The Energies of September 2014

August Review

August had a poignant intensity to it.  July brought much internal change.  It may have looked like challenge or opportunity, but either way required a new level of empowerment to say yes to your progress.  While I read the energy of August as galactic remembrance, what that really meant was again, a new level of empowerment with your progress.  The stories of your cosmic past are inconsequential, for they are written in your present moment.  Yet to connect with the awareness of your vastness and your eternal nature augments your progress for it amplifies your empowerment.  As you integrate your past into empowerment, you change your present, which changes your future.  The beauty of awareness.  It empowers.

There were some interesting shifts I observed through August.  What I saw through much of it was a courage to endure a deeper level of change.  In comparison to July, August still felt like a lot of internal change but a new foundation of peace was available.  Peace is another way of saying neutrality, empowerment, detachment, patience, empowering/unconditional Love.  Peace is the key to a stable foundation of change.  Just as the neutral neutron adds stability to the growth of form, so does your peace add stability to the constant change that is ongoing in Life.  The past, present and future merge well with your creative force through the stability of peace.  Peace is your choice in each moment, though peace is not a monotone of no reaction.  It is a melody of exhilarating or easy interaction. 

September Energies

September simultaneously feels like a culmination and a new beginning, the paradox coming into a focus of form.  Overall the energy feels like healing the self, which really means more internal change, choice and a new level of empowerment.  Yay!?!  It takes focus to really change.  Otherwise (other than wise?!) it is a new façade on an old problem.  These are the times when the courage that you cultivated to a new level in July and August really become helpful.  It is also the culmination of your empowered Love really coming into a useful functionality as you interact with Life with a new level of Truth.  Exciting times, indeed.

Focus is a key component of Ascension.  As a Lightworker you are being continually called to focus on a new level of awareness.  It is what leads to interaction with a new level of Life.  As you look beyond the obvious, you ‘see’ the unformed potential, you illuminate new possibility into form.  This is the power of forgiveness and the power of Love to embrace you into new strength.  It takes your focus as you give power to the new earth emerging.  That is your power to create.  In this way, September feels like a culmination because we are moving into a new level of empowerment that has been building not only through these past few months, but the past few years, the past few lives, etc.  Cycles within cycles culminating, which indicates a new beginning. 

Beginnings aren’t always abrupt and September does not feel abrupt.  Most often beginnings overlap with endings.  Kind of like how you find a new place to live, then you stay in the old place while you pack or when you find a new job and you stay at the old one for a few weeks to tie up loose ends.  And maybe eat cake.  The celebration is something that you can find with focus. 

There can be a frustration with change that it isn’t happening fast enough or in the way you want.  The peace that passes all understanding is a high level of spiritual embodiment.  Change is constant.  You are an engine of Life continuing, therefore, desire is part of your nature as it ignites change.  Your work is to be peaceful with your desires so that you have the stability to manifest them.  Focus is imperative to that peace, as you must often look beyond the obvious, sometimes painful present circumstance, into the potential of new solution.  Courage and peace become synonymous.  Will that be your September?

Divine Feminine Energies

I am seeing some interesting movement with Divine Feminine energy, it is being shown to me as a return of the Egyptian priestess energy.  Those who are reincarnated from Egyptian life cycles are stepping into their beneficial power more.  Of course, all of this is a bit ironic as the craziest-yet terrorist group is known by the name of an Egyptian Goddess.  That group could be a vastly different topic of its own.  Suffice to say, the extreme of masculine domination out-of-balance is actually an indicator of ripe change.

Egypt was a powerful part of Atlantean history, and today it maintains our energetic connection with that past.  Egypt, from its Atlantean roots, holds our key to masculine dominance out of balance.  It was not the only location, it is just our collective keypoint.  It holds for us the trigger/release to the suppression of the Divine Feminine.  This is in every person, male or female.  Observe the intent of energy beneath the surface and you will see much of this Atlantean/Egyptian imbalance healing, even within the Lightworker community. 

As we each heal our own energy, we are adding to the critical mass of the healing of humanity.   That means working through ego out-of-balance like too dominant/rigid or too submissive/worthless to name a few aspects.  As Lightworkers amp up their focus and strength and take action on it, the world changes from being dominated by those that want to keep the old ways of separation and domination going, to those that are ready to support the connection and Ascension of humanity.  That’s you.         

In Summary

September is a month of endings and beginnings, as you heal yourself to another expanse of empowerment.  What are you ready to let go?  Perhaps you will let go of fear, anger or pain that is holding you back from shining your Light more fully.  What are you willing to risk?  Perhaps you will risk finding out that your strengths and weaknesses are not so different after all, because they both support your expansion into empowerment.  As we move into the month of balancing between harvest from our work (growth) and rooting deeper for a new level of expansion, appreciate what is ending and beginning in your life.  You are the fulcrum point of change, the exciting balance of imbalance that continues the ride of life.  Enjoy the ride!


keryndawer 6th September 2014 2:31 am

You really captured the energies of July/August and now September very much as I have experienced them Jamye (as per usual!) I definitely feel courage and peace becoming synonymous. I am indeed living "Life with a new level of Truth", making brave choices with my empowered Love. Your messages/channels have helped me tremendously to make the gradual "upgrade" from my belief in "unconditional love and compassion" to actually practicing it (fearlessly) in my daily life. And yes, this courage brings the ultimate peace. Bless you Jamye for your wisdom and guidance.


jamye 6th September 2014 8:47 am

That is awesome, Keryn! Thank you so much for sharing! Sweet blessings to you!


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