June 2023 Energy Report

It’s a new month and a new energetic paradigm and I am going to call June the ‘lucky month’ because I feel that we are going to be blessed more and stressed less this month. If you thought May’s energies were tough, and we did have some very powerful and strong aspects, then you may find June a lot more accommodating.

Note I did not use the word easier. We cannot look for the easy way out of any situation. We have the energy tools, resources, experience, and spiritual maturity to start embodying our highest vibes and assume the crown of energetic sovereignty.

In June we have more powerful aspects, including Jupiter and the Node in Taurus conjunction, and Pluto goes retrograde again, but there is a new spin to this energy and it’s our call to action and more importantly, a call to joy. June is the joy month and we can start realizing our joy now as we cross another ascension milestone and chart new pathways of strength, courage, confidence, and congruence.

I am looking forward to this month, mainly because I really do think it’s going to be a great month and very lucky but also because I used May’s energy to figure some things out and to release some energies that I no longer want in my life. It took a long time for me to get to that place but I am here now and you may be too. There’s going to be motivation in June for you to step out of your emotional and energetic comfort zone simply because better and more joyful options are on your new horizons. June is a month for luck, stability, expansion, and joy. Its theme is to Raise the BAR and its promise is that we will get a glimpse of our joy potential but whether we step into that paradigm is the choice we have to make this month. It’s a pivot point for us and an opportunity to do what we say we want to do. Whether we really mean it by taking action is up to us.

June is the 6th month of the year and the beginning of summer in the US. It’s a time when spring has set in and gardens are in full bloom, I know mine is. It’s also traditionally the wedding month because it is named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Zeus and mother of Mars and Vulcan, among others. She is the goddess of marriage and fertility as well as of the life force. Both warrior and mother, she represents the sacredness of our spiritual union in marriage and in the community and our willingness to protect and preserve that which we hold the most dear.

June expands on the energy that we had in May, with all of the energy downloads, shifts, aspects, the eclipse and the May 19 potent new moon. As you are looking at June’s energy, think back on what you achieved in May because you are going to be building on that and using what you learned and were gifted with in May to make June extra lucky and blessed for yourself. And we have the summer solstice on June 21, Saturn retrogrades in Pisces, Pluto returns to Capricorn, and we have the potential for karma resolution with Mercury in Gemini and a lot of joy as Venus and Mars join up in fun loving Leo.

In numerology June 2023 is a 4, which is a more stable and grounded energy than we had in May, which was a 3 month. 4 is grounded and solid with a firm foundation and sometimes that foundation is too firm and too grounded. The 4 can either become the comfort zone we cannot leave or the stable foundation that allows us to confidently expand into new aspects and seek new horizons of interest and potential.

One thing you may notice this month is a lack of interest in what you once thought was interesting, necessary, or fun. That’s one of the byproducts of the ongoing 3D dis-integration and the old density paradigm being shredded by humanity’s spiritual and energetic  awakening and 5D energy injections.  The old matrix has been unplugged, unhinged, unwound, untethered, and decommissioned. It’s being replaced by a new matrix of potential, possibilities, connections, resonances, and empowerment that each of us must decide to embrace.  This is not a new world, it is a new paradigm and multi-dimensional reality.

The cost of connection is congruent alignment with our intention and divine mission. This is important and it’s why situations are ending, sometimes without your participation, as we need to plug into the new matrix and we cannot do that when we’re still attached to the old one.

We will learn this month just how easy or hard it is to leave our comfort zone which is not necessarily comfortable as it is familiar. We hold onto what is familiar and known, seeking comfort in the security of a clearly defined and predictable reality, afraid to venture out into a world that seeks to hurt, disempower, dismember, destroy, and devour us. The dark has become so dark that we fear our light will not be enough for us, we will not be strong or powerful enough to overcome a repeat of our known past so we smile and wave to the world from the security of our comfort zone, glad to be safe and protected.

Well, that was working for us before but it won’t work any more. Do you hear that faint voice calling to you just outside the boundaries of your comfort zone? It is remind you that your soul is dynamic, not static,  it is an instrument of potential and possibilities that cannot implement its full functionality while you’re sitting on your couch eating chips and binging on Netflix or remembering the moments of joy while you cry over the longer stretches of pain, disappointment, disillusionment, and sadness.

I am not trying to depress you here, but we have been comfortably dormant in our comfort nests for far too long and what holds us back is no longer relevant to our new energetic paradigms even if it calls us to stay safe and to be careful.


