The Energies of November 2012

October Review

Movement picked up in October and while there was still chaos and challenge, it began to have a positive foundation for the sensitives that feel collective energy.  It was a collective month, meaning big changes were underpinning all action and there are many behind-the-scenes energies clicking into place.  The storm that raged through Haiti, Cuba and the east coast of the United States (and affected Canada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas & the Dominican Republic) is a collective challenge that offers the opportunity for new structures to assemble.  Frankly some of the most powerful Lightworkers get handed the hardest work, just as 9/11 impacted New York, so did this big storm.  Haiti continually seems to be in the path of storms.  I know it is little relief in a time like this, but thank you for your service.  Natural disasters like this are a difficult release point that shows those in the thick of it what they’re made of and those that witness it from afar the depth of their compassion.  There is benevolent reason why we suffer and why we don’t all suffer at once.  The interaction of the human experience is it’s manifestation of change.  Are you embracing the collective challenges and triumphs alike?  Energetically we are all moving into much more courage and focus. 
In October the Indigo indignation found its unity.  They may or may not know it yet, but they are uniting on an etheric level that is guiding their synchronicities to unprecedented proportions.  They have always been uniters that find a way to break down the old and sew unity into the fabric of life.  The old structures don’t like it, they vilify it, they hide it from the masses and they try to legislate against it.  But the Indigos have moved to a new level of unity and the changes are about to begin.  Be patient.  Be focused.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but it is coming.  They are starting to recognize that the only way through the changes is within them.  New structures are coming and they will build them.  Globally.  Government won’t be the same, but you won’t see that in November.  First the old falls, but more on that later.
The Crystal beings are beginning to come out of their sensitivity into more balance of strength.  They weren’t meant to break down the old structures and get in the trenches, they were meant to foresee and amplify the building phase.  Just as a crystal would be used, they are scrying the future and directing, amplifying, encoding and storing the future within their energetic field of communication.  They are beginning to understand their place within the changes that are afoot, and they no longer will be feeling as afraid about it.  It takes strong boundaries that keep you from soaking in every negative vibe empathically yet stay open enough to experience life fully, even if some of it is ‘negative.’
See how these two types of people (this means you!) were meant to work together?  No one is pure indigo or crystal being, and there is not just two types of people, it is a combined spectrum of energy just like our masculine and feminine energies are.  These are just two attributes that have grown into necessity through the earth changes, which are natural changes through the ages of energy expression.  Your only job is to understand yourself and live life fully in alignment with your passions that bring you joy.  A Crystal being may do that through working with technology and healing that improves life for all.  An indigo being may do that through working in government or healthcare to expose and improve the systems that don’t support life.  It’s a slower and quieter process than war, but it is certainly more effective. 
Also in October a silent collective change is occurring with money control.  It has been dominated by out-of-balance masculine energy and that time is coming to a close.  The energetics were released in mid-October and we will begin to see a shift in the equality of money.  Remember energy isn’t always as cut and dry as male body or female body, and any kind of imbalance offers a gift of shift.  These shifts take time to manifest in this dimension as the old fall and the new replaces it.  As masculine energy dominated money, it became an energy that controlled people rather than the energy exchange it was meant to be.  Look for the exposure and reworking of these systems coming soon.  As a Lightworker your job is to hold the vision of a fair energy exchange system and work on your own internal issues about money.  If you are resentful of it as a system of exchange, you are holding yourself apart from a benevolent system that has been manipulated by greed for power.  Forgiveness for those that have abused it throughout time brings an open flow into your internal system.  As you vibrate with Love in relation to the system, the system changes.  Your quantum influence is needed in these times of change. 
October opened a lot of energy flow that is a building phase, though there will be much falling.  For those that understand change, which is imperative to the Ascension process, you are secure in knowing that you can create the Golden Age with your unique skills and focus.  Survival is something that everyone deals with, perspective just changes the experience of it.  An empowered and positive perspective is not head-in-the-sand, it’s feet firmly planted and observing everything around you astutely until it’s time to move into action.  Is it time for you to move?

