The Energies of June 2014

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Expanded Balance – Polarity Integration

We are reaching the midpoint of 2014 and I am reading a new balance for June.  It hasn't been an easy place to reach, we have had some intense times lately.  That intensity isn't quite over, but I feel a bit of a reprieve in June, though quite a bit of activity.  June is a new level of expansion into polarity integration.  I am guided to frame this expanded balance specifically as ‘Free Movement’ and that makes sense.  Every time you take a step forward, you throw your body off balance, rebalance it and move forward.  It is so natural, you don’t even recognize the off balance of a step forward unless you are watching a child learn to walk (or a drunk adult!).  In fact, that imbalance can actually be very smooth and even lyrical.  The difference?  You are completely confident in your ability to navigate that imbalance.  You don’t start to take a step and wonder if it will work this time.  You don’t wonder about what other people are doing that may impede your ability to take a step, you just navigate around them.  You don’t doubt your ability to recover your balance.  You just adjust and continue forward.  In general, life is like that.  You learn new things and they become second nature.  It is a valuable functionality of the brain.  It habitualizes activities so that you can continue to expand.  In addition, when you are doing a rote activity, like driving the same route to work or brushing your teeth, your brain wave patterns are accessing a learning state, or an open state.  Often during these times are when you receive inspiration and solution.  Why?  Because you are somewhat relaxed and focused on something.  You are not resisting what is coming in and you aren’t so focused that you aren’t allowing it.  Within this space of openness, you have ‘Free Movement.’

Have you experienced some imbalance in your life that navigated at least fairly easily?  It may or may not have had some challenges to it, but those were more exciting rather than stagnating.  As you learn a new skill without debilitating mental pressure, you are teaching the brain, body and spirit what you are capable of and the natural cycle of learning, learned and learning again continues your expansion.  Your body system wisely integrates habitual behavior and yet you can also allow habit to stagnate you.  Enter awareness and choice!  Two powerful vehicles of Life!  Awareness gives you the data to make a choice from balance.  Choice moves you.  It is the step that temporarily throws you off balance as you instinctively find your balance again and again.

Free Movement

Free Movement is about being expanded rather than polarized so that you have a strong sense of freedom.  Freedom is an internal experience that each individual is learning to navigate as a separate being within a collective of humanity.  Freedom is being able to experience (whether in your life or in your awareness) challenge, limitation or fear and take a step beyond it into what it is potentiating into the future.  Your awareness begins to build it on the subtle realm, 99% of your reality.  Your choice begins to build it on the physical realm, 1% of your reality (a reflection of the atomic structure).  As you work with the powerful subtle realm, your thoughts and emotions, you are utilizing quantum movement that magnetizes form and experience into manifestation.  Empowerment and focus are key. 

So often the mental functionalities of humanity haven’t been stretched into creation, they are kept in reaction.  Look at the similarity in those two words.  Same letters yet creation starts with (what you) ‘c’, reaction stuffs (what you) ‘c’ in the middle.  As a Lightworker, you are choosing to illuminate rather than just receive whatever experience is being shined at you.  As you amplify the creative value of your mind, your emotions and your openness; you are elevating your electromagnetic resonance that draws form.  This functionality is expanded with forgiveness, letting go of controlling others and situations, patience and your courage to be unique and interact with life.  You are learning to focus beyond the moment with the power of Love, while being deeply present in the moment.  It is a fascinating ride!

Awareness and Choice

This month of Free Movement is calling you to awareness of things that polarize you into limited expansion.  Your discernment is an important factor.  Don’t let your internal wisdom be thwarted by believing that judging what is right or wrong for you is bad.  You are meant to analyze for your choice, which is different than defining or controlling right or wrong for another.  You are utilizing this exceptional material plane of diversity to exercise your creative skills. 

We have been through so much shift these past few months (years!!!!!!!!!!!!).  June is feeling like a time of action as you implement more expansion.  Are you getting used to the pace of this change?  Ascension is all about adaptability to change because we are learning to be open and fluid with Life as we create. The recent LightBlasts have focused on how your internal action is truly the first step.  You work with your subtle energy to find your internal balance and powerful Love and allow that quantum information to begin formation of your world.  From that balance you then choose your external action, your next step.  You observe the clues, or the response from life (what is forming) and refine your internal and external choice.  You’ll notice this next round of LightBlasts working to heal polarization and enhance awareness, focus and choice. 

Humanity is on a track of Ascension that is calling each individual to the internal empowerment that supports new creation – awareness, focus, mental acuity, choice, forgiveness, openness, easy flow and Love, Love, Love!  You are leading the way as you begin to honor and influence the subtle realm with your choice.  You are utilizing your free will and it will free others, too.  How exciting that humanity is beginning its freedom march!  You take the first step!

Happy June!


keryndawer 4th June 2014 12:03 am

Perfect Jamye, once again! Your weekly LightBlasts make me feel so supported, reassuring me that I'm progressing on my Ascension/Spiritual path...and, as Emmanuel D. suggested, I may even have learned my lessons (some of them at least!) and be graduating now. Getting in touch with my Heart and learning to make decisions/take action from a place of Unconditional Love has truly changed everything for me. Life has become much simpler. And yes, I've had to contend with others questioning my actions as they don't follow the well-worn patterns, but I don't even mind, I'm THAT confident in the Wisdom of my Heart (and I'm happy to talk about it!). As you wrote, I do already see how my actions are freeing everyone:

"You are utilizing your free will and it will free others too"

...and this is fantastic :) :) :)

Your teaching, spiritual guidance and intuitive wisdom have brought me to this truly wonderful place. Thank you Jamye.



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