The Energies of May 2014

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April Review

I love to watch how a year builds.  I was shown 2014 as the year of empowerment and the energies each month have seemed to develop that in wonderful ways.  The year began with the energy of release in January, mental strength in February and heart courage and creativity in March and April.  Humanity is coming into a time of more creative magnificence.  Rather than believing we are powerless unless enough (often oppositional) action is taken, which creates wars of infinite type and time, we are beginning to understand the power of our hearts and minds.  Rather than rebuking one or the other, or even both as you observe some crazy logic and passion ruling, we are embracing both and aligning them for the greater good.  A heart that Loves easily is a strong unifier.  A mind that focuses clearly is a strong definer, refiner and magnifier.  In this energy we bond our own life into form and the world around us.  It’s a beautiful engine of Life.
We had a bit of a rough ride in April astrologically, but that can create some astonishing change.  It often takes time for change to build into something tangible.  This throws many off the path of focus that speeds form.  It is much easier to get distracted by the noise in life, rather than to listen to the quiet voice within.  April stirred up a lot of deep wounds that could use the healing Light of your focus!  The Cardinal Grand Cross sandwiched in between an eclipse cycle was a grand catalyst for healing.  At the second eclipse, I felt an energy of impending change that seems rather positive.  It felt like turning a corner, not just a minor change.  Now look for the clues of the improvement that are building and focus on it with your laser Love! 

May Energies

I am shown May as the month of The Inner Spirit.  After the somewhat intense flame of March and April, we are left with a sweet flame that burns steadily and gently to warm from within.  Courage and passion (March and April energies) often burn brightly.  They may flame out, having sucked all the oxygen out of a room; or they may instigate something into a new form.  Fire is a transmuter, it changes things rapidly and initiates something new.  When you honor fire, you utilize it to ignite, warm and transmute with the wisdom of an empowered heart/mind.  Both courage and passion are valuable, and yet they grow into an understanding and a compelling that continues their energy in a new form.  This is The Inner Spirit.  The gentle, unending flame of Love that softly lights a path, that calls a focus, the area around it not quite clearly visible.  You are that Inner Spirit, encouraging and compelling Life into the clarity of form. 
An exciting component I was noticing at the end of April is mental control in its death throes.  This energy of releasing mental disruption will continue for awhile, and at a different pace for each person, but I’m glad to see it coming into a new level of release.  Remember how things like this change, first you have a fleeting experience of it, then it happens more often and for longer durations until it is finally a natural part of your life.  When you really begin to live love in your life, your mind flows with that current.  It is less (to not) susceptible to outer control, manipulation or force.  This is hard for many to imagine because they can’t see past the outer experience that seems insolvable in front of them.  That’s understandable.  This is why it takes effort, practice and time to implement true mental and emotional change in your life.  It’s not the easy road, many choose distraction and addiction rather than the effort of internal change.  Bless you for your courage, Lightworker!
When you honor The Inner Spirit, you are appreciating the quiet warmth of connection, observing life through the calm, masterful gaze of welcome change.  You appreciate the shadows that are exposed and embraced into the light.  The Inner Spirit is the courage to allow, the courage to choose, the courage to hold a loving boundary that serves empowerment rather than the ease of the moment.  The Inner Spirit forgives easily, for there is a knowing of the potential beyond the moment and an invisible disruption to your life and the matrix of humanity and All Life on Earth when your energy field is discordant with anger, resentment and victimhood.  The Inner Spirit will walk into the darkest room and shine a Light that illuminates.  Angels don’t fear to tread anywhere, that’s how strong the Inner Spirit is.  Strong enough to allow, strong enough to answer the call to Love.  That’s true empowerment; a balance of the duality we see here on Earth through allowing and directing Love in its many facets. 

In Summary

May has the energy of unleashing our empowerment through the inner focus.  To me, this has always been the path of Ascension – each of us becoming empowered within, discerning, choosing, perceiving for ourselves while allowing and teaching others to do the same through example.  It’s a nebulous formula and yet it must be solved within, although through interaction with Life.  The paradox.  In May more courage, more mental release/heart opening, more calm within. You’re worth the effort.

Happy May!


LauriLumby 5th May 2014 11:19 am

"instigate something into new form." AMEN TO THAT! And, as I am discovering, "When you least expect it, expect it." AND "expect the unexpected!" I am absolutely dumbfounded by the new form that seems to be initiating in my life.....something I thought long ago to be dead, seems to be rising from the dead in a way that is completely unexpected. It only feels a little bit disconcerting ;) as my mind tries to make sense of it appropriate that you sense is of May being the death-throes of the mind trying to be in control! If my own experience is any way reflective.....the mind is not happy about its death! ;)

Thank you Jayme!

Lauri Lumby

jamye 5th May 2014 5:21 pm

Hi Lauri, I'm glad to hear things are resurrecting! Good timing after Easter!

Tommy light heart 6th May 2014 6:22 am

Beautiful way to explain the turmoils in a partner relationship.

jamye 6th May 2014 7:22 pm

Yes, thank you, Tommy. I believe Mars has been retrograde in Libra, too. Intense but worth the effort.


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