Weekly LightBlast: Being Resistant

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Resistance is fertile when it serves your choice of flow. Is your life moving too fast for comfortable integration? Resist the urge to keep running and slow to a restful place. From the outside eye, the slowed movement would seem to be resistance. It is empowered choice that is actually the indicator of movement, though the untrained eye or the manipulative ego will protest.

You are a being of flow that is in constant movement, as movement is a constant of Life. As you Forge Ahead, you define your future; and invisible movement is a powerful quantum catalyst. Invisible movement is choice, choice is a catalyst that creates movement, always first invisible. Here you are redefining resistance and accepting it as the benevolent part of life that it is.  

You are aware of the resistance of ego. In order to perpetuate a pattern of survival, the ego protects through resistance. It builds a wall of protection that fortifies from vulnerability. Though to move beyond a wall, one must move beyond the wall, so how then was it effective? From a loving, empowered choice, it helped separate until one was ready for the next integration.

It helped emblazon the fire of the heart until the warmth of passion ignited movement. It helped the mind deplete its strategizing such that inspired action could begin. Do you hear the echo? What was a mark of war and domination in earth history, is actually a clue for freedom. Resistance is both futile and fertile. Only choice and time define which.   

As you observe your own resistance, Love into it. It is merely a survival mechanism that supports the continuation of Life. As you Love into it, the action verb (Love) ignites the ease of flow the soul seeks. It is the least resistance, not no resistance, for you expand by the inclusion of All. This opening of the heart is the action that soothes the ego, that regulates the pulse of Life as it benefits All and that engages you with a new expression of Self and Life.  

As you observe the resistance of another, Love into it. Warm your heart with that friction of discovery that another is reflecting for you. Spark your own empowered choice and open the flood gates of Love that quench a thirsty Earth. Understand their sovereignty and lovingly detach from their choice, for it serves them in ways you can not see. Choose Love and you embrace them with the seed of hope that they can then choose to nurture. All that you think and do and say fertilizes life, for All Life is sovereign and interconnected. 

As we sit to Blast Being Resistant, we are honoring each Being to flow at their own pace of Life. We are patient with the flow of Life and loving the scenery. We are choosing Love as it shows us the opposite reflection of Life, so that we can become Whole in the knowledge. We are in a state of awareness as our empowered choice shows us the next path of least resistance. This resistance slows us to a pace of enjoyment and survival. What a gift. Blast on!


keryndawer 9th November 2013 3:12 am

Such a great post Jamye.I can see so many loved ones being resistant to the flow of Life and I have not understood why. As you wrote, it serves them in ways I/we cannot understand. THAT I understand :)

Thank you for helping me to be more compassionate for their struggle (Love in to it) and knowing/trusting that they'll get where they need to be in time.


jamye 10th November 2013 10:09 am

Thank you, keryndawer!


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