The Energies of April 2012

April heart.  Sharing is the theme of April.  Sharing your Light, sharing your Love, Sharing Life with this magnificent world.  This is heart energy in action.  We begin the month with the sun inspiring Aries into magic and the full moon in Libra on April 6th illuminating loving justice (loving just is).  We bond the miraculous into form through Love.  Your magical heart is the connective service that you share with Self and others so that your infinite Divinity pulses through Life.

The Review - March Merging into Emergence

March was a release point and a merging of the separative FUNctionality of the beautiful mind and the connective FUNctionality of the powerful heart (I hope your March was more FUN than mine.  That was work!!! ;o)  We were tested to embrace that which separates and upgrade the mind to help us perceive and act with more more more Love.  The task was to replace any areas of avoidance or resistance with surrender and embracing.  We were giving up egoic control and opening to a higher degree of creating in the flow, freedom and courageous vulnerability of Love.  This can be an area of resistance because the ego is wired to self-preserve.  It can be an area of unknown because it requires faith until the Knowing that All is Well is so strong that no experience is resisted.  This sometimes requires silence when words would erode what you are building.  This sometimes requires pushing yourself beyond the comfort of your current walls and opening the door to sharing.  March brought a merging that expanded your capability to create with the potent momentum of Love

April offers us interaction that creates miracles through the bond of Life.  Esoteric in words, for that keeps it general enough to stir you to specific recognition within.  You are Life in form; Divine, delicate and strong.  Savor that.  It is your courageous compassion nurturing the cycle of Life, which contains All.  Your courage to forgive when shame, abuse or fear are present is your Love in action.  Love interaction.  Love bonding Life.  That is your True Power.

April Interaction

April will manifest as a month of creative responsibility.  Our manifestation is speeding up, sprouting and calling us to action (harvest).  This is a month of action because it is a month of interaction – the mergence of separation/connection, self/others, mind/heart that March brought to the fore (four!).  After the mergence comes the emergence – energy in motion – action!   All that we create begins in the unformed, the subtle, the magic of the unknown/unseen.  That is Love - the bond that builds form.  You will find yourself tasked to share your Light or experience the resistance.  That is how change is created, go with the flow or the flow will erode your resistance until you do.  Life is funny that way – afterwards! 
Sharing is a heart action.  Giving and receiving can be a mind action (it isn't always).  I gave, therefore I should receive more (martyrdom).  Or I received, therefore I should give more (unworthiness).  March had us observing our intention behind our give/receive and our interactions so that any give/receive that was based in lower ego (out-of-harmony) was released into give/receive that is the true sharing of Love Flow.  Not a pleasant task, but necessary.  April will bring that into action as you will experience manifestation increasing in speed.  The flower-ing of Life!

The Astrology

Mercury turns direct on 4/4 in Pisces.  The messenger and the mystery come into focus.  What you experienced within now breaks the surface tension to the external experience.  April 6th is the full moon in Libra.  Justice becomes compassion, empowering All.  Relationship becomes a source of nurturance and strength when we Know that Love does not need or hold back, for there is no end to Love when courage leads.  The ego (sweet, sweet ego!) works for survival.  When it overrides the heart, love becomes a survival issue (i.e. love is painful and I resist pain by trying to control life).  When the heart leads the mind, the mind incorporates compassion, understanding and forgiveness into all interaction.  This full moon in Libra is the blessing that brings connection into Life.  In the reflection of an Aries sun, Libra illuminates the dark depths that would separate self from others.  No shame, no fear - embrace your sweet heart into courageous vulnerability that brings loving justice to Life.  You are the Light (Aries sun) that reflects in all you connect with (Libra moon).  Saturn is still retrograde in Libra (2/7-6/25) bringing compression to any resistance so that we release into explosive bliss.  Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn on 4/10 (through 9/18/2012 – great numerology!).  Pluto in Cappie is transforming the governing, banking and corporate structures in the world.  Transform your governance and finance in your own life and the world around you will change.  On 4/14 Mars goes direct in Virgo.  All those well made plans can finally start implementation!  It’s a great time to start focusing on your physical health, which always includes your emotional/mental health and affects all aspects of your life.  Finally, our full moon in Taurus on 4/21 gives us the energy, enthusiasm and fortitude to implement our heart action if we’re willing to give up Taurus’ stubborn control.  Let your Divine Will lead and it will guide you to miracles!

The Summary

April is about heart action.  Share your Light.  Use your beautiful mind to perceive the gift in each challenge or triumph and focus yourself toward releasing control and embracing peace within any circumstance.  Find the humor to help your heart feel Light.  Seek solace in nature as it blossoms in the northern hemisphere and offers its final bounty in the southern hemisphere.  Cultivate connection with others in ways that support you and push you beyond your comfort zone so that you are strengthening your will to enjoy from within!  Remind yourself that you are a miracle in form, as is All Life and celebrate each moment with Love.  We are preparing for a powerful summer (or winter in the southern hemi).  In April we emerge as the sweet flower that yields to fulfilling fruit.  How will you blossom?

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Jamye Price

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, teacher and student of life. She channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal languages that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. When she is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears energies for clients through Divine Grace.