The Energies of January 2014

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2013 Review

The year 2013 was a year of release. After the influx of Light on 12/21/2012, the whole of humanity, Gaia and All Life required adjustment into the new energies. Frequencies incompatible with the Ascension of Life stirred to greater release and were brought to the surface in 2013. This will continue, though with ever-increasing ease through the process as you adjust to the pace of change.    
In 2013 there were eruptions of the self that brought forth deep wounds. The galactic reset of 12/21/2012 brought not only the structural basis to uphold the change, but the fortitude of support to endure. You have crossed a threshold of great importance in your year 2013, for it indeed was the most difficult aspect of the Ascension. There was much that was released that held a dissonance within the atmosphere of Earth that is still echoing as it radiates out. Rest assured, dear Lightworker, that your effort was not in vain, but in great expansion.   
There was an increase in symptoms of release and detoxification as your body physically reacted to the continual upgrades.  Did you notice an increase in the connectivity of thought patterns with others as you went about your day? Did you notice emotions and physical issues surfacing suddenly without connection to an experience? So much of your work through 2013 was to rebalance with greater fortitude, better boundaries and more courageous Love. Not the easy path. Know that you are moving along at a speed greater than the world around you can show. Your year 2014 will begin a better reflection of that for you. 
Please take a moment to receive the depth of gratitude that is flowing to YOU for all you have done (and undone!) throughout the year of 2013. You are helping humanity, Gaia and All Life through a process of enlightening yourself. It takes courage, focus and patience that a small percentage of humanity maintains, but their access to it grows first through you. You are supported in ways unseen that become visible through time.

Your work is to align your energy signature - your thought/feeling emanation, with this support. As you align, the synchronicity of alignment shows you the clues of your path. Change is assured. Your ease along the path is your choice. The rapid stirring and movement of 2013 did not always make choice easy, but it strengthened your interaction with choice and prepared the path in ways that will begin to become clearer in 2014.  A new foundation for structure is being created.  Through you. 


Your year 2014 is a year of personal empowerment. It is the year you begin to feel the effects of the shift you have helped create. It is the year that your strength buoys into a flow that begins to form in ways palpable to you. Your effort of empowering the Self, working through blockages and shifting your perspective to a beneficial course begins to steadily show it’s foundation in your life. You are a unique being in a collective of Life on Earth. The global unification of Life is at its beginning stages and its birth requires empowered individuals.  It is not for one person to create, it is for the collective of humanity to rise into. 
2014 is not a year of no effort toward your personal empowerment, it is a year of refining it as you begin to experience it more in the outer world. Rejoice at your effort, for 2014 is the year you begin to see the new seed of the Golden Age have viable ground in which to sprout. Amidst the change that will be occurring in 2014, your footing will be more steady.
As the year progresses you will begin to see more clues of positive change. You will also see more destruction of the old structures that do not resonate with the new desires of the masses. Throughout your agreed upon history, the masses have been so denigrated that their energy signature held little power except through the survival instinct. It was manipulated to have its greatest power in the throes of war. It was selectively taught to have its greatest power in control, deception domination and repression. 

The onset of the industrial age began the glitch that started change on a grand scale. However; even through that change, much of the systems that began breaking down the power structures became like the power structures with a different façade upon them.  Within the information age, you are living through a rapid progress that is in its beginnings. In-form-ation is the beginning of new manifestation. That is why things are moving so fast. You are forming the new you, the new communities, the new collective experience on earth. You are connected through this information age, and your connection is what is moving you into 5D expression as you evolve. 
You have been ‘battling’ to return the power to the heart, which the mind will follow, for many years now. This brings back the power to your energy signature. The reptilian skin has been shed from humanity as a whole, it's grip no longer viable. There will still be those among you that are enraptured by it, but their power wanes and the majority will begin to sense the Light returning. 

