April 2020 Energy Report

Did you hear the pop pop pop of millions of reality bubbles bursting at the end of March? As the sobering reality of a global pandemic took hold in the minds of billions of people around the world, the idea of a ‘normal’ life suddenly evaporated and we had to face the unthinkable – lockdowns, closed schools and businesses, restricted travel, and social distancing. If anyone wondered whether the Great Awakening was upon us, there can be little doubt now. April brings relief though, and some opportunities to re-think the future as we regroup, rebuild, and re-vibe individually and collectively.

It isn’t time for fear, although this is a rather fearful event as we face an invisible and an unknown enemy. Who is carrying the virus, who will it strike next, and how can we avoid it? I didn’t think much about it personally until my daughter called me last week to say that two of her children were diagnosed with CV, one was in the hospital. While they are much better now, it was a real wake-up moment – this is real and it impacts real people, including my own family.

But there is an up-side to the reality of the world coming to a halt and everyone being shaken out of their distracted living and lifestyles. Look around today and what do you see? Everyone is on their phone, distracted by the next text, direct message, tweet, or Facebook post. We function on auto-pilot and distraction is how we avoid looking at our pain, unhappiness, or facing the fact that we want something new and different.

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We have been shaken out of our distracted reality bubbles into the stark awareness that those realities do not exist any more. If you worked at a restaurant or a non-essential business, you probably do not have a job right now. Most people are working from home and all school children are now learning on-line. If we were asleep before, we are not asleep any more.

This is probably bringing up a lot of fear in people, especially those who have strong memories of other lifetimes in which global catastrophes occurred, specifically from Atlantis, Lemuria, and Pangea. This is another byproduct of the ascension integration as lifetimes of energetic memories and imprints are being shaken loose from your energy field so you can release them and all of the fear, guilt, shame, regret, and lost hope that accompanies them.

It is important to unground that energy now so let it go to create energetic space for new energy to enter. Yes you need to be grounded in your body but in a more ‘multi-dimensional’ way and in a way that allows you to separate from lower frequency energies that contain strong fear imprints so you can release them.

April’s energies are a promise of chaos and potential, depending on how we choose to use the events we are being faced with. One thing is certain, we have had to trade our busy-ness for self-awareness and where our lives have contracted we have an opportunity to expand into new potentials.

If your safety and security needs are being challenged right now, see it as an opportunity to be open to new choices. Is it time to write that book, start that business, use your creative gifts, explore dreams that your busy, distracted life did not have time for? If you’re on lockdown and ‘essential travel only’ orders, like millions around the world, you have time now.

April opens with a strong Mars/Saturn conjunction at exactly 0 degrees Aquarius. Saturn entered Aquarius on March 22, for the first time since June 1991. What was happening then? China was beginning its global domination path. Once the world’s supply chain, it is now quickly losing favor. A 29 year Saturn cycle at work. The Mars/Saturn conjunction asks us to think before we act, to consider our options carefully, and to put our priorities in order.

Then on the 9th we have a full moon in the Libra, the sign of balance but at a tough angle to Neptune and Mercury, both in Pisces. Are we in a state of delusion? Do we control our illusions (reality) or are we being controlled by them? Is our creative power being engaged to manifest our life with intention or are we not using that creative power? It is our greatest asset and it would come in handy right now as we create the peace, joy, love, and abundance we want in our lives and in the world.

There are two more important energy aspects this month, represented by the new moon in Taurus on the 23rd which directly squares Saturn. Is our comfort zone a little to comfortable? Are we sitting on the couch instead of taking action? That aspect might shake us up a bit and even turn the couch over.

And there’s the rare Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which began in the last week of March but which continues through July because both Jupiter and Pluto retrograde in early May/late April, respectively. Jupiter expands everything and Pluto contracts and cleans out the dregs. That should be a very interesting aspect bearing in mind that we’re watching the removal of a centuries long reign of evil, corruption, darkness, and destruction that has caused untold suffering for humanity.

Is this the clearing out of the darkness and the expansion of the light? Is our ascension work finally coming to a fruition that we can see manifested in the world? We’ll have to see but this is a very rare conjunction because it is happening in Capricorn and Pluto last visited that sign in 1762, when the world began to revolt against the tyranny of monarchy.

It entered Capricorn in 2008 as the world began to revolt against the tyranny of globalism. It will leave Capricorn in the year 2024 and what the world will look like then is anyone’s guess but I believe it will be much different than it is today.

We are watching the 3D/5D ascension integration happen right now on a global scale. Awareness comes before awakening and our alignments are being removed so they can reconnect in a more intentional, congruent, and fulfilling way. It is not time for gratitude – as I have written, it is not realistic to think we can be grateful for our challenges especially when they cause economic, emotional, and social chaos. But we can explore the possibility of appreciating them into bigger and better realities. Have a wonderful month.


ShelleyT 9th April 2020 2:35 pm

Thank you Jennifer! One of your most insightful messages! I find it interesting you use the term ungrounding... because, for the last few years all I have heard is ground, ground ground....! It has become more like the Matrix here & whoever subscribed to Tic Tock app must be a true air head... all parameters of holographic programming... that you Pay for!
Not familiar with Pangea.. however Atlantis & Lemuria Big time✨
Shelley Morgan Terry
Sorry I missed your FB Wednesday show... no sense of time now


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