Weekly LightBlast: Focusing Truth

Dear Focuser of Love, you are being called to your empowerment. You are being called to Focus your Truth so strongly that you become a dominant vibration in your own life. To find your Truth, you must look within. All the wonderful information that flows from others in words of kindness and words of degradation helps you to find your Truth. You are a unique Being, God in form, informing Life. Do you feel that wisdom? You were not created because God was bored and needed worshipers. You were not created by mistake or mere chemistry. You are a Divine Being, you see that in All Life around you. You were created in such deep Love that your Freedom to choose is unconditional from the broader perspective of Life. Your Truth is as internal as all other perspectives of life. As you Focus, you are choosing your actions and reactions to life and emanating them strongly. That is what Focus does, it is a powerful beam of information. As you are Focusing Truth, you are speaking volumes of quantum information outward into Life. Life responds.

Truth is relative and ever changing. What truth you find - as you maintain your open, connective, loving nature! You are available to broader, encompassing truths. For instance the truth of your separation as a being is evident. It is true. You can not think, choose or live for another, you are separate beings. Yet there is a broader, less visible, less solid truth. You are united with All Life. Whether through the collective of humanity, the nurturance of nature or the cosmic heritage of your universe (not to mention the dimensional expanse of your multi-verse!); you are united. You matter, you make a difference, you are important and you are appreciated. Are you Focusing your Truth and observing the response? It comes in the form of synchronicities, or energy alignment. Focus your Love and observe Love’s response. Of course, you are also free to Focus on the truth of anger, war or lack and see that response as well - merely a truth within a broader Truth. Choose your Truth and Focus. That is your primary action in life. React with Love.

As we sit to Blast Focusing Truth, we are choosing to broadcast Love throughout the airwaves of earth, the greatest truth in advertising! We are remembering the Divinity of Life and emanating that Truth to all who pass into our awareness. We are loudly Loving in the silence of our transmission. We are empowered, sovereign and deeply connected to All Life, choosing to focus on the greatest Truth of Love. Blast on!


betsy. 13th June 2013 3:44 pm

Jamye, thank you for this loving message (& for calling me a "Focuser of Love." Never really thought of it that way, but true). "...you are being called to your empowerment." I feel this more each day. I am hesitant some days...sometimes I really wish I had all the info first before I take the leap; but it never works that way, does it? Some of the greatest blessings I've ever received were a result of acting on faith & following my heart. Thank you for the reminder of the call. Much love to you! :smitten:

LauriLumby 13th June 2013 7:30 pm

The way I am feeling truth this week is in the many opportunities to stray from my truth to things that no longer resonate or that simply resonate with a lesser strength. It has been interesting to simply observe, without judgment, but being attentive to where the truth (for me) is shining brightly, where it is a little dimmer and where it is just plain absent of light. A great lesson in discernment and the power of observation.

Lauri Lumby

kaykay 14th June 2013 4:33 am

I love this message....thank you Jamye

Light and love :)

jamye 14th June 2013 9:13 am

Thank you, Betsy! I agree. I'm very psychic and yet my life is certainly not about knowing all the info prior to a choice! We are being called to Trust and empower the self, which I appreciate. Especially after the fact!

jamye 14th June 2013 9:21 am

Beautifully stated, Lauri! Thank you for sharing that! I love the journey of exploring the nuances of life.

jamye 14th June 2013 9:21 am

Thank you, kaykay! Many Blessings to you!


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