduated to a new level of personal responsibility. These are powerful times of transformation.


MaScot 27th October 2015 8:50 am

I've felt a powerful awareness of the love that is possible between animals and human beings in the form of an abundance of videos that have crossed my path lately including animals befriending other animals of a different species (particularly ones that are "meant" to be rivalrous), as well as outpourings of love from animals to humans (e.g. a giant lion, a baby elephant), and vice versa. Your blog puts this all into perspective. Thanks, Jamye.

Barbarah 27th October 2015 10:33 am

I currently do not have an animal companion, however a couple of times in the last couple of weeks, I have "sensed" a cat near me. Once in the kitchen wrapping itself around my feet, and last night welcoming me home. The first one felt like my last cat, but don't know who last night was... Interesting

Pars 29th October 2015 6:11 am

Jamye great article- but what type of shift are you referring to? In my country of Australia, the welfare of animals/birds is going backward, with live animal exports and birds being overbred and sold and kept in terrible conditions- and just this month one of our states is allowing night shooting of beautiful ducks- where is the shift? Love and welfare of animals is going backward- I can't see a shift. Animals cannot teach the cruel people anything. You can't change cruel people. And if I may say, how can one eat an animal and then say they love and respect the animal? Especially if one believes that animals are special, out totems and teachers? Isn't this a contradiction by those who eat them?? Thanks for writing about animals- please write more, Paris

ShelleyT 1st November 2015 10:02 am

Thank you.... I understand where your attention goes your energy flows or something like that... The Internet has provided an essential conduit for unfiltered news of the state of the animal kingdom... Whether in the wild, domesticated abandoned , abused or the horrendous use of animal testing ..,, which is beyond barbaric...for me there is no filter between the animals & myself... For ten years I sheltered abandoned animals, earlier this year I lost my home & had to surrender them...unable to financially support a pet is almost more then I can deal with. Suggestions to volunteer at shelters... To make up for this void is obvious, however...When there is no filter the emotion in that environment is indescribable ...


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