Weekly LightBlast: Empowering Advice

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As you look within and look around outside of the self, information abounds. Some of it is helpful, some of it is harmful and some is cleverly disguised as both. Which is best? In the current earth experience, there is much harmful information. Some of it is true information, based on facts. Yet, harmful still. There is no good or bad information, it is merely a matter of information that supports and enhances Life, or information that degrades Life.

The truth of information? It’s potential is always both. Here, then, is the beauty of your unique perspective and your internal choice. What will you do with information? Enhance Life or degrade it? Only you can choose what you do with information, and its effect is internal until you choose to externalize it. Then its effect is merely amplified, for even in your internal interaction with information, your electromagnetic emanation shapes life around you. Those beings that are connected to you begin to respond to your vibration. In the deepest of Love, they show you your vibrational information. 

All information contains the seed of Love. Information is Life continuing and creating, and Love is the basis of Creation. As you live Life, you are bringing Love into human form, you are bringing Love into all the choices you make. You are bringing Love into the businesses in which you work. You are bringing Love into your relationships, your grocery store and your family. In all choices you make, you either nurture the seed of Love or starve its growth.

The truth of information is it has potential – its ‘in-form-ation.’ What grows in the garden of your heart, pulses through you and then out into your Life. See the ‘harmful’ information as bolstering courage, inspiring action and co-operation, refining choice. See the challenges as exciting puzzles, as life progressing at the appropriate pace, as humans learning in diverse experiences. See the supportive information as providing courage, inspiring action and co-operation, refining choice.

Do you see the potential clearly? It doesn’t matter the positive or negative of the experience, it is your internal choice that creates the next moment for you. As you choose Love, you begin to stir to actions and words that support you, your growth and your empowerment. The Empowering Advice is within. All else is merely a catalyst. For you. 

As we sit to Blast Empowering Advice, we are shifting our internal dialogue to words of Self Love. We are seeing the world through Love colored glasses, forgiving those who have harmed us, because with our internal choice, many have actually helped us. We are remembering that All Life is created from Love and humans are learning to create from Love.

We are showing the way of Love as a choice that empowers new solution. We are remembering to empower ourselves from within, as we change our vibrational emanation to one that ripples out waves of Love. We are the drop containing an ocean of Love. Blast on!



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Jamye Price

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, teacher and student of life. She channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal languages that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. When she is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears energies for clients through Divine Grace.


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