The Energies of February 2014

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“We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.” ~ Albert Einstein
The energies I read for February are centered on mental strength. In this year of personal empowerment, that is understandable. For an individual to be empowered, utilizing and enhancing their powerful creative faculties makes sense. It is empowered individuals that create an empowered global community - unity consciousness. 
The beautiful brain is only as ‘strong’ as your heart. Mental strength is really about heart strength, for without the vast, powerful, connective nature of the heart, the brain can only interpret data previously received. Some people think the brain is the problem because it can be distracted, deceived, defeated with fear programming, controlled or hypnotized. Understandable. We are aware of evidence of that and more.  The cure to this is heart connection. 

When the heart is open, receiving and flowing Love, information, Light, or the myriad names for the data of the heart; the brain is then connected into the microsystem of the human heart and thus connected into the macrosystem of the Universal Heart. The Universal Heart in this sense is Life, Love, Creation, Consciousness, Continuance. It becomes full-body connectedness which is interpreted and applied through the brilliance of the mind. 
This mechanism of universal heart is part of the beautiful, beneficial reason for the subconscious mind. The survival mechanism maintains life until the higher reasoning functions are sufficiently seeded and sprouting. This is your Ascension, and these are the exciting times in which you live. Humanity has been forming through experience. The invisible field of information that creates form now contains enough human desire for peace and Love, that the downfall of the distraction and deception has begun in full force. Now before that puts you in fear, remember the power of the heart. You are connected in with a grand scale of Life that is connected by Love. 
The heart, in its connection to All, knows solution that the brain has yet to conceive. This is why your Love focus is so powerful, it feeds information into the invisible fabric of Life and form is created with the auspicious information that Love always heralds. The brain assists the work of the heart with understanding, compassion, focus, refining, choice and steps of progress. What a magnificent team! The brain is a catalyst for understanding Love. It is a transmitter and receiver of information that refines it into thought and chemical. You are also a transmitter and receiver of information, the brain only transmits and receives part of your vast library that emanates in each nanosecond.  The fractal builds. Through you.
So bringing it back from the mind-expanding esoteric, what is mental strength? Why are we framing it as mental strength instead of heart strength if heart strength is so important? We are framing it from the perspective of mental strength because your perspective is important.  It is most vital to you because you are living it. But it is also vital to Life because Life is forming from your perspective. We are framing it as mental strength so that you will begin to realize the full power of your thoughts and more importantly, what is behind your thoughts so that you can bring that into the focus of the power of your Love. It requires a strong mind to choose for the self. It requires a strong mind to look past the visible and interpret the information of the heart.  It requires a strong mind to focus. 
What is mental strength? A mind strong enough to let the heart expand. An ego structure fluid enough to change easily (expand). A mind focused to laser precision with Love, such that wave coherence is created in the wake of your gaze. An ego structure bold enough to Love in the face of opposition. A mind experienced enough to sift information from the past and future and change the now moment through choice. An ego structure that recognizes the importance of Self as a unique fractal in the equally important structure of All Life. A mind creative enough to find joy in all experience. An ego structure strong enough to build up All Life; sometimes through forgiveness, sometimes through a boundary, sometimes through support – the result of all of these is Love. 
The mind learns to express Love here on earth in this dimensional expression. The heart Knows. Just open your heart and let the mind receive the data, analyze it, categorize it, define it, refine it, choose and then emit your new choice out into life. It’s as complex as the mind wants to make it, and its as simple as Love. Complexity is only a problem when it overwhelms. Einstein took complexity and made it seem simple.  He knew that the mind was a tool of the heart. 
“My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.” ~ Albert Einstein
Of course, our minds aren’t really frail and feeble, our minds are the perfect instrument of discovery at this stage of physical Life. Compared to the Source of All Life, that may seem feeble, but God made no mistake. "Nature hides her secret because of her essential loftiness, but not by means of ruse." Albert Einstein
You as a Lightworker are focused on your Ascension.  Ascension is merely a process of rapid evolution as we move from separation into unity consciousness, from [country] citizen, to global citizen, to cosmic citizen. We are realizing (with our beautiful minds) our connection to All Life (with our beautiful hearts). 
February brings into focus the power and magnificence of a mind aligned with Love. The Love is in you.  It always was. The mind recognizes when you are out of alignment with your Universal Heart when you feel negative emotion. This month of February, where there are no new moons, and one Valentine’s day; take some time to focus on Love. Loving yourself, loving your challenges, loving your triumphs, loving your past, loving your future, loving NOW!  Woohoo! 

Have a great February!


kay 3rd February 2014 11:54 am

I love this look at the marriage of heart and mind. Thank you, Jamye.

jamye 3rd February 2014 5:41 pm

Blessings, Kay!


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