Weekly LightBlast: Accessing Fullness

The LightBlast is a code mechanism (among many) that is progressively clearing, activating and empowering Lightworkers to expansion.  It is designed to assist those who are focused on self-improvement and living the path of service in the way that is appropriate for their specific journey.  The path of service is best stated as a path of sharing, as you find that your internal expression of Love is the catalyst that creates change in the world. 

As you predominantly enjoy your life, you are seeding improvement for others.  Moments of sorrow or fear just serve to strengthen your capability and expand your compassion for self and others.  This is your Time.  You are tasked with being courageously Loving and Compassionate - being focused on the highest benefit of a moment.  That is Accessing Fullness.  Thus you need not avoid the negative, fear the world or suppress your Light.  You gallantly express yourself in the way that is natural and utilize your strengths to shift many and utilize your weaknesses to shift yourself and others as we unite to balance the Light Work load.  Your Fullness is your Light shining fearlessly, your authenticity expressing unabashedly and your Love and Compassion changing the world around you. 

Accessing Fullness is the courage to shine your Light appropriately in dark places.  When you look, you see it everywhere.  In the destruction and devastation that war and civil disobedience brings, you rarely see the Light shining.  Look deeper within and you will find it.  You will find stories in your own life of forgiveness, courage and inspiration.  You will find stories of Israelis and Palestinians working together for peace.  You will find pictures of Christians protecting Muslims as they pray on Tahrir Square.  You will find the courage of a child to forgive an adult.  You will be reminded that you are powerful, you matter so deeply and your Joy is what an entire universe is silently cheering you toward.  Don’t allow a moment of sorrow or fear to inhibit your Fullness, allow it to fortify your resilience and resolution toward improvement.  Your power is your Love.  This Truth is deep in your cellular structure.  This Truth is deep in your celestial origins.  This Truth is your catalyst that changes the world, one majestic moment at a time.  Are you feeling that?  When you find yourself in sorrow or fear now, don’t you also find a thread of gratitude for your courage and compassion?  Seek it.  Fortify it. 

As we sit to Blast Accessing Fullness, we are progressing toward Empowered Living through courageous Grace.  We are expanding into the Divine Humans we were intelligently created to be.  We are following our heart to mindful creating, building a world of potential that manifests in alignment with our vibrational intent.  We are looking past the creation in the now and catalyzing a future of Full Access to Empowerment.  We are choosing actions in a moment that will create a future of Love, even if that means saying no.  We are sure of who we are, utilizing our powerful Light and illuminating the dark with our Divine Flame.  Look in the mirror and see the Whole Truth of your Self and your Power.  Blast on!


zorro 26th January 2012 5:28 am


Your words are true, I can attest, and the magic manifests moment by moment. Each time we courageously bring our piece of the puzzle to the table, it creates another opening for the next act in our divine creation. There is no need to hurry on our part, but things can begin manifesting very rapidly. As we bring our piece it creates an opening for others to suddenly see their own piece of the orchestration. This process proceeds in “flow-motion”.

This is how the miracles of this time will manifest and the activation is already underway. The last three days I have been shown how this will roll out and have had massive downloads of awareness and communication from interesting levels that previously I was too pre-occupied to pay much attention to. On a business trip to another region it all came to light. The best way I can describe it is holographic consciousness, and simultaneous communication from higher levels (including visitations) while deeply engaged with a 3-D world in massive transformation. This is our time…The Fullness Time.

jamye 28th January 2012 6:42 am

Beautiful, zorro! I love "flow-motion!" These are exciting times indeed!


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