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What are the clues of this solstice for you? Half of the world is experiencing the darkest night, the other half the brightest day – yet both are teeming with Love! You have passed through the gauntlet of 2013, some bruised, some emblazoned; yet all are transformed, as is the nature of time. In many ways 2013 called for you to look inward and backward, as the future was awaiting your newly fortified choice.  

The solstice is a time marker. It is a reminder to celebrate change, for each season has its valuable gift to Life. It signals the New, it heralds time moving and shows you where your best effort creates. Your best effort is your internal ease with what is. From this place of peace, your inspiration flows to action pertinent to the time. Allow the season of this solstice to speak to your heart of how the rejuvenation of the dark night or the play of the bright day serves you. Allow the new season to flavor your life. 

Allowing is an active state of information flow. As you allow the wisdom of Life to speak to you, and follow the clues that are all around you, you are combining information (allowing) and choice (following your heart) to guide your path. You are imbuing Divinity, the separation entwined in Oneness. Something ‘new’ requires an openness that allows new information, new choice. That begins within you, for you are the sovereign being choosing your life as it suits you. Your co-creation with the world around is a response to the call of your soul.  

To truly Allow the New into your Life, you create a new vibrational signature within the self. Often humans do this by changing their environment (new job, new relationship, new clothes, etc.), which can have an effect. The change is palpable and for a time causes a new focus. Though for those that do not change their vibrational signature within, similar experiences begin to surface.

You are well aware that physical action creates an effect. It’s visible and agreed upon by those you speak to about it. How aware are you of the physical action of shifting your perceptions, of surrendering to your current circumstances until the clues of ‘your best effort’ are conveyed? How courageous are you to change yourself from within and Allow the New to form over time?

Life is always, all ways, supporting your sovereignty. Supporting sovereignty? It is an interdependent co-creation. You have choice. Choice with maximum effort or choice with flowing effort. If you find yourself with effort, whether that is internal emotional stress or outer physical stress – Allow New support into your life. Watch for the clues of your best effort.  

As we sit to Blast Allowing the New, we are creating space within for new seeds to grow. We are peaceful, excited and observing Life with the wonderment of a child and the wisdom of Time. We are open to the information of Life that calls us to new courage. We are following our perception of Love into new adventures, as we see the world from the (ad)vantage point of a benevolent gift.

We are Loving into spaces we haven’t loved before and saturating our Life with the grace of Love until it becomes the visible, palpable reality in bloom. Blast on!


ToTwoTOo 19th December 2013 12:34 pm

New? What new?

Input from the 'spirit' world has cast upon me, twice now: cast upon me some ending, cast upon me some new.

Where is this stuff coming from? Who is the engineer behind these messages? Do people in the spirit world ever check to see if their channeled messages from one specific source ever agree, with each channeler? In the eyes of psychiatry and the mental health system, this is considered some form of mental illness; delusions and likely some form of schizophrenia.

I spend most of my time in the mental health / mental illness world (schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar, depression, ADHD, voice hearing, personality disorders and more). I check in with the 'spirit' world and I keep seeing the same thing:


I bring 'spirit' to psychiatry and psychiatry to 'spirit'.

Psyche by definition means spirit (sometimes soul, but spirit is the correct definition).

I'm keeping a very sharp eye on these spirit messages because more and more, I think something is NOT RIGHT.

keryndawer 19th December 2013 1:32 pm

Thank you Jamye for this beautiful and loving message :)

I feel very much that 2013 was a year for me of releasing the old that was not healthy or working for me. I certainly was not joyful. While I know I continue in a transition at this time (which is never easy), I feel joyful every day and see my my life as a benevolent gift, as you said, which I never had before. I truly feel ready to Blast Off into the New with a heart full of unconditional love and joy.

Blessings to you and All this holiday season.


jamye 19th December 2013 11:30 pm

Thank you, Keryn! I admire your dedication to doing the work of remaining joyful (as much as possible!) through challenge. I think 2014 will be smoother. Happy holidays to you as well!


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