The Energies of July 2014

June Review

June finally felt like a smoother aspect of integration.  We have had a rather intense year of much energy stirring up, though it is much different energy than 2013.  While it felt intense in most of the first half of the year, June finally brought a sense of coming into balance.  This is the first year that I am feeling a strong sense that the two hemispheres of the earth are more united in flow; not an earth flow, but a human flow.  Energetically it feels less drastic in difference and more like a reflection that is connected.  Though an energetic shift like this can seem nebulous and inapplicable to living life, it will have great impact on the future.  Just as our brain hemispheres are coming into more congruent flow, so will the whole of humanity.  It will start becoming natural for humans to consider the broader picture (right brain) and the details to implement (left brain).  Though the domination energy is still rather prevalent on the world stage, it is a dying breed.  Co-operation energy will eventually replace it.  Just as we moved from feudal lords to the improvement of corrupt governments, we will move into an improvement of co-operative leadership.  As the influx of energies in June is foretelling, your state of balance and unity has reached a tipping point, though not necessarily a visible point.  As a Lightworker, keep your powerful electromagnetic focus on the unseen potentials that are building momentum.  All you need do is maintain your life and take action where the inspiration of creative change flows.

This tipping point of balance won’t necessarily mean that everything in your life will feel balanced to a state of perfection, it more means that you are becoming better adapted to the rapid pace of change and that you have released much of your old patterns that disrupted your easier flow with life.  If you aren’t feeling a sense of this balance, it will be helpful to intensify your focus on releasing what no longer serves you.  Late last year I said that there would be a lot of brain shift for humanity in 2014, which means that you have to become diligent in releasing mental patterns that are controlling you.  I am seeing saturation for many that are not implementing the personal responsibility of releasing thought perspectives that don’t support greater emotional and mental freedom (hence Empathics Anonymous!).   You create on the subtle realms (the powerful 99% of space/time) with your emotional and mental vibration.  Own yours and shift it to work for you instead of against you.  Focus, focus focus.

Focus pocus – poof! Life changes.  ;o) The real magic!

July Energies

This feeds right into July energies.  I just love how this year of personal empowerment is building!  I feel a lot of change in July, though it feels like internal change.  Though some may have distinct external changes, the general energy feels like one of new perspectives, allowing, accepting, directing focus, letting go of control and opening up to new possibilities.  This month doesn’t just feel like, ‘it would be nice if you would shift your perspective for more benefit;’ it feels more like shift or be shifted, possibly in uncomfortable ways.  That is always the way of it, either you participate in your change or change comes upon you eventually, that is the constant of change and the universe is benevolently orchestrating it with your Higher Self (YOU, in subtle form).  July feels like the mental/emotional personal responsibility training wheels are coming off, so learn to ride the bike now!  

Life is always supporting you to grow and yet you have to participate with your part of your growth.  As the recent LightBlasts have noted, your first action/participation is internal.  Find your internal mental and emotional flow that is more open to possibilities and less resistant to the external circumstances (which is just what has formed from the past).  Easy to say, but it requires devoted attention to what your mental patterns are tracking you into emotionally.  What tapes are repeating, what limiting expectations do you have about how others and circumstances will respond, what have you solidified as fact with your evidence gathering and devoted attention to how it cannot change?  Just easing your mental patterns with something like, “I don’t know how yet, but this can change for the better,” is a powerful opening to your energy field.  Something like, “My boss is joyful, respectful and appreciative of my work,” doesn’t open your energy field if you don’t believe it.  You end up creating more evidence for yourself of how your mental state doesn’t shift anything because you are trying to control your outside circumstances with avoidance of reality.  Do you see the middle road in there?  That space of open expanse where what was, is and can be meet?  That space is within you, it is subtle; not dense material form.  You first access it with your subtle energy (mental/emotional) finding resonance with it.  Shift your thought patterns and your emotional patterns will shift, too.  You’ll have access to creative energy rather than repetitive energy. 

Heart/Mind Balance

When the heart is open, you are connected, aware, excited, capable, confident, expansive in solution, wisely courageous and so much more.  An open heart is key to a balanced and strong mental space.  For some, the heart opening needs more immediate focus, for others the mental easing is more important and for others it is a balance of working both simultaneously.  Everyone needs a balance of both ultimately, it is just a matter of which doorway of the moment you are going through to reach your balanced heart/mind interaction.  It’s not a state of perfection, it’s a state of being that is responsive to the moment and conscious of the unseen impact on the future - creative!

In 2013 the empaths were strengthening.  When these energies roll in, it calls those of resonance into empowerment.  In the last few months I’ve been noticing some overwhelm for the empaths, so strengthening the heart/mind balance is essential.  Good boundaries strengthen you to participate fully in life, they help you balance caring for the self and others through the lens of empowerment for All rather than a quick fix in the moment.  We have been intensely working with the balancing of the heart/mind and this work continues with an easing from 2013 to 2014 in general.  Your sovereign choice creates unseen waves that build healthy boundaries, expand you and ripple into the lives of others.  Humanity continues to gradually move up in levels of personal responsibility for creativity.  Those on a path of enlightenment are held to it first. It can seem harsh, but it actually gets you on track when you're resisting.  It gets very uncomfortable there.  Preparation time is complete and you are now simultaneously implementing the new energies while continuing any necessary clean up of your energy field.

In Summary

July will call you to internal changes that initiate a new perspective and a new level of manifestation.  Your internal world is where you begin your creations and action is inspired from there.  Re-action is a fear response from the past.  When you shift your present perspective to an open potential, you feel better in the moment, you allow new information in and you shift your future.  In this month of 7, allow the wisdom of the past to support your strength in the present to maintain your internal focus for your future.  Your focus is powerful.  Focus pocus! ;o)

Have a great July!


Prettyclevergirl 5th July 2014 11:32 am

Thursday night I saw something amazing that made me more of a believer.I Was getting ready to go to sleep and turned off all the lights in my house.When I got to my room I saw this clear white smoky mist in the air.I got scared and checked my whole house to make sure but there was no evidence of fire.I then decided to go to bed a little scared. As I layed in my bed I continued to see this and it seemed like it was morphing into scary things. I got under the covers from head to toes terrified and fascinated. I gathered some courage and decided to look at it without being scared. I noticed its beauty and touched it. It twirled in the air with little dots of light. But the most amazing part was My husband sleeping next to me his light was sort of an amber color. I touched it and it flew straight into me. It was terrifying but peaceful. I could not sleep the whole night with this new view of the world. I feel like I have woken up though also like there is a stranger inside of me. This stranger seems to come out some moments. Im very sensitive to peoples energy now as if i was feeling it


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