November Energies

There are two main directives for November, energy is ‘clicking into place,’ and, ‘the consumption begins.’  We will discus both in detail.  You know this has been occurring before now; it just begins a collective momentum, though not everyone will have the same experience.  Your unique perspective is important as you choose within to release what is not serving you and activate (take action – be it in thought, word or deed) what will assist your highest path of destiny.  Starseeds and Elementals are ‘clicking into place’ this month.  Your multidimensional heritage is coming online more and more, with November being a turning point.  We’ve moved to a new level of creativity and the elemental and starseed energies are activating (wonder twins!).  What this means is that your main proclivities of energy resonance will be opening you to further manifestation.  Not everyone has strong elemental energy, some are more galactic or angelic and most are a mix.  As a quick note, the angelics come with a mission to hold and support energy, so they usually have no doubt about their path, they just do it.  You find them quite often in childcare and nursing, to name a few.  While they are important and you are most likely part of that energy, the energies this month are focused on Starseeds and Elementals.
For those with an Elemental bond, you will notice that the Elven ones will bring forth more of the sciences of the natural world and quantum physics, as well as working with Earth timelines and cycles.  Those of fairy essence will teach of connection with nature, animals and your inner voice that creates along side the natural world.  The other energies of Leprechaun and even Ogres (yes, they are real in another dimension) will be showing us fun with creativity and looking into the heart of all and accepting them into the great clan of Life on Earth.  All are valuable, unique and real energies, and you are as mixed in your heritage as are the peoples of Earth.

Galactic energy is recognized by a longing toward the stars and a feeling of obligation toward changing life on earth at a rapid pace.  They are bold, charismatic, intense and sometimes ensnared by drugs, music or sex – any strong sensual activities or group identities.  Whereas the elementals tended to pull back and cocoon, the galactics tended to dive into life and tear it up!    Very few are pure one way or the other, and this is merely a brief overview of the energies that make up Lightworkers.  Can you see the Indigo/Galactic and Crystal/Elemental correlation?  Most of you probably feel a bit drawn to all the energies as you are old souls indeed.  You will know you are on track with your path of destiny when it feels mostly exciting to you instead of burdensome.  If it is feeling difficult seek healing, meditate, connect with nature and reset your focus to a positive perspective that you believe, not just empty words.  Your Light is needed to anchor the new. 
November marks a turning point in our evolution as cosmic citizens as we begin the ascent into 5D living.  This takes courage and focus.  The galactics are realizing the ‘return’ is within and the elementals are realizing that life on Earth can be a joyful experience.  You are a powerhouse that has chosen and been chosen for human experience in this time of great change.  You have evolved and prepared for this time through millennia of multidimensional experience.  In November you will be pressed to maintain your creative focus on what is ‘clicking into place’ and your courage with what is ‘being consumed.’  Not an easy task, yet your Indigo/Galactic and Crystal/Elemental nature is supporting your shift.  What does this look like in your life?  Alongside survival is creation, alongside challenge is strength.  If you are in alignment with your destiny, you are clicking into place with your creation and strength to endure the survival and challenge with relative grace.  Have you noticed the difference?  Are you more at ease with what is being released (consumed) in your life?  Are you more able to handle doing what must be done without resentment?  Do you balance confrontation with silent observance until the impetus to act is inspired?  Do you seek gratitude in every experience as soon as possible?  Gratitude is an energy that creates flow, easy release and increased activation.  It’s a powerful form of Love. 
In November we are going to begin to see an increase in the falling of the old structures.  This isn’t a tragic situation, it’s a necessary transition.  Scorpio energy is great for that and we will have plenty of it.  We already have structures forming that we can emulate, such as the economic changes in Iceland.  The Indigos and Crystals will start changing structures from within (this means you!) – both from within the structures and within the self.  War is going to stop being a viable means of economy, and that will begin with the soldiers (those Indigos!).  First, corruption will be exposed.  You will be surprised at some of the corporate leaders that will begin wanting more equality for All Life.  It's already beginning, it just isn't too visible.  More people will start to wake up and it won’t be such a bad thing.  Maybe a few will be crabby…

