The Energy of August 2014

July Review

Internal changes, indeed!  Isn’t Ascension fun?  I had a dream in July where I came from a lovely, deep sleep floating in the ocean and then I began speaking to students in a classroom.  I said, “There are fun parts of Ascension and parts that suck.  Let’s talk about the parts of Ascension that suck!” :o)  Eloquent! I had said I was feeling big changes in July, though they were mostly internal (which causes an external shift).  The internal changes of July actually had the effect of releasing some major energy that has allowed for more mental clarity for those that are ready to access it.  I still see collective anger, especially around throat chakra issues (manifestation, expression). 

Anger is not a bad thing, it is as valuable and informative an emotion as any other. The challenge is what to do with it.  It surfaces from within you as your truth, and that should be honored.  How you express it is either beneficial to you or it causes more effort if it isn't dealt with in a healthy way (for all involved!).  Mostly anger is best released through breathing, taking a walk or exercise, music and movement – things that allow you to release into a more balanced state.  Then you are able to get some clarity as to why you are angry (deep within – not just ‘because of their behavior’) and how you can adjust yourself to accommodate the empowerment that it is calling you toward.  Not always fun stuff, but Lightworkers also shine in a crisis! 

July Empowerment

As we traverse into deeper levels of empowerment, patience is key.  If you feel emotions being triggered, breathe into the heart.  Imagine Light (any color) filling your heart and then emanating out on the exhale.  Repeat until you feel the emotion softening into something manageable, then use that mental clarity to assess your choices for empowerment as soon as feasible. 

July brought a lot of change.  If yours was difficult, look at your groundedness, your balance and your effort toward your empowerment.  Do you need to amp up focus in any of these areas?  Grounded Lightworkers traverse change more easily.  Balanced Lightworkers teach through example in ways that really begin to awaken others.  Empowered Lightworkers create real, deep, lasting change that builds a strong foundation of Love for Life’s expansion on Earth.  Are you in? 

August Energies

August energies are feeling much smoother than July.  Woohoo!  Bless those powerful July energies for preparing us for August and beyond!  The energy I feel in August is Galactic Remembrance.  What does that mean?  It merely means that we are moving into a new level of cosmic connection.  It will look different for each person and it will support your empowerment here on Earth. 

Galactic Remembrance

One aspect of Galactic Remembrance is activating your soul time codes that initiate an integration of past gifts, technologies and other aspects of Self that herald another level of healing and Ascension for humanity.  You activate time codes by coming into resonance with the ‘key.’ This could be reaching resonance of peace, empowerment, understanding, or even something specific like meeting a certain person on your path or having an Axiatonal Alignment.  You will either get some sort of ‘light up’ around your path, or it will just unfold.  You can’t get it wrong, there is a compelling from your Higher Self that will continually aim you in the direction of your evolution.
What are cosmic/soul time codes?  It’s your part of your dharma, your path of destiny, a path that assists your evolution and gives you the potential to assist others in theirs.  If you are an accountant, you will have opportunity there and in your relationships and experiences.  It isn’t something outside of the human realm, it integrates in with it.  Think inspiration – like solutions to issues that haven’t been initialized yet, or at least on a large enough scale.  The time is coming where the technologies that can really be beneficial to humanity and Earth will no longer be suppressed.  This is the way of evolution.  It has its own momentum that isn't always obvious as you look forward.  It is a process, not an instantaneous change, so keep your focus on improvement rather than perfection.  It is your willingness to make changes in your life that ripple out and influences others.  You become the living example of evolution that influences your environment.  Thank you!!!  Humanity needs examples everywhere!

Another aspect of Galactic Integration is moving into a level of connection internally that helps to heal some galactic wounds - issues we’ve faced during other existences that we are healing and expanding here.  That is mostly done from an Earth perspective, meaning what is in your life is pertinent to your progress.  You don’t need ‘contact’ to heal galactic wounds and not everyone has these wounds to heal.  It is something that is ripening for humanity at this time.  These wounds healing will look like a relationship renewing, ending or beginning; a new level of responsibility in your job or a feeling of forgiveness and more ease with your family or relationship with Life on Earth. 

August Summary

August is a powerful month of Leo energy that brings cosmic energy into your life in powerful ways.  While smoother than July energetically, it is the culmination of July’s gift of new ‘space’ within.  This creates an opening for new energy – the portal of access to a new you.  You are constantly changing, that is an aspect of life that is consistent.  Your choice, your focus and your empowerment influence the pace and path of your change.  In August, you have opportunity for more of your galactic heritage to support your present and your future.  It is inherent within you.  As you open to it, you are expanding your awareness into the greater community within which you reside.  You are your own final frontier.  Go boldly within and you will connect with an expanse of space that has been waiting for contact.  Embrace it.  It will nurture you infinitely.

Happy August!


keryndawer 4th August 2014 8:25 pm

An insightful, clear AND eloquent message for us Jamye. Thank you very much!!! Your words of wisdom are always appreciated :)


jamye 5th August 2014 2:39 pm

Thank you, Keryn!


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