The Energies of September 2011

What the August?

Wow.  That was a ride.  I would call it a purging by fire.  We burned through a lot of ancient energy.  I was amazed at the cycles that were coming to an end and patterns that are now available for more complete understanding so that new creation is uninhibited by unspoken fear.  You may have noticed relationship was on the plank for many.  Wherever your core wound (or core wound combo) was with relationship, August presented you with the opportunity for release - family, a love mate, religion, earth survival, etc.; August fueled the fire of transformation.  You may not have experienced a story behind it, and you may not yet be seeing the results of the release.  Perhaps you noticed the fatigue, a need for more food on certain days, emotions that had no reason in your day-to-day experience, body temperature changes, odd gravity and spinning experiences or other physical symptoms, especially the head & neck aches.   We are in a time of compression, which could also be called a time of focus.  Appreciate the ‘pressure’ and allow it to be a (more) gentle nudging by going within and listening to your heart for guidance.  Allow that still voice to become the most important, for it is your connection to Truth.  All have it, but not all listen.

In mid to late-ish August we entered a void space. When you unlock core wound doorways, you open to new and increased Love Flow and your new vibration now demands a radically different future. It’s always the way of it, but when it’s as huge a release as it was in August, you notice the tempo change. Things that were moving ahead at a regular pace, or normally would be easy to progress, stalled. When the void space comes, it is a time of stillness that serves to allow the new energy to line up, as a new track has now clicked into place but isn’t fully operational yet. It is a time of trust since the normal pace of life has mysteriously slowed. Our relationship with Time will begin to change more over these next months.

The Outer Change Begins 

September will not be much slower.  We transition from the internal purging of August into the coding of September. They are never truly separate, for they are the circling cause and effect of one another.  Endings and beginnings always overlap and influence each other. Coding and activation could be used interchangeably, but September will have more of a preparation and participation feel to it rather than full throttle operation.  Coding is like a portal of release and activation, and it is both individual and collective.  Collectively we have many levels of connection, from self to family, community, country, gender, etc.  Our individual coding enhances our personal signature that expresses as our preference of interaction with the collective.  We have intelligently designed set-ups that trigger creative solution for our perceptions that blocked our individual Full Flow.  Relationship teaches us through interaction.  This month we begin to form new bonds and build new programs that support this new foundation of Full Flow.  Full Flow is a function of Love.  That begins within.
September is a month of 9 (completion), and yet at its root (sept-) is 7 (uniting link).  This speaks to the continuation of completion, as you may notice that September has more of a preparation energy.  What are you preparing for in this month of 9 and the year of 4?  You are bringing into form that which supports the Great Change, heralded through the ages.  You are the Initiated, initiating.  Empowerment is your choice.  How clear, how penetrating, how precise is your Heart Light, such that the expansion from singularity radiates out and encompasses All?  September beckons you to focus on the bonds you are building within yourself and with others.  Do they support your Full Flow?  Full Flow – Love of self, others and All Life.  If you can’t yet see a win/win, focus until you shine your Light upon the wisdom solution that serves All Life.  That is the power that resides within you.

The Call of Venus

Relationship was prominent in August partly because of the call of Venus, this will continue in September and beyond.  The Divine Feminine within All is seeking to express its beauty, to nurture and be nurtured.  What potential awaiting birth within you has not been nurtured with a Mother’s Love?  Venus is the planet of transformation through elevation and beauty, through nourishing the soul.  She is beckoning you to find the strength and beauty within, not only yourself, which is of utmost importance; but in all life – including struggle, meanies and lack.  Nourish it all with your lullaby that sings the innocent to safe slumber, that calms the beast, that awakens the memory of Galactic Family. Venus transits in front of our sun in June of 2012, so this potent time is preparing us for the second transit of the Goddess as she reawakens powerfully within all of us.  As you attune to your needs and nurture yourself, you’ll find a symbiotic support system that responds to your Love Flow.

The Moon

On 9/12 we have a full moon in Pisces.  Here we stand between the reflective emotion of watery Pisces and the pragmatic perceptions of earthy Virgo.  Both of these signs are rather thoughtful for non-air signs.  They tend to analyze quite a bit, Pisces being more internal/emotional with it and Virgo being more goal-oriented/structural with it.  Much of our work in early 2011 was aligning the mind with the heart so that we are feeling thoughtfully and thinking wholeheartedly.  This full moon will bring compassion to the fore, so be sure that your boundaries are serving your strength and flexibility and the Whole will benefit.  On 9/27 we have a Libra new moon.  Libra is ruled by Venus.  This is an important reset point following the Equinox, so take a moment to honor this profound moon cycle within.  We meet here at the quiet moment of ending and beginning to hear the song of our heart, hear the cosmic pulse of Love and remember that improvement is inbuilt with the flow of Life.  Know this moment of silence is a resting point as the seed is breaking free of the shell.  All shell will break loose!  ;o)  

