Weekly LightBlast: Fellowship

The response system of creation is the field of unity that connects All Life. You are part of this; unique, valuable and powerful just as you are and also connected to All. This is the illusion of separation, the reflection ‘out there’ in its Whole Truth, is within you, too. You are a powerful Being of Light - that is your action/reflection energy. You are also the vacuum of space, the magnetic glue that allows the Light to flow, to build, to Be. Love is the connective force that binds All Life, though that bind is only created through choice. When you accept your power of uniqueness and unity, you become the Alpha, the triangle, the linear united, supporting the Whole – the Omega, the circle of Life. All that is in-between is mere joy of journey. Enjoy. Share.

Sharing is give/receive in balance. What feels balanced for one may not feel balanced for another – such is the beauty of choice. Feeling choiceless? Utilize your powerful ability to create with your focus and allow response. Allow creation to respond, for you are also the glue that holds this universe together. How powerful are you? The weight of the world need not be on your shoulders, for your power to magnetize more Love is in-built into all the invisible space between each atom of your anatomy. Greet the world with sharing and it will give/receive as such. Your choice is your focus and your focus is your intent. Your intent feeds massive amounts of information into the field, which willingly shares itself with you for creation. Sharing is Life continuing. Do you feel Fellowship with life? Abandonment? Confusion? Reach out for Fellowship, for Creation Responds in Love and abandonment or confusion are melted into Love’s embrace.

As we sit to Blast Fellowship, we are releasing the fear of mistakes, unworthiness, insignificance and disempowerement. We are activating the Truth of our Power (LOVE) and the Truth of Creation - that Love is the force that binds form. We are becoming all that we always were by mere choice to end the fear and share our beautiful Light with the world. We are supporting the Light of others as the rainbows shines its cohesive diversity.  We are choosing Life, choosing Self and choosing Love, for they are merely different degrees of Same. We are embracing our uniqueness, enjoying the uniqueness of others and creating Fellowship where there was only confusion and separation before. We are the uniters of uniqueness, bravely opening our arms to Love, no matter what the response. Blast on!



zorro 19th April 2012 11:27 am

If we are the lightworkers, there comes a time when we move beyond a reactive state of experiencing setbacks and "bouncing back". The new "playing field" requires players who can "step into new realities" readily, who regardless of other factors, step-up and "bounce forward" with grace, ease and confidence. As such, new opportunities in the "creation field" are magnetically pulled to such a one. Within this unified field of possibilty I greet you. You cannot see what is in it by standing back, rather, this is the defining moment...Now.

The paradox is this. "You cannot see the unity creation field until you "step-into" it.

mari282 19th April 2012 4:29 pm

I Loved this, thank you

jamye 22nd April 2012 8:27 pm

Thank you, Zorro & Mari282! Blessings!


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