Weekly LightBlast: Not Allowing Pain

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As you cleanse your vessel of the challenges of the past, you are changing your future. In this way, you are Not Allowing Pain to cloud your creation. This is different than avoiding pain. As you observe your past to cultivate the wisdom it has potentiated, you are using the power of your present moment of Love to flood the past.

In this way you cleanse it and you ride the wave of its grace. Enjoy the ride! You are a powerful Creator Being, being creative is your power. Utilize the loving power of your mental acuity to understand the grace of your past, soothe your present and emblazon your future with Joy! 

Observing the past is different that immersing in pain with the delusion to learn to swim with its weight upon you. As you immerse in the buoyant blessing of Love, you learn to ride the current of the universal laws of creation; allowing Life to consume, sustain, release and create anew.

Consume your past as food for growth, let it nourish your courage and wisdom. This will sustain you as you choose anew, circulating your vibrational emanation into your world as Life responds. First unseen, your call is answered. Life begins shaping to your magnetic music. The dance begins.  

As we sit to Blast Not Allowing Pain, we are unstoppable in our wave of Love as we consume the fuel of lessons learned into wisdom. We are moving faster, freer and brighter than ever as we ignite our passion into form. We are the Lightbearers, baring our soul for others to see as the shadows stretch into wisps unable to catch up with the speed of our Light. We are the courageous, and often the quiet, as Love speaks between the lines of fire. Blast on!


Peter fox 20th February 2014 6:03 am

Wonderful Jamye,simply wonderful! And the most wonderful thing of all is
that your words now carry so much more feeling of the truth they are. Let's go ever onward from here and "emblazon our joy" all together in our
own unique ways!

halcyonmusings 20th February 2014 2:41 pm

This is beautiful, thank you!

zorro 20th February 2014 7:48 pm

Nice, Jamye. The great thing about this little experiment is that after we "don't allow pain" and see how that feels, we can then safely allow it again. The only difference is that, this time, we are not going to "choose" that experience when it comes up on the menu again!

jamye 21st February 2014 10:13 am

Thank you, Peter! Emblazon on!

jamye 21st February 2014 10:14 am

Thank you, Halcyon Musings!

jamye 21st February 2014 10:16 am

Yes, Zorro! Beautifully stated!


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Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, teacher and student of life. She channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal languages that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. When she is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears energies for clients through Divine Grace.


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