The Equinox

Balance.  Equal day and night.  Action and rest.  Though in the modern world it’s easy to overlook the cycles, they are still part of us.  In this moment of harvest, ripe with action and celebration, how will you pause for Earth?  On 9/23 take a moment to observe your balance and embrace the tipping point into the next season/cycle.  Here we are busy within the final season before the deepening in the northern hemisphere or the expansion in the southern hemisphere.  Savor this time of change with the rhythm of communion.  Communion is how we learned to prepare for winter and utilize the growth of summer better.  Expand, rebalance, contract, rebalance.  Growth.  The cycle continues.

The Renewing Retrogradations

Before we talk retrogrades, our Cardinal Grand Cross finally pulled apart in August.  Since June we’ve been challenged to our core to expand by choice or push.  Uranus is still squaring Pluto, so expect continued changes.  Uranus continues its retrograde in Aries (7/10-12/10) as we boldly liberate the Self, thereby liberating the Whole.  Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn (4/9-9/16), our collective earth sign, destroying the old and preparing the foundation for the new structures that are not yet visible.  You see it all around the world.  Some of it goes more smoothly than others, yet it all requires courage.  Have you been finding that within?  Pluto goes direct on 9/16.  Rebirth.  Watch for the signals and go with the freedom flow, for there will be much beginning to form.  Your focus will depend on your ability to listen to your heart and sing that loud and proud.  Your action, and this is a time of action, that emerges from the heart will have your soul signature upon it.  Our soul is where the Self meets the Whole.    

The Reminding Retrogradations

Jupiter is retrograde in Taurus (8/30-12/25) reminding us that Life on earth is sharing, loving, benevolent and exciting.  Jupiter is The Expander; that requires courage and optimism.  Taurus is a wonderful earthy energy to remind us of the benefit of expansion in an abundant and stable environment.  The persistence and nurturance required to create that foundation is benefited by slowing down for a bit and carefully crafting a win/win plan.  For the Self and the Whole.  That is done in the sweet embrace of hope, for Taurus knows the season of flowers is never too far away.  Even winter has its natural beauty, all life rooting deeper for the next cycle of Light.
Neptune is retrograde in Aquarius (6/3-11/9).  6-3; 11-9.  This is a deep code.  Do you feel the reversal happening?  Do you see the reflection?  Do you see the Age of Pisces giving way to the Age of Aquarius?  369 is a circular reference of the unseen Whole and 11 is a core message of Truth in form.  11/9 is an important number.  The tides turn, the wave of compassion reaches land.  Your Light shines the path.  Neptune gives shore footing to the Age of Aquarius.  The cycle of illuminating begins its completion and the illumin-ation begins.  –ation is a suffix that indicates a verb has become a noun.  It is becoming tangible enough to form.  The doing becomes being.  Creation continues.  You know that the illuminating hasn’t always been pretty or easy.  We go deep, fearlessly deep.  In September we go deeper still.  Compassion isn’t the easy path, it’s the warrior path.  In September we remember.  We remember that courage is the force of Love and Love is the Truth of All Life.  We came here to remember.  Now bring that verb into form.


This month of 9 is the ingress of what came before and what forms after.  Overall, I experience this as a month of coding, which means preparation.  We are still releasing, activating, choosing, focusingfocusingfocusing and preparing.  Change is here. Begin to build this new world in your heart.  Bring your soul signature into form by sharing your Love with the world around you.  It’s a smile, it’s a compassionate no, it’s a cheek turned to a new perspective, sometimes as you walk away.  It’s the courage to shine a light in dark places.  Your courage is the courage to Love, in all its beneficial forms. Have a Sweet September.


zorro 30th August 2011 6:55 am

All of this is right on the money, Jamie... Relationship mashups, clearing, hurricane. All of it. The skies are opening for us. FLOW is the name of the game, and fear is the waning (for some at least). So don't hold back. It's a new game out there, so it would be a shame if we didn't show up for it, since we were created for these days. And if you haven't noticed, "It's a wonderful life." George Bailey got his flow back after everything turned upside down for him. After a lifetime of helping others and exhausted he stood by the bridge the epitome of negativity and pessimism, ready to jump, and then it turned for him. Our true friends value us more than any of us realize, and there is nothing to whine or feel glum about. Let's not lose the joy in what these times mean. "Ding"... I wonder what that bell means?


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