The reptilian brain is shifting its survival instinct to the everlasting soul, recognizing the interconnection with Life. Your diligent work of empowering yourself will begin to see its benefit. It is an exciting time, yet you must remain vigilant in your heart/mind focus as you continue to be exposed to the old systems gasping for life. You ease the transition as you breathe easily in your own life. Create with Joy. It is your birthright. 
In 2014 you begin to see the effects of the voice of the masses harmonizing into the creation of the symphony of life. Remember as you observe Life, the masses desire peace, prosperity, creativity, good relationships, excitement and beauty. This has been hidden by the dysfunction of your leaders and your media, but the grip they had on information is changing rapidly. Their systems are out of their control and it will continue. The information, services and products that will serve humanity will no longer be stopped. They will unfold (though perhaps slower than you would like) and they will overtake the older systems. It is not justice, it is merely the way of Life. 
2014 will still be a year of change and release, but with more energy of solution upon it. Your large systems of government, commerce, coal/oil/gas/nuclear (power), healthcare, war and media are intertwined behemoths that are hiding the changes that are occurring. They are changing. As with most things, their evolution will encompass a breaking down and a regrowth over time. They are changing from within and they are changing in response to the energy around them. It is inevitable and the natural flow of Life.
With the ‘voices’ (energy signature) of the masses harmonizing, you will see more exposure to the problems and you will see more surprising solutions coming from individuals and even some governmental/corporate bodies. Power will be relinquished in ways that will surprise you. 

Those who step up will be the ‘everyday heroes’ that believe in the work they are doing. The sociopathic behaviors that have been prevalent in positions of power will deteriorate more and more. The Indigos (system busters) and Crystals (system builders) that have increased their interactions in 2013 will continue to come forward to bring change, as they are creating new systems behind the scenes.

Your monetary systems will see some positive change beginning in 2014, as the old systems realize they must readjust to continue to participate. Do not expect everything to change at once; that is not in alignment with transformation. Expect that Life is gradually transforming toward improvement, no matter what the current situation appears to be. Use your electro-magnetic energy of thoughts and feelings to emanate loving solution into the ethers forming Life. Compassion is a powerful tool of connection and transformation.
Things that are no longer viable to the continuance of Life begin decay. Life is fail-safed toward its continuance. It is the cosmic joke. The systems of destruction are systems of destruction and eventually destroy themselves. The systems of Light are systems of transformation and transform themselves because Life is always progressing. Your work has been releasing the energy within you that fuels those old systems with your power. Your work has been refining your own vibrational signature such that it sings the harmony of transformation. 
Your work, increasing in intensity in 2014, is to follow the call of your heart and let your passion flow. Passion in the Golden Age is a joyous and loving energy. It matters not what you are passionate about, it matters most that you are joyous and loving with it.  That aligns you with your Higher Self - your subtle energy that is in tune with the harmonious Love that builds worlds atom by atom. This energy is what has been shifting the true change. As you each become empowered, the whole is changed.  True transformation from within the system. Through you.  

January 2014

January is a month of release, of letting go. Your focus upon ‘resolutions’ and the start of a new year is in concert with this. Do not get overwhelmed with change. Focus inward, as this year of personal empowerment supports, and find the change most meaningful to you. Allow change to flow with grace rather than shame. That means let change be a step in the direction of improvement rather than a step away from discontent. Do you see the subtle difference in that? The subtle world is the powerful electromagnetic force of change. Utilize it for your flow. 
December brought much initiatory change. Your culmination of comets and astrological events herald much improved change that will reveal itself over the course of 2014. Use the energy of January to let go of that which no longer serves you. Let go of guilt and open to Love. Let go of judgment and open to creativity.

Let go of habits that inhibit your flow and gently shift to habits of happiness, perceptions of benefit and actions of joy. Let go of the old structures and know the new ones are forming in ways that support humanity. Release your control and allow your wisdom of adaptability to lead you down new paths you have yet to dream. You are a creative being. Being creative IS the flow of Life.  Have fun with it! 

In Summary

Expect 2014 to be a gentler year than 2013, though there will still be change abounding (Life!). You tilled and aerated the soil in 2013 for better growth. In 2014, your efforts will be more focused toward what you are building. As you are focused on joy, the unfoldment speeds to the pace of Life evolving. That is when the momentum of Life more easily supports your flow.  Use January to open yourself to the new through the avenue of release. 
2014 will have its challenges, but it will also have its moments of wonderful. Focus there and elevate that in your heart and mind, and you will be riding the waves of change with the excitement of one surfing the tides of Life. Joyous connection with Life!  Through you. 

Have an amazing 2014 and a wonderful January!


Peter fox 6th January 2014 5:49 am

Jamye- this is a marvellous posting and I resonate with it all which itself
creates a marvellous feeling! (good feelings then emanate even better ones and so on and so on........!) What a wondrous process! I even had the clear awareness this morning that I feel more "aligned" to the perfectly
harmonious flow of the universe. It's that simple(and difficult!).
Keep up your great work and here's to more joyous unfolding of the
miraculous through 2014! Lots of love. Peter.

jamye 6th January 2014 11:23 am

Thank you, Peter. What a beautiful awareness and a great start to 2014 - may it be wondrous through and through!


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