The Astrology

Intensity is in the skies for November. Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio from 11/6-11/26.  Observe your communication and seek balance with speaking up and being quietly wise.  Sagittarius is the collective fire sign and is great at causes (like!) and Scorpio is the bold water sign that will go deeper than anyone has dared before.  While Jupiter and Uranus are still retrograde all month, Neptune will go direct in Pisces on 11/11.  The 11/11 is a powerful day in its own right as the gates of Mastery open to a new arena.  Add Neptune’s direct turn as we leave the age of Pisces and we have some powerful water movement.  Pisces is the collective water sign and can either stay balanced in seeing the unseen possibility or get stuck in the illusion.  You are benefited by the Sagittarius and Scorpio influence of this time as you find your voice and release your fears so that you are less influenced by the media focus. 
On 11/13 we have a solar eclipse during the new moon in Scorpio. With our north node now in Scorpio, Mercury retrograde and Saturn in Scorpio, this is a powerful time to review and renew your Scorpio energies.  Scorpio rules sexuality, transformation, regeneration and death.  This new moon eclipse will be a perfect time to dive deep into your own fears and transform them into exciting courage.  Expect what is hidden to be revealed as the dark, which relies on separation, is released into the Light.  Be fearless!  On 11/28 the full moon in Gemini is a lunar eclipse that will mark a turning point for our perception, communication and information flow.  You become even more responsible for the energy you are emitting and receiving.  Let your Light lead and the creation will be born in Love, which connects and vitalizes Life. 


In November you are becoming a celestial citizen that is either consciously or unconsciously aligning with your cosmic responsibility for ascension.  With an Elemental perspective you energetically assist humanity, Gaia and all her inhabitants.  You begin to change the way people interact with food, water, air and the cycles of earth and ultimately cosmic life.  With a Galactic perspective you are moving energy and structures into a new form of interaction with the systems of the cosmos.  You are creating a foundation that supports constant growth and change is established in a way that supports All Life, not the separative system of haves and have-nots.   Whatever your unique energy mix of Indigo/Galactic and/or Crystal/Elemental and /or Angelic is, you are being called to your full potential.  In November we begin to see the swing of energy ramping up as the intensity of flow is increasing.  While life still has its challenges, your perception of benefit and your focus of transformation begins to anchor the Golden Age into reality.  This November, embrace your inner courage and F.O.C.U.S.  on the new world that you are creating, even in the midst of the releasing of the old world.  It’s been a great ride! 
Have a great November!


Sandra Smyre 5th November 2012 8:52 am

Powerful post! Are we ready or what? I'm all in and raring to go. This is such a challenging and exciting time. Thank you for your continued dedication and helpfulness to so many of us. In LoveLight, Sandra :smitten:

jamye 5th November 2012 10:57 am

Thank you, Sandra! Woohoo!!! It is an exciting and challenging time!

queens4freedom 5th November 2012 5:16 pm

amazing grace! i thank GOD for bringing you into my life at this time. i thank you for the wisdom you share and the hope and confidence it instills in me in perfect DIVINE TIME!!! much love and blessings, angelique

jamye 5th November 2012 5:55 pm

Thank YOU, Angelique! I appreciate your support! Keep up the great Earth Angel work!

kay 11th November 2012 2:23 pm

I love this article!! Thank you, Jamye.

lorir1 11th November 2012 5:55 pm

Thank you Jamye for this fabulous message. It's one of the best ones I've read on Spirit Library. You are truly a leader among lightworkers. The message is clear, now is the time. We all need to step up and do our best, give our best, be our best.

I love the idea that we are being challenged, just not all in the same way or at the same time, and the lessons are widespread for all of us. We may be practicing empathy and compassion or action-taking and perseverance. We all have different roles to play, and it's not about what other people are doing, it's finding our particular role and playing it to our best.

Blessings to you and Thank you,


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