The Energies of August 2011

We leave the month of 7/11 forever changed.  It was a month of internal purging that brings us to August prepared for the next phase of change.  There were a lot of physical symptoms through July as our brains are adjusting to full communion between hemispheres.  We’re still in the action phase of 2011, so July presented us with the challenge of relaxing into our upgrades as much as possible, but still doing when doing need be done!  I found myself surrendering a LOT and I was grateful for the Cancerian energies that were digesting great amounts of emotion within the safety of the shell I had to nurture through the tides of July. 

August brings us great creative movement.  The imagery I’m shown is fiery figure eights emerging from the sacral, heart and third eye chakras.  Fire is an element that transforms rapidly because it consumes what it touches.  That isn’t all bad, I love a good partially fire-consumed marshmallow, but I’m careful to put it on a long, non-flammable holder before I stick it in the flame!  The alchemist respects the power of fire and uses it wisely to transmute.  What is it time to burn out of your life?  What could use a little fire under it to get it going?  July offered us a great purging to clear the emotional residue so that we are open to create from a wise and conscious place, using nature’s gift of fire that the dragons understood fully.

August fuels our love (heart), choice (third eye) and creative relationship (sacral) into the flow that transforms.  Within the energy of Love, we experience ourselves as capable and at ease, we experience others as mirroring for mutual benefit, we experience challenge as strengthening flow and triumph as a step to continue moving beyond.  Love, within the flame of a heart that Knows it is powerful, is the alchemy that builds the world anew.  Choice is our vehicle of individual expression.  The wisdom of an open mind sees beyond the moment and into the benefit of the past and the possibility of the future.  Wisdom finds a win/win solution for self, others, earth and all, even if it is a temporary step.  Relationship is inherent in life.  You have relationship with yourself, with people of all intimacy levels, with money, with earth, with survival, with empowerment, with Source – nothing really stands alone.  To ignite relationship is to bring love and choice into all aspects of your life.  Feeling suppressed?  With the fiery Leo love of August, we ignite the lionheart into the dragonheart, wielding the power of all five elements with the Divine Grace of Love.

The Cardinal Grand Cross

August will be our last month of the intensity of the Cardinal Grand Cross that began around the solstice.  A retrograde Uranus in Aries (self liberation), retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (transformed ambition), Mars in Cancer (bold sensitivity) and Saturn in Libra (enlightened relationship) square off in a final round of tug-of-war.  If it’s challenging you, seek the balance point in the middle that observes the four directions from the stillpoint perspective of All Is Well, change is beneficial and improvement is the inherent pull of life.

The Moon

July 30 seeds the new moon in Leo, guiding us to nurture growth with the warmth of patience rather than the flame of haste.  Leo is a generous and creative energy, so use this new moon to cultivate the spark into a warm, glowing fire. On 8/13 we have a full moon in Aquarius.  This will illuminate where you are in or out of balance with the greater good, the global community.  All life requires interaction and is connected.  The Age of Aquarius is all about the Whole, and we are uniquely, individually united within that.  Within the sun of Leo that knows ample supply and the reflective emotion of Aquarius that knows ample benefit, we are poised to support the self and others with the balance that empowers all.  Are you feeling supported by the world around you?  Abandoned?  Frustrated?  Enamored?  Peaceful?  Probably a combination depending on the day, but seek the warmth and nurturance this full moon reflects to you.  On 8/28 we have a new moon in Virgo.  Virgo is a grounded, contemplative earth sign that will help us build that creative fire energy of August into sustainable structure.  Look within to find the choice that relates you to the world in Love.

The Retrogradations

Pluto is still retrograde in Capricorn (4/9-9/16) so we are rebirthing the world of form to support our deep inner world.  Pluto is plumbing the darkest crevices of our personal and especially our collective structures, so remember that sometimes what seems negative at first glance will serve greater movement towards freedom in the future.  Neptune is still retrograde in Pisces and moving back into Aquarius this month (6/3-11/9). This particular retrograde began within the June/July eclipse gauntlet and will end just before the next eclipse series and the 11/11.  Illuminating Neptune beckons us deep into our Aquarian ideals that serve all with equal flow.  Uranus is still retrograde in Aries (7/10-12/10) boldly going where we should have gone long ago!  Uranus and Aries are bound to shake up some trouble!  What’s been troubling you that is ready for release?  While not all steps to freedom are peaceful ones, they all have that potential.  It is the wisdom choice that knows when to take a stand and when to turn the other cheek. 

We have two new retrogrades this month, Mercury retrogrades back through Virgo then Leo (8/3-8/26) so it’s a great time to check within before you communicate or sign contracts.  This energy feels very much about being realistic with inspiration and creation to me.  Are you taking the necessary steps, honoring timing and paying attention to warning signs?  Hold your boundaries and yet be flexible when it serves beyond the moment and dream big!!!  Finally, Jupiter is retrograde in Taurus (8/30-12/25).  I gotta say, this one feels less lesson-y and more enjoy-y.  Yay!  If you find yourself feeling less than optimistic, then heal the core beliefs within that block you from Knowing you’re capable, supported by a universe of Love and innately deserving.   

Infinite Flow

The 8 signals the infinite flow, the connection, the reflection.  From Spirit, we separate into one human form.  Yet that is not the complete story, because we are united to All Life through the great unifier, Love.  This is the picture of 8.  Two separate forms united at a point that flows one to the other continuously.  That is the reflection of life.  Interconnected. Unique. Feeding the infinite flow.  You do it as consistently as you breathe.  This month we will be looking at the reflection of our flow out to the world.  The reflection?  It flows right back, so open your eyes so you can see your heart and relate to the world empowered with Love.  For your heart is your true source of flow, and Flow is Freedom in form, ever forming.  Happy August!


Tzaddi 1st August 2011 9:43 am

From reading your post, all at once I feel bathed in freshness, inspired, encouraged. That's huge! Thank you for your clear expression, specific examples,and personal touch "feels joy-y rather than lesson-y." Blessings!


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