Weekly LightBlast: All Together

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In this year of discovery of your personal flame of empowerment, you are becoming the reflection of the night sky on Earth. A stellar array of bright Lights that steer wanderers, inspire poets and tell the story of ancient times and now. You are discovering your unique Light and fearlessly shining it into the darkness in ways that will even be seen lightyears from now. You as an individual (in-divine-dual-ity) are understanding the true depth of your Love, your treasure, your Light.

It is through this path of Light that others learn to shine. It is through this path of Light that you have distilled your own soul to an ever brighter radiance. It through this path of Light that you have found your courage to dive deeper into the depths of dysfunction to find solution (soul-evolution) for the ills of man. As you look around, you may not see everyone shining brightly yet. But watch, dear wayshower, for the dawn is breaking and the dark always yields to Love within the flow of Time.  

It is the support of Universal Law that holds each star in the sky. It is the flow of Time that touches each soul with the glimmer of hope that each star shines. It is the courage of consciousness to continue to burn brightly, with the flame of initiation a constant flow of Life progressing. That, too, is you, Lightworker. You are supported by Life and cherished by a vast universe of Life. Life is in a constant state of movement that has no end in Time.

Embrace your timeless nature and embrace Life. That opening of the arms to receive creates the flow you inherently seek. It is the nature of Life to support Life, it presses upon you, this continuance. The friction of aging, of fatigue is the imbalance of the speed. With the open, high frequency vibrational movement of joy, gratitude, wonderment, play, creativity, love – your speed with Life is matched and the friction ceases.

Even your moments of anger, sorrow or frustration can create a flow that opens a gate, though to remain there is not the same speed with which Life grows. It grows in joy (support), not sorrow, but through sorrow there can be a release that brings a new perspective that fosters joy through the flow of time.  

From your beautiful human perspective you are learning how the invisible support enhances your Life. You are never alone, you are never forsaken. You are so loved that your free will choice is honored. Life is fail-safed toward Love. You can’t get it wrong, Time manages that with you. An eon or a moment, it makes no difference to Life, only to you. Life Loves you no matter your choice. What will you choose? Embrace Life and you find that same unconditional Love growing within you. It is a magnificent perspective that is as expansive as Life itself.  

As we sit to Blast All Together, we are opening to the flow of Life which is the invisible Love binding Life together. We are recognizing the unity in the diverse universe. We are seeing ourselves reflected in the glorious sun and the enchanting stars. We are Loving all we experience, for it is the expansion of Love and Life through us. We are the brave that give Life to Love when Love isn’t even visible yet. Blast on!


keryndawer 9th January 2014 3:21 am

Jamye~~this weeks LightBlast touched me so deeply as it miraculously and seemingly clairvoyantly expressed the emotions, events, thoughts, experiences that I'm going through/thinking about this week but could not grasp. Thank you (and Sarah's message too) for expressing what I needed to hear and think about but I just could not put my finger on. I will read this again and again. :)

Thank you

Lorelei63 9th January 2014 9:42 am

Wow, Jamye - this BEAUTIFUL post is perfectly in alignment with the sweetness of being I am feeling this morning, reconnected to my flow after quite a period of inner numbness. I am so grateful to be reaping the rewards of a long and difficult journey toward the Light and of becoming a universal divine human. Thanks for all you do!

Piroska 10th January 2014 1:43 am

Thank you dear Jamye....I join my 2 Soulsisters above...yesterday.....sooo subtly... I got the message - like a tender breath of assurance/knowing - to Be Now in the Sky for ever as a Shyning Star...individually aswell as with Earth Herself...
In Love's Embrace with you and alll...

jamye 10th January 2014 11:18 am

Sweet blessings, Keryn! Thank you!

jamye 10th January 2014 11:20 am

Excellent, Lorelei! Thank you!

jamye 10th January 2014 11:22 am

That is beautiful, Piroska! Thank you!


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