Being a teacher in the new era

I AM Jeshua. I was the bearer of Christ consciousness two thousand years ago, and now you are the ones carrying that torch.  It is a torch of light that brings change in this world, a world that is in need of change at this very moment. You live in an age of crisis.  There is a financial crisis, an economic crisis going on right now, and there is also crisis of the planet, an environmental crisis going on. You live in the midst of this crisis, which is also an opportunity for change.  Always when things change in a fundamental way, a lot of old things need to fall away drastically and fundamentally.

You who feel drawn to my messages are the ones who are to lead the way for others. Yes, you have been born in this time on purpose; you wanted to make a change, to be the change that humanity needs.  You are the teachers of the new era. It is to you that I bring a message of hope an encouragement.  I wish to encourage you to take up the role of the teacher that you are.  Many lifetimes, you have spent on earth preparing for this time, for now the planet and humanity are ready for a transformation, an evolution toward a heart-based consciousness that recognizes the oneness of all that lives and breathes on earth. You have been the carrier of this sense of oneness for centuries, you have been light-workers on earth before, and now the times are with you. Look behind the surface of what appears to be negative and bad news.  Look behind it all. This is a great opportunity for change.

Humanity is asked to go deep within and to address the negative emotions and fear that rise to the surface in times of crisis. Now more than ever humanity needs healing, and is prepared to receive healing. You are the ones who are leading the way.  You are the teachers of the new era, and I ask you not to be shy about yourselves.  Because of all the experiences you had on earth before, you have become shy and withdrawn about who you are, about the light that you carry within. There is passion in your heart, and your soul. You long to be the shining light that you are, but you are also hiding from your own power, because you carry old memories of being rejected for this, and even being persecuted and killed for it. I can see your fears and insecurity, but you are grand and powerful if you believe in yourself.  You have come a long way.  Many times, you visited earth, and gained experience.  You are a mature and old soul now and you wish to share the wisdom of your heart.  I want you to look inside yourself, and feel the passion that you were born with, the passion to make a difference. I ask you not to hide anymore.

How do you teach?  What is this teaching that I speak of? It is not about conveying theories and knowledge from books to others; it is not about preaching or telling people what to do.  It is about a vibration that you bring into the world, a vibration of compassion and inner peace. And so when you address your own darkest parts, your emotions of fear, of anger of distrust, when you shine a light on your dark parts, it is then that your vibration rises, and that you bring a new light into this world.  It will be visible in your eyes, in the way you speak or listen to others. Do not hide it, be as open as you can because you are beautiful. It is when you bring this vibration into the world that people are drawn to you. Not because you know the truth, or because you know what is going to happen to them, but because there is a space of safety and friendliness around you.  They feel accepted around you. That is what teaching in the new era is about: accepting the other completely with both their light and dark parts, seeing their inner beauty, their passion and their innocence and encouraging them to see it themselves.

Being a teacher in the new era is different from what you may have expected. It is about finding peace deep within, and not being led astray by the negativity that is around you.   In a sense, it means to let go of the world, to not be of it, but on the other hand, to be open to everyone, and let them taste the vibration that you are radiating out into the world. Be in the world but not of it.

How your teaching will look like, what form it will take is different for every individual.   Each one of you has a certain passion, a talent, a longing to do one specific thing rather than another.  Your energy, your light, can take many forms, and to me the specific form it takes is of less importance. What I’d like you to be aware of today is that you are a teacher, that you have come a long way. I encourage you especially in these times not to hide it any more, to share your wisdom with others and bring your passion alive.  That is what it means to bring a new energy into this world.

Dealing with high sensitivity 

You all have become very sensitive. Your hearts have been opened.  In many ways, in this era the feminine energy is being re-birthed through you, as you are the ones who are the first to open up  to heart-based consciousness, recognizing the oneness of all life.  You have opened up your heart, and as a side-effect, you take in the negative feelings and emotions of those around you, and the feelings that are simply present in the atmosphere around earth.  This sensitivity can sometimes be a burden. You sometimes absorb so much negativity, that you feel down and depressed, and you do not even know where it is coming from.

