Weekly LightBlast: The Call of Togetherness 

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Do you remember your origins? You are Love. You come from Love to expand Love. It is the core of who you are. In your beginnings; yes, beginnings, you are One. You Know connection, wholeness, unconditionality. This blissful experience is within you, for the bridge of Love is never broken. Love always connects. Yet as you come into human form, the forgetting must happen for the full experience, for the expansion of Love. The joy of the journey is the game, it is life. You see the reflection of life around you, you feel the separation of the human body, you know the distortion of the mental manipulation. Yet within you, the bridge of Love. Your Ascension is your wholeness, the path to wholeness. 

The Call of Togetherness is your return to the Wholeness that you are. You will still be in human form, separate in form and function within the Whole. You find your own wholeness within the connection of Love. As you observe Life around you, see the connection. See the similarity. See through the eyes of understanding, compassion, empathy and sovereignty. See All Life in its empowered state of learning and choice.

When you see something that causes you pain, look for the progress. Look for the solution of Love. Look for the connection, the improvement, the compassion. It is there, it is within you. The Love within you is the connection. It connects you and it reminds another, it offers choice to another. As all beings begin to recognize the Love within, peace prevails and joy abounds. It begins within you. Here we return to beginnings. 

You are of The One. You began and begin again. It is your timeless nature and the nature of time. It folds in on itself, repeating, repatterning and refining. You are of many beginnings as you move from timeless to time. You are of many beginnings as you move from Oneness to one.

In each moment within time on earth, you begin again. It is the becoming. In this moment, breathe in the Love that surrounds you. In this moment, let it sustain you and feed your cells. In this moment, release it to feed the next breath of another. Life begins again. It calls to them, this Love. It calls to you. You are the answer to the call. Together.  

As we sit to Blast The Call of Togetherness, we are connecting the separation of humanity in our heart and mind. We are understanding the power of Love to heal. We are receiving and perceiving the Truth of Love. We are calling the forgotten home as we remember Love. We are the bridge, we are the beacon. We are Love in form. Blast on!


Peter fox 30th January 2014 5:46 am

Jamye- absolutely brilliant! Thank you!

zorro 30th January 2014 6:39 am

"We are the bridge, we are the beacon. We are Love in form."

Any day I can remind myself of this one thing, is a good day no matter what else happens around me. It brings immediate poise and composure, and rearranges the atoms in any atmosphere for positive creation.

jamye 1st February 2014 3:58 pm

Blessings, Peter! Thank you!

jamye 1st February 2014 4:00 pm

Beautiful, Zorro! Thank you for rearranging our space!


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Jamye Price

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, teacher and student of life. She channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal languages that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. When she is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears energies for clients through Divine Grace.


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