Weekly LightBlast: Accessing Doorways of Grace

Doorways are representative of beginnings and endings, they are opportunity. Knocking, perhaps? ;o) As we traverse life, doorways are metaphorically opening and closing on a continual basis, ultimately nanosecond by nanosecond. It is choice that determines your experience of a doorway; and the material reality before you is formed. We are bio-mechanical creators that interpret frequency so constantly and instantaneously that many don’t even believe that we do. Lightworkers understand the power of the quantum world as each subatomic particle generates a powerful effect that creates form. Our subtle energy of mind and emotion is the electromagnetic force that begins the creation of our experience. As you interact with Grace, you are beginning form in the energy of compassion, peace, empowerment and wisdom.

A doorway is a vortex of energy awaiting your observance and choice to settle structure. When you Access a Doorway of Grace, you are allowing your heart, your Love, to structure the world. Those of like resonance then are summoned by the electromagnetic pulse that you have emitted and your experiences begin to form. An adept observes the response of the world and culls the information to map direction. Opposition is a call to focus and inclusion, embrace that which seems opposite and it becomes part of your core strength (like a proton embraces an electron). That which fortifies your direction with sameness is the community of Life organizing into a system that supports growth gracefully, just as a community is wont to do. We move into the timespace where we recognize we are a global community of humanity, interdependent on our surroundings, with the true knowing that we are actually a cosmic Family of Life, bonded by element and unseen grace, separated only by difference in form.

As we sit to Blast Accessing Doorways of Grace, we are opening our heart to the Truth of our glorious capability to create a Golden Age of Love. We are the holographic connection to a universe that expands with Love at the core of All experience. We are the prototype of Grace in human form as we constantly refine our Acceptance of what is as a reflection of our immense ability to Love into new form. We are the courage of Light to seek the darkest areas to Love. In a holographic universe, that is within you. All you have to do is open the door. Blast on!


zorro 26th July 2012 6:02 am

Are we Accessing Doorways of Grace, or are we Gracing Doorways of Access? Both!

You know what they say...

"The squeaky door always gets the grace".


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