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Sweet, sovereign Being; you have been graced with Life in individual form for your courage to do so.  It is not something you earn, for you have asked; it is something you answer. You are at a poignant point of discovery at each moment. In your current expression, you are discovering the Self as it relates to the Whole.

You are discovering your answers beget the question, and the discovery of Life continues. Wholeness is the nature of Life, though that entails the seen and unseen, the spoken and the unspoken – the connection of duality. Duality can be an ease or a disease, it is for you to answer that question of Life. Duality is merely two opposites, Wholeness is your sovereign choice to be empowered enough to integrate both within you. What then does Following Another have to do with this?                                             

Following is a refinement of allowing. To become Whole, you Allow Life to flow along your path and you direct/choose it into empowered expansion. You direct and allow, allow and direct. The circle encompasses and blurs the point of separation, as the beginning and the ending merge into Oneness. This then is the benevolent Truth of Following. It is not the giving up of the Self to another's authority. It is the Self creating a path of Life.

Allowing is the opening, following is the flowing and choosing, a simultaneous act of observing and desiring, that desire stirring the next path of flow. Life will never ask you to Follow to your detriment, though that is a choice you can make. Life will continually seek to flow you to your greatest path, such that a new path begins. So as you Follow Another, you are recognizing the sovereignty in all, open to the flow of Life, and choosing for the Self.

In this way, you understand the interdependence of Life and you actualize the independence of Self. The two are co-creative, creating a Wholeness that blazes a new trail for another to choose to merge. This merging, from another perspective, creates a fork. The beginning and the ending blur into One, Another One. 

In Following Another, you are merely observing the reflection that Life is presenting to you. You are the question in form, the answer forming.  Another reflects for you clues to your choices, that is what you Follow. As you observe and choose, you are an Empowered Sovereign that is creating with the wealth of information that Life makes available to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

As we sit to Blast Following Another, we are empowering our internal choice with external information, the two becoming One to create anew. We are Allowing and directing our own flow of Life with the wisdom the past brings into the now. We are the wayshowers of Loving Life, such that the clues we leave upon our path Light the way of Love for another. We are the answer on a quest for Grace. The path follows the heart. Blast on!


Peter fox 14th November 2013 6:51 am

Dear Jamye - you have "raised the bar" yet again! Just when I thought I
was "getting it" I now don't "get it" at all. Yet, I am so much closer now to
getting it because your brilliant messages describe the wondrous workings
of the universe yet also present them in the form of a "Zen Buddhist Like
Koan" What I am getting is that my mind needs to be taken completely
out of the equation for me to get that there is,in fact,nothing to get at all.
At least not through the mind. But the KNOWING of the heart - well this is
a completely different reality- because this IS reality- but only mine as a
sovereign,unique being as part of the one whole- therefore, everyone's
else's reality as well but only as an aspect of me as part of the whole.

I can see why people used to get "locked up" for this sort of stuff- hopefully soon there will be enough of us strutting our unique/same selfness that they will just have to let us roam free!!

Lorelei63 14th November 2013 10:14 am

Incredible!! You and Sarah-Jane have managed to capture such elusiveness this morning with beautiful, amazing words. Thank you so much for being the wayshower we need. Blessings.

jamye 14th November 2013 11:04 am

Hi Peter, Thank you. This one boggled my mind and my heart as my resistance to 'following' surfaced. Yet I know that following life's clues is a key, even though I resist them for awhile. This particular paradox stirred and released a lot in me. I like your point about the brilliant heart knowing, as you have clues to when following is wisdom and when following is detrimental. The ego mind keeps us stagnant, the heart/mind keeps us expanding by inclusion/love. Thank you, Peter, for your open heart!

jamye 14th November 2013 11:07 am

Thank you, Lorelei! I love the idea of elusiveness! It certainly keeps the journey interesting!


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