The End of the Journey is a New Beginning

For those of you who ask when does the ascension cycle end, when is the end of the journey, you must know that this is a journey without end. The process of ascension into higher states of being, dimension, frequency, awareness, and vibration is one that has been present since the first dawn of light in the universe, and it continues throughout the universe without end. But the suffering that has accompanied your journey can end when you look at endings as beginnings and beginnings that arise because of endings, and create completion and closure for yourself, without expectations of how things should end or begin.

Each ending arises from a state of completion and closure with a karmic cycle and life purpose, where you are complete with a lesson, a challenge, a way of being, a frequency or vibration, or a mission you have given yourself. Suffering often arises because you have expectations, obligations, commitments and promises to yourself, to Source, or others that cannot be fulfilled in the way you want them to be.

Release is not just a word that means ‘letting go’, it is an energetic action that removes all energetic connections and obligations that you have assumed to complete the soul mission and healing journey which is the purpose of your life. You have completion and closure when you acknowledge that you have done all you can do and are unable to force or influence the changes and transformation you want to see in others or in the world.

It has never been your mission to change others or alter those paths, that is not the nature of the Universe or of free will. It has, though, been your challenge to understand and accept that free will is present in all things and in all of your karmic and soul group partners. Sometimes your lesson is to learn to disengage, to stop your energetic participation, to release yourself from soul contracts and commitments that you have made on behalf of an ascension reality for someone that cannot be fulfilled.

Your demands and expectations create your suffering and ending them can end your pain, guilt, and shame. You do not have a Source contract to prevent the failure of ascension. You have a Source contract to be present and assist in this ascension cycle, to add your light, energy, soul mission, healing path, and love to the process. Each of you who have made this commitment, out of love for Source and for humanity, has made a great sacrifice but you are here as a supporting energy, not as the necessary catalyst.

It is the power of light and love that will continue the ascension movement, not the forceful movement of everyone towards an ending.

Looking for the end of the ascension cycle is giving it a 3D aspect it does not have. It is an energetic process of integrating higher frequencies in a continuing cycle that allows lower dimensional energies to rise into higher ones.

When does this end?

Where does the Universe end?

Do not look for the end or feel like you are not doing enough because people do not seem to transform, the earth is not changing, or situations seem to get worse instead of better. Each new awareness of density means that it is being revealed for all to see. Even the least awake and aware person can see that there are differences in frequency and vibration, that the world is becoming more resonant with 5D energies, and that the power, domination, and control of 3D paradigms is giving way to the connection, collaboration, and creation of 5D and higher frequencies.

Seek out the new beginnings while you express gratitude for the endings. Each new beginning is a portal into a new ascension cycle, allowing a new inpouring of high frequency energy and light that will result in an outpouring of density that it replaces. Each light that shines is a beacon of hope for those who are in the dark. Those who have discovered the light are the dawn for those who are still in the dark. Whether they decide to awaken is their choice.

Shine brightly and do not despair or seek an end that does not exist. Your mission is created from love and it will succeed in every way although perhaps not in the ways you expect to see or can understand. We are with you, you are guided and supported in all things, remember to acknowledge this so you do not feel alone, powerless, and unsuccessful. Every light is important, every intention for peace, joy, love, and abundance creates a container for those energies on earth. This is your ascension mission, make it a joyful act of service that blesses you in all ways.


cyndy 27th September 2018 12:14 pm

This is the first lifetime while embodied, that we can become fully embodied.
It is heaven and earth joining together to create something beyond either.
It will lead to a new world, a new human experience. I have to leave the when will it actualize(?) out of it. Always seemed like the carrot on the end of the stick other wise. I don't think of specifics. Sometimes a loose grid of sorts or a template seems to be uploaded/downloaded. No specifics. If i imagine it seems just to open possibility and then I un imagine it.
My work has to been to dissolve adaptive patterns, metal beliefs, emotional memories, trauma and imprints from this lifetime and past lifetimes. First time we could do this much while being embodie
Now just staying present. I am trying to be where my feet are.
That being said I can see/sense the mass changes. Swimming deeper in my layers. Finding the place to tap into my "Eden of the Heart" and my own personal oasis of peace/calm/well-being.
Although, I tend to think,sense, a hallmark of the new is laughter/humor.
We are living in the midst of eternity.

cyndy 27th September 2018 12:26 pm

Staying in the present so the future can happen.


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