The Energies of March 2012

February brought a lot of stirring of issues (drama, anyone?) and March won’t necessarily feel settled, but it should feel more stable, positive and definitely different, because change is anchoring both personally and collectively.  As a Lightworker you are exemplifying a new way of Being, and that entails a new vibratory Beingness.  The changes require a mental readjustment into the Truth of unity consciousness that overrides the authority and habits of out-of-balance ego.  Your internal strength is the foundation that the new world is built upon as the singular human that you are becomes a valuable creative force of Love united with All Life. 

In March, as you focus your mental state toward Love, you will find creative support flowing plentifully.  So often we associate creativity with creating some-thing.  Creativity is creating Life, and Life is everything from the spark of a smile to the release of a tear; both reflect Light beautifully.  As you experience the sacred in each moment of creation, that foundation of Love fosters more growth in the resonance of Love.  It’s a like cell in your body that is created in an environment of full nutrition (emotional/mental is what informs your chemical environment in the physical).  That cell is vibrant and supremely capable of working with the system of your body to continue great health. 
Major themes for March - mental focus (yes, again) for manifestation and self-nurturance.  The second chakra aligned with heart balance is emerging in March.  We are continuing to balance the Divine masculine and feminine within so that our two creative forces are in equilibrium and creation is formed in the grace of equality.  The March equinox portends this.  Ascension requires this balance.  The balance is different for each person, thus the importance of discernment and autonomy. 

The Astrology

Mars is retrograde in Virgo (1/24 - 4/14) and Saturn is retrograde in Libra (2/7 - 6/25).  These are two intense planets of change.  Mars retrograde in Virgo energy is a good time to review changes needed in our health and environment, though you may feel challenged with implementing action.  The retrograde movement may highlight areas requiring more attention to how we are supporting ourselves mentally and physically.  Saturn retrograde in Libra is showing us the injustices in the world around us and teaching us to balance the ‘injustices’ within.  Victimhood, judgment and denial are being squeezed out, pushing us to more empowerment with our energetic balance.  Integrating the judgments that separate is imperative.  The high road has been feeling like a cliff lately and that leap of faith into Love is calling.
Mercury goes retrograde in Aries and Pisces (3/12 – 4/4) offering us a review of Self and All.  This is a perfect time to fine tune your communication with yourself, which is where communication with the Whole begins.  As you become completely honest with yourself (our sweet, sweet ego keeps us ‘protected’ from hard truths about ourselves) your communication with others changes.  You observe imbalance with less judgment and reaction because you have forgiven and released your own fears and self-judgments.  When there is nothing left to trigger within, the outer becomes a peaceful experience, no matter what is ocurring.  The drama of others does not become your own.  The Pisces influence on a retrograde Mercury will help us connect deeply and get still enough (not necessarily an Aries strength!) to hear the whisper of Truth and inner/interconnection. 
The full moon in Virgo on 3/8 reflects our ability to engage with detailed and conceptual reality.  It’s important to notice the forest and the trees!  As we become multidimensional beings, our mental focus is amped up to a high level of movement that numbness and denial do not support.  Being neutral and astute to the Whole Truth is heart/mind integration in action.  This Pisces sun and Virgo moon alignment is a great opportunity for that balance. 
On 3/22 the new moon in Aries (at 2 degrees 22') heralds spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere.  As day and night meet in equilibrium for a moment, they continue their ascent/descent; ever balanced over the cycles of time.  Aries initiates change so this new moon is our leaf bursting forth to begin new life (north) or providing sustenance to continue life (south).  We return to the theme of March, balance for full creative flow.

In Summary

We had some bumps in February that should be smoother in March, but don’t expect 2012 to calm to a stillpoint.  You can though!  March (and Saturn in Libra) supports more mental balance rather than polarity, which means a leading heart - not a bleeding heart or a closed heart.  The pace seems to speed as you align with Love because the natural momentum of form is free to bond strongly in a neutral environment.  You are that neutral environment.  Balancing your Divine masculine/feminine polarity is important.  In June, Venus transits the sun just after an eclipse cycle.  This will be an important turning point and you are preparing now.  Stand strong in your power (LOVE!) and Know that All is Well. 

Link to the Light Language video for March 2012


COBALT 5th March 2012 9:53 am

"When there is nothing left to trigger within, the outer becomes a peaceful experience, no matter what is ocurring.". Lovely truth.

zorro 5th March 2012 7:48 pm

Beautiful, and all so true! ?

Thank you, Jamye.

zorro 5th March 2012 8:04 pm

I just viewed your video, and I have one more comment after viewing it.

"Allowing your creative flow forward"
"Allowing your creative flow forward"
"Allowing your creative flow forward"

I am so with you you, soul sister!

jamye 8th March 2012 4:03 pm

Thanks, Cobalt!

jamye 8th March 2012 4:04 pm

Thanks, Zorro! Flow it forward!

Rainbow Princess 11th March 2012 3:46 pm

Thank You! Love this message! :thumbs:


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