Unfriend and Free

When someone unfriended me recently I was a little surprised because I thought they were being really immature. At our age (we’re both from the generation that pre-dates cell phones, internet, and social media) I would have thought that a conversation or two would have been appropriate. But it is so easy to unfriend someone and make them disappear from your life today. Sometimes we have these virtual connections with people we have never met in person but when we become inconvenient or our opinions threaten their personal echo chamber, they just click the button and we’re gone.

But is that a blessing or an insult? In this case I took it as a blessing because frankly, I was tired of being an optional accessory in this person’s life. I was welcome when I was needed, ignored when I wasn’t. They were happy when I was there to contribute my time, energy, and effort to help them solve their latest life dramas but when my contributions were no longer necessary, the door to their life was shut.

Why did I allow myself to be used in this way? This was a close relationship and I thought this person was my friend so I stretched, lowered, and manipulated my energy boundaries thinking that I was doing them a favor and that this was helping their healing, growth, and transformation. In retrospect, I was just participating in a one-sided multi-dimensional relationship in which I saw a lot of potential in them that they did not see in themselves. I was there for the long haul, they were present for the ride as long as it was short.

In the ‘old days’ we would have had a conversation on the phone or in person. We could have talked about the problem and arrived at a solution. It may have been a rather uncomfortable situation with a lot of long pauses and mumbled words, but there would have been a shared sense of completion and closure. Endings in the virtual world are still uncomfortable, but in a more private, personal way.

I’m not angry but I am relieved that this final round of interaction and the ‘unfriending’ pointed me to the truth that I could either continue on this karma wheel with them or let myself go and set myself free.

This is part of our ascension journey, to let people go when they let us know that they have gone as far as they can and can’t go any farther. We can continue to push them a little farther but they’ll only unfriend us, unconvinced that our suggestions for their potential are an unachievable dream – because to them, they are. We don’t do anyone any favors by trying to convince them that what see in them is what they should become.

In today’s rapidly shifting energy paradigms the best thing we can do is to shine our light, walk our own path, and let those who have come to the end of their energy road take another path while we are joined by those who want to walk the next levels of ascension with us.



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Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman is a life-long intuitive whose unique gifts include an amazing ability to read clients’ energetic fields, view their soul purpose, karmic wounds and lessons and bring their energetic vibrations into alignment with their soul’s desire for healing and wholeness in body, mind and spirit. She works with the Archangel Uriel, along with her guides and angels, those of the client and departed loves ones who wish to participate, providing accurate and focused guidance to raise energetic vibrations and create a clear path to a joyful, fulfilling life.

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