Weekly LightBlast: Asking for What You Want

Creating is fun! Its easy to observe that an artist can paint a picture after years of study and have a technique that is so polished that creating seems natural. Its easy to observe how someone takes actions in a succession that have been proven to manifest something in the physical (like building a house or even something like a relationship).

What is not as easy to observe is how we begin to create subtle, unseen manifestation within our mental and emotional world. We are not taught this is valuable in our world. Even though artists do it, and perhaps inventors (and we’re reminded how slim the ‘success rate’ is with those two professions), we’re taught that people are only successful when they follow outward action steps that have been proven by others (i.e. work your way up the corporate ladder, etc.). Action steps are definitely important, even the artist and inventor need them! But just as important is the mental and emotional alignment and here you Ask for What You Want with the clarity of one that works with the Light of Love to create the Golden Age.

We’ve been focusing on balance as we equalize directing and allowing, mental and emotional ease and reliance on self and others. It’s imperative to be balanced in the midst of change. This balance provides a strong foundation upon which to create anew. Asking for What You Want is an easy flow of information from the field, merging that with the desire within the self and flowing out the energy of possibility to magnetize the opportunity to create. Others respond. This is why we worked on Reliance on Another last week (I love it when puzzle pieces come together!) - so that we are independent and dependent in an equilibrium that serves All Life. How perfect is the Flow of Life! When we don’t resist, we easily direct and allow, we are peaceful mentally and emotionally no matter the situation, we are dependent (in the empowered sense of the word – open to others) and independent as creation is best served.

As we sit to Blast Asking for What You Want, we are balancing creating as you desire and being open to change when things don’t seem to go as planned. We have a peace within that knows challenge, opposition and change are powerful catalysts for improvement. We are the perspective of All is Well when the news headlines would disagree. We are the peaceful warriors, creating the new world to be a win/win solution for All, as we support the self and others with Love. Blast on!


COBALT 21st June 2012 9:02 am

:smitten: Lovely! Perfect timing...

zorro 21st June 2012 2:23 pm

Yes, this is fun!

Yes...action steps plus settimg a magnetic vibrational tone. You might might only need to ask once, but this is mainly for yourself. The universe responds with full flow in response to "knowing". When you know you have what you are asking for and can "feel" it and start getting goosebumps, that is exponentially way more powerful than asking. ASKING PRIMES THE INNER PUMP of TRUE KNOWING, knowing that you already have it now. Start visualizing doing what you are asking for, how you now feel that it is actually happening, and all the cool changes your new fate has materialized. Your friends are noticing something is different in your energy and they are responding positively to it. It feels good to be near your shining magnetic light. What a "Blast" as what you inwardly know that you "have" materializes before your eyes, and what a real-time demonstration of a miracle it is!


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