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As you learn to follow your heart, your mind first resists.  You are not taught to value the mind in many ways, merely a portion of its capabilities.  The heart naturally Knows.  The mind naturally interprets, meaning it is faced with data and supports with data, the learned.  That data is often a question, seeking answers.  Why this?  How can I that?  Beautiful Being, your mind is how you connect the known with the unknown.  Celebrate its perfection and stretch beyond its present limitations.  You do this with the heart.  You do this with Love.  You do this with the peace that passes all understanding, into what has not yet been understood.  You are the channel for the unknown birthing into Life.  New Life, through you.

As you interact with people you know well, you expect certain behaviors, certain responses.  You are not often surprised.  Do you know their full potential or do you know their limitation?  Not giving word to the expectation within you, you do not even know that you can call their potential into form.  Your mind, when it follows the heart, will Know the truth of their loving potential.  You will bring forth their most loving behavior into form.  See the Sacred within them and allow its expression into the moment.  You will Know their glory and experience it with your heart and mind.  In that moment, their potential becomes Real.  From the formless, the unknown, into form, into life on earth.  Your heart, your instrument of Knowing, brings forth the potential of Love into form.  You, Lightworker, are weaving the new world into form through your brilliant Knowing of what can be.  Look past the data of what has been, look past the data of what is expected.  Look into the heart of humanity and Know that Love is Real.  Your Knowing, your focus, your fortitude brings it into form.

As we sit to Blast Knowing is Real, we are present in the now moment reading data and Knowing that change is possible.  We are the vehicle of change with our strength of Knowing that Life inevitably evolves to improvement.  We are reminding a world that has forgotten its potential that progress is not only possible, but the engine of Life.  We are open to the present moment of Life, not resisting what has manifested into form because we Know that this moment is the platform of choice to form the future.  We are actualizing the power of free will, which is the open heart choosing Love for true change.  We are the peaceful one that Knows that Love is Real.  Blast on!


Atrest 25th April 2014 10:16 am

Thank you for this wonderful article. It truly helped me to want to open my heart to people and put my ego deeper into my big toe. Have a blessed day.

jamye 27th April 2014 9:53 pm

Blessings, Atrest!


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