January 2020 Energy Report

Can you believe we are at the year 2020 and are now entering the third decade of the 2000s?

Can you believe that it has been 20 years since we entered 2000?

I know it has been a tough time for many but we have to put our unmet expectations and disappointments aside because our personal journey was in part dependent on the collective awakening.

You’ll need to understand the Portal Keeper Soul Missions which you can learn more about and see how this important soul mission applies to you and your life purpose. 

January 2020 is a month of transition, transformation, a tipping point for powerful shifts and the potential is there, we just have to use it.

In a year that promises to be a wild ride, January’s energy is a wild card – unpredictable, brimming with potential, chock full of desire for action and results, and any result is possible. This is not a banquet of possibilities that has been laid out for us, it’s more of a pot luck dinner that we have to bring a covered dish to. What we bring to the table this month is just as important as the contributions of everyone else. We wanted to bring forward the 5D energies of community, connection, collaboration, and creativity to our lives and to the world.

Well they’re here and now that we are out of the strongest energies of karma’s density and destiny, the outcomes are up to us.

January didn’t begin peacefully and with a time out so we could recover from our new year’s festivities. This month we have to ‘hit the ground running’, so to speak because we are in an eclipse cycle and we have some big energy cycles happening too. But the star of the show this month is the monumental, once in 500+ year Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which happens across 3 days, January 12 to 15, 2020. This is one for the record books and it’s happening now. It is also active all year so we’ll be feeling its effects for a while.

In addition to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction we are in a transition period that began with the December 26 new moon eclipse and ends with the January 10 full moon eclipse, right in time for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on the 12th. That’s going to be a busy week. And it just starts the fun for the January to March period which is going to include Mercury retrograde and Saturn changing signs, moving into Aquarius for the first time since February 1991. Lots of cycles are churning through right now, to assist us in moving to the next level of ascension and to embodying our new multi-dimensional aspects.

The experiences of the past arise in these cycles so we can make different choices and hopefully, put a new frequency and vibration on them. So pain becomes peace, judgment becomes acceptance, sorrow becomes joy, and regret sets new intentions for success.

With so many people warning us about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction we need to not pre-judge its potential and outcomes. What happens to each of depends on what’s going on in our lives, the intention we have set for transformation, the lessons we have to learn, and our own potential. There is no standard for this process, it is wholly dependent on our individual path, energy, soul mission, life purpose, and our ability to embody new energetic frequencies. While we are part of the collective ascension journey, we are each on an individual path.

January’s energies may be easy for you or moderate, or very difficult. Everyone will experience these energies differently. What can help with this process is to remember that we are each energetically sovereign and are in control of how the energy flows in our own energy field. We do not have control over anyone else’s energy. When we work through our intention and set powerful energy boundaries we create a strong foundation for congruence and energy management. So dream bold with big intentions, shine your light brightly, and buckle up for the wild ride ahead. Also, be sure to bring something you really like to the pot luck dinner!

Have a wonderful month.


VAARRR 9th January 2020 10:52 am

"Well they’re (5d) not here"
because I was again held in 4d or 3d
because the reality and the people here are 3-4d and this is sadness, and there is no other way than to escape into another otherworldly, or change - raise this
and how I understand it his is an excuse for us all to be 5d+ souls. had a great, urgent need, change in 5d , because no escape is foreseen....?


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