So where does the lucky aspect of June come in? Is it time to buy that lottery ticket and hope for the best? Sort of. I don’t believe in lottery tickets because I know that winning the lottery is not about being lucky, it’s about the fulfillment of our intention.  And winning the lottery may be a long awaited success, a fabulous new job, a new idea that has the potential to be the big thing for you, starting a business, writing that book which becomes a top seller, meeting a special person, it’s a lot more than getting a check from your state lottery board.

Luck is not a random event and having luck is more about belief and intention than about random strokes of fortune. When you ‘raise the BAR’ in your life you expect blessings, demand them, and are open to receiving them. Belief is critical because this is the foundation of your reality. Action is important because it creates energetic movement. Action encompasses everything from alignment to physical action. And Receiving is the final step of manifestation. I know you have been told that you just have to set an intention and something magically appears but that is not true. Receiving involves several steps including integration and embodiment.  Do you remember my example of what I would do if someone gave me a horse?  I would enjoy having a horse but actually getting the horse and having the means to care for it properly are another matter entirely. That’s why I am very careful about what I set as an intention. I appreciate free, all expense paid trips to France that I get paid to go on. But I am not ready to have a horse just yet.

I am going to mention consequences here because they are an important part of our luck. Every intention has consequences and we allow our intentions to manifest based on the consequences we are willing to live with. It’s true. The most powerful intentions can’t manifest if you won’t deal with their consequences, no matter how much you want them to happen.

So June’s luck is about opportunity meeting your BAR – your beliefs, actions, and ability to receive. If you’re ready the energy is there but pay attention to where you get stuck because that’s where the consequences meet your intention and the consequences are winning.

Release is part of June’s energy too and this may not be a voluntary process. You are going to be releasing intentionally or you are going to be released. However it happens, whatever is walking out the door is something that you have no use for or it has no use for you. Many people use the phrase ‘what no longer serves you’ when they talk about release and seeking new potentials and they tend to use it in the wrong way.

You see, these energies do serve you and they serve you very well because they keep you safe and secure, they remind you daily of how awful people can be and how much you can be hurt while keeping you from taking a step into that scary, potentially dangerous unknown.

And that serves you until it doesn’t any more because you are no longer in that energetic space. When your soul call becomes loud enough that you hear it over the droning voice of your fears, it inspires a new choice range where before you only had a limited range of choices and that included nothing that would exceed your comfort zone’s safe boundaries. We are in a spiritual tug of war between our own light and darkness, between the past and new potentials, between our fears and our curiosity about the existence of something else.

When we are prepared to expand into a new level of ascension we have to choose which voice we respond to, the voice of our fear or the voice of our potential. We know all about our fears and their consequences. We don’t know about the potential and its consequences but if we have dismissed them before we won’t be able to do that now because not only is June’s stability going to ensure our current safety and security, it is also going to tempt us to leave our little comfort nest by making offers that we cannot refuse.

What would it take to get you to leave your comfort nest and fly out of a situation that is stifling your soul growth and destroying your joy? You may not have to look very far for that because it may be happening to you right now and you’re scrambling to take care of the situation. Let me share two examples of this, one a 10 year relationship that was ended in less than 4 days, and another a cross country move that lasted less than 6 months. You’ll hear that on the podcast.

What is it about this month that is going to compel us to change and transform in ways we have never been willing to do before?  You may laugh at one of the reasons because it is something we never think about. We think about the healing work we do on behalf of others and the service we render to them but what we do not think about is how they are responding to it or how they feel about it. Sometimes they hate us for showing them the light (and hate is not too strong a word here) and our attempts make them so uncomfortable that they cannot get away from us fast enough. You may see that happening in your life if there is a relationship or life situation that is energetically unbalanced or mismatched and you are holding on to even though you may know it’s time to let it go.

Or you may find yourself unable to keep pouring energy into a situation because your own life needs attention, whether that is a health problem, financial issues, living situation, or something that forces you to focus your energetic resources on yourself now. Don’t fight this, this will become a choice of priorities and what is most important or what matters the most. And if you need a big lesson it will be something serious that you must give your full energetic and physical attention to. Meanwhile the people and situations that have been supported by your energy are going to have to seek other sources and you may find that they abandon you at your hour of greatest need. That’s going to tell you a lot, do not ignore it.  If you are not familiar with the term ‘fair weather friend’ or frenemies, you may get an education now.

June is going to challenge the source of our physical and energetic stability and how we maintain the comfortable nest of our comfort zone. Are we really comfortable or just pretending that we are? Do we have enough space to fully spread our wings or are we cramped and stifled into a little space that we can barely stand up in? Are we really happy, satisfied, and fulfilled with our current situation or are we smiling on the outside but inside we’re looking for the exit sign that leads to new, broader horizons?

