The Energies of July 2013

June Review - The Middle Road of Balance

We’ve passed the half way mark of 2013. In general it has not been the easiest of years. The first half of the year was about releasing and refinement. The things that weren’t in balance with the new influx of Light on 12/21/12 were coming up for release at a rapid pace. It was shocking to many that expected utopia after 12/21/12, but for those that Know within that All is Well, while it may have been frustrating, it was certainly worth it. The numerology of the year is a 6, so it’s about balancing. 

Technically, all of life is about balancing as homeostasis is the action of life – new experience, integration, movement to new experience, integration, etc. Each of your cells does this constantly. You also do this mentally and emotionally as you seek peace with each new moment.  From that balanced state of peace you make choice and build new life. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes its more challenging, but its always beneficial. We are strengthening, empowering and growing into individualized consciousness in this dimension, though that separation is only part of the story. All of life is connected and interacting. This balance then becomes a collective experience, waving and weaving throughout humanity. 
As a Lightworker, you are a wayshower of living the rapid evolution that we are balancing into, the dimension of Love that bonds new form rather than the domination that created our current experience. The Love was always there, we are just accessing it more as a collective. The wonderful news is you can’t get it wrong.  The universe is fail-safed for Life, and it is fail-safed for Love. We all know that challenge exists, even ‘dark’ energy. As you align with the power of Love that builds, you are strengthening your own creative ability. Things become easier only because you are in a current of flow. Tesla accessed this flow. 

I am being shown the match of our neural networks with the flow of energy throughout the cosmos.  The difference is scale.  As you awaken this awesome power within you, you magnify your ability to produce. Why produce? As Tesla explains, this is the combination of active positive focus, or extreme polarity in the direction of Love, and the induction of like energy around you. This has the effect of integrating into a ‘new form’ that is stronger because of the focused movement. That is the expansion in action. 
Energetically, things began to stabilize in June, though we are still in a phase of destruction of the old and a building of the new.  In July, we reach a reset point that begins to turn the tide into waves of change.  Are you ready to catch that wave?! YES!

July Energies – The Reset Point

I’m shown July as a void space, or a reset point. This is very exciting! I see this sometimes during individual sessions. It is a place of deep connection and quantum leaps. The interesting thing about a void space is you don’t really know what’s going on until it starts to manifest, then the change can be surprising! You could call it the calm before the (awesome) storm, or the stillness. “Change is always good,” can be a frustrating cliché when you’re in challenge and a hopeful reminder when you’re in a good space. But it’s true in both instances. 

When you really look back at the difficult change you’ve been through, there is always a benefit that is available if you will only find it and nurture it. That takes the internal work that many avoid. In July, take some time to honor your own stillness and allow that to speak volumes to you.  Daily meditation is recommended, even if only for a few minutes. Focused breathing, walking quietly in nature and listening are beneficial this month, too. Have you noticed that Love is quiet? It awaits you, it doesn’t force you.

This is the energy that builds. It is at first silent and invisible. Many don’t want to believe it until they see it. But when you hear its soft voice and see its magnificent beauty, you are forever changed. Within that you find the universe of possibilities opening to you. This is July. Allow that stillness, that beauty to permeate your being and become it, for it is YOU.  See beyond the separation and connect yourself actively with the wonders of the world
How does this apply into life? Right now our governments, religions, gender equality and sexual equality are undergoing major change for the better. These dominating forces don’t change all at once and they don’t often go quietly. But right in the midst of chaos there are heroes (and sheroes!) I was just reminded of a beautiful story from Mr. Rogers (of the children’s show). When he would see something horrible on the news as a child and get upset, his mother would say, ‘look for the helpers, they’re always there.’ Is that you? Do you look for the helpers that are participating with an experience? Do you participate with it, even if from a distance, in a helpful way? The Indigos are breaking down the systems that need reform.

Part of this reset is moving into a deeper connection with Life.The empaths that had to avoid much are now getting stronger to participate. It requires good boundaries that empower others rather than just soaking up all the dross. Are you feeling those boundaries most days? The prayers that fill the invisible field of Life have less fear and hatred and more peace and Love. Is that you emanating ease, diversity and grace?
When I get a general energy read, much of the information comes through in meditation. However, when I do the Light Language transmission for the month, more information comes through. While I will explain the information I was shown, it is not the only thing that is happening.  Light Language is a dynamic encodement that is activated by your Higher Self, so it works like a stem cell. You receive what you need. During this month’s activation, I was shown the codes of the breastplate of the Egyptian priests being activated within each of us. We have collectively moved past the energy of the powerful priests/rulers amplifying energy ‘for us.’ This is a karmic completion that had to reach a critical mass before fully dissolving. We now ‘own’ the power of the heart, the strongest electro-magnetic field in our body. The mantle has been returned as we have cleared the fall of Atlantis. While it doesn’t show up all at once, the energy of personal empowerment is building ever stronger in the ethers and has already begun and will continue to manifest more visibly.  It is exciting and scary to take back your power. 


As the pendulum of change continues to swing into the balance of the mid point, it is important to look for the clues of positive change (look for the helpers! Perhaps the mirror?). When you focus in an area of Life, like the positive change in government or religion, it is easy to get sidetracked with misinformation or even true but negative information. Get still, get strong and Know that All is Well.  You have the grace of God within you, as does All Life. As we reset the system in July, nurture the potential within you.  It is magnificent!

Have a fabulous July!



betsy. 3rd July 2013 2:27 pm

I love that so many authors are getting similar messages of this being a time of resets and restarts. Beautiful & so very loving! Ty, Jamye, for this message! :smitten:

jamye 4th July 2013 8:29 pm

Thank you, bluefeatheryone! I like that, too!

realist_idealist 5th July 2013 4:44 am

Aha, so it's kind of like reinstalling Windows, after hitting the dreaded blue screen of death - being the month of July itself (;D I know I know, geek-speak!)

Interesting what you say about the stillness and silence, not many people, myself included, are comfortable with that. Silence can = a big yawning void, for many.

Carrying on with the theme of technology: constant internet, social networking, emails, mobiles, 24 hour TV and news, films on download, etc, in this day and age the whole concept of stillness and silence is quite "alien" - to switch off everything, you are left with your thoughts.... and yourself.

It brings old stuff rising to the surface, ones that were previously drowned out by the computer/TV, Facebook an twitter updates, etc lol. The silence can be deafening, foreboding, almost frightening, indeed.....but necessary.

Moral of the story, switch off to switch on??

jamye 5th July 2013 9:17 am

I am also a geek! I have a saying that there is a Star Trek episode for everything! 'Switch off to switch on...' I think that is a great way of putting it!


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