One thing about June’s energy is we will no longer be able to pretend that we’re fine when we really are not. And if you are a client or friend of mine and I told you that something was not a good choice, or that something would work out a certain way or would become a problem and you did not listen to me, you may get to tell me I am right after all. This has happened quite a few times so far in the past few weeks and while I am sorry to see clients and friends suffer, they would have had a much easier time and better experience if they had listened to my advice.  But that’s all part of the learning process, isn’t it. We get information and advice and then we choose what we’re going to do with it.

June 3 we have a full moon at 16 Gemini/Sagittarius and it has transformation written all over it, as well as the potential for sudden relationship endings that catapult us out of bad situations and into better ones. Maybe not right away but I believe the endings are going to be so strong, abrupt, and clear that we won’t be making those choices again.  Gemini rules karma and Sagittarius rules higher understanding. Get the picture?

This full moon is a beautiful example of how the universe gifts us with so much access to potential and gives us glimpses of what is possible if we just look in new directions and consider new horizons. It includes a lovely Venus Neptune trine which invites us to turn our tears into joy. We have a powerful Jupiter and Node conjunction in Taurus, which is a very rare aspect, a conjunction between Mercury and Uranus in Taurus – there is a lot of karma in action here, and Venus is opposing Pluto at 0 Aquarius as it prepares to enter 0 Leo.

Have you ever been to a movie that had multiple plot lines and you had a hard time following the theme because there was so much going on? That’s what this full moon is like. Choose your path to focus on for right now but don’t ignore the other things that are happening because they are still going to pan out. This is a great time to remind you that the best way to make choices is to look at them with a ‘for now and not forever’ mindset.

On June 12 Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn, a sign it entered in November 2008. It’s not the final retrograde but it is the final one that will make a close aspect to the US Pluto return degree. Pluto will leave Capricorn for good (for another 248 years) in November 2024.

What is interesting about the Pluto in  Capricorn timing from 2008 to 2024 is that its timeline includes several significant US presidential (s)elections that had an agenda which didn’t quite pan out as planned. And as Pluto has now entered Aquarius and will bring this 5D energy signature back to Capricorn the plans change even more significantly.

I see a lot of political, economic, and social shifts in the months ahead and they are going to be far different than certain globalist megalomaniacs had planned and prepared for us. I do not know about you but I do not want an anti-human agenda imposed on my life and lifestyle and I will fight it with everything I have. We are not going to see that happening, as much as they are trying to paint it with the false brush of social responsibility and awareness, it’s a very evil and dangerous agenda that will make life unbearable and intolerable. Plus it goes against every aspect of our energetic sovereignty, ascension soul path, soul growth, and energetic potential and possibilities. This is a battle we must fight and win.

On June 16 we have a new moon in Gemini that once again highlights our potential for joy with Mercury in Gemini (more karmic boomerangs) and a lovely Mars Venus conjunction in Leo which continues for the rest of the month and into July and August with Venus’ retrograde. Happening in the month of marriage and fertility, watch out for surprise romances and pregnancies.

This new moon is not as friendly as our earlier full moon, but it is honest and by that I mean if you say that you are looking for clarity, you will find it. In fact, it makes me think of something I say a lot, ‘the Universe is not kind it is just.’  It’s wise to maintain your focus on potential and possibilities, on your path to joy, and what you want to manifest, your intention, and your own path now because this is what is being fulfilled. Not your expectations or your desire for someone’s healing, not your secret hopes of validation or your hidden desire for retribution.

What comes out of this full moon is truth, honesty, clarity, and pruning away those things that are not bearing any fruit in your life. You may be too close to see them so the Universe is going to bless you with a very sharp pair of pruning shears and a guiding hand.

The solstice on June 21 is a change of season and time to get your summer wardrobe out. This is a time when we wear fewer clothes and are more conscious of our physical presence. Does your body look like you want it to? Are you suffering from body shame? Your body reflects your energetic frequency and vibration and rather than diet by limiting your food, try an energy diet instead for a more lasting effect. Our dense energy creates physical density.

We end the month with a lovely Venus Mars conjunction in Leo and more potential for joy, romance, and true love. Remember we are no longer looking for healing in relationships, we want our divine complement and kindred spirit, not our soulmates. If you are ready for love in every area of your life, meaning a life you love, a loving community, friends, friendships, and to be firmly grounded in a 5D reality that resonates at your highest energetic potential, this is the month to start setting the energetic foundation for that.

And as part of that journey it’s time to abandon the false comfort of our comfort zones and its familiar nest and venture forth with clarity and confidence, knowing that your energetic sovereignty will lead the way to new horizons that will bring the true joy that is the fulfillment of your soul mission and life purpose.



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