Opening your heart, developing your feminine side, being receptive and open to energies around you is part of the development you are going through.  But it is very important for you to also embrace your male energy, not in the traditional sense, but in a new and higher way.  In the past, an aggressive male energy has dominated your history. This energy aimed at gaining power and manipulating reality. Generally, you have a bad association with male energy; you think it is oppressive, aggressive, and egoistical.  You need a new definition of male energy.  You need the male energy in order to balance your feminine sensitive side. The male energy in its higher form has to do with focus, setting boundaries around yourself, and being very determined about what you want and do not want to enter your energy field.  A higher male energy will not let you be completely absorbed by negativity around you. It will help you set boundaries around you. In a sense, this higher form of male energy is like a knight standing at the gate of your energy field, distinguishing what nurtures you and what feeds you, and what doesn’t. You need the male energy within to nurture your very sensitive female side.  So I ask you to rethink the male energy, and to find within yourself a new definition, a new feeling about this. Perhaps you can make an image of a knight or of a peaceful warrior, who helps you distinguish what is right for you and withdraw if you feel that certain environments, or certain people, are not serving your higher ideals.

Being a light-worker and a teacher means, on the one hand, to be in the world and be open and willing to spread your vibration when people ask for it. But on the other hand, it also means that you know when to withdraw and when to say no, and when to take good care of yourself, something that is frequently needed in these times when the energy can feel very heavy and very difficult.

Honour yourself and create space for yourself every day to come back to yourself, to feel who you are. Creating a space for yourself can be taken literally, finding a physical space in your house, or out in nature, where you can feel at ease, where you can completely be with yourself. In such a relaxing space, you can enter the space inside, and that is what really matters. Inside of you, there is a space that is really a kind of consciousness.  It is the beingness of you, the very core of who you are and it cannot be expressed in words. You can feel this consciousness especially in moment of stillness, and when you are alone, not bombarded by external things happening, noises, situations, things that distract you. To  find this stillness within every day is important to remain aware of who you are,  a teacher and bringer of light into this reality. So, I ask you to find balance between being by yourself and being in the world, and to feel what rhythm fits you. Use the male energy to distinguish and determine what is right for you.

Redefining the male energy

It is time now for lightworkers to balance the male and female energies within.  In a sense, you have become afraid of your own power. There have been times, very ancient times, in which you yourself used your power in a way that you later on regretted.  These were the ages before Christ, before I came to earth; they go back to Atlantis and before. You still have memories of those ages, and you never want to misuse your power again.  But your reaction has been too extreme in a sense.  Now you so much want to dismiss your power that you often feel unable to stand up for yourself, to be clear about who you are and what you do or do not want. This is regrettable because you then can become exhausted and depressed by what is happening around you, because you refuse to take up your power, not in the sense of ruling over others, but in the sense of connecting to your natural passion, your natural instincts, your knowingness. It has become difficult to find a positive definition of the male energy, but I encourage you to find one, and to embrace it, for it is by the re-birthing of the male energy that you will find your own true power again.

The female energy connects you to your soul. It is through the feelings that the feminine is receptive to, that the soul speaks to you. But to bring the inner knowingness of the feminine out into the world, to manifest your soul’s passion in the world, you need to know how to protect your feminine energy, how to take your distance when it is needed, how to remain centered and calm amidst energies that do not resonate with you. To be the teacher and the pioneer that you truly want to be, you need to embrace both the male and female aspects of yourself.

Take courage in all of this.  Things are changing and you are not alone.  Many people around the world go through the same process that you are going through. There are many fellow light-workers alive now, and if you connect with them from the heart, you can feel they are your brothers and sisters. Distance, time and space do not matter, nor do nationality and race. Feel the field of Christ consciousness that is now coming closer to earth.  Although it may not be visible in what you read in the newspaper or what you hear on television, this field is there. A new consciousness is awakening.

I am calling you.  I am part of this huge field of consciousness as much as you are.  We are one in this field.  We are equal, and I am calling you home.  You can feel home on planet earth right now if you remember who you are, if you can truly feel your divinity and the angelic light that flows through you.

I love you.
Accept my energy.
I thank you for receiving it.

This channeling is also available as audio file. The transcript has been slightly edited for purposes of readability. Heartfelt thanks to Maria Baes for making the transcript.


Samaria 11th June 2009 2:00 pm

Its not often that I read something that speaks pure truth to my soul. It felt as if I was home when reading these words. Every word spoke to me loud and clear and answered every question that I have been asking the last couple of weeks. I have moved from counselling to mentoring on a spiritual level and feel so much more at ease. My heart is no longer able to hide.Thank you for the wonderful healing I received today and will share with many others. xxx

majicamelman 14th June 2009 8:07 pm

I am the synthesis of the divine union , father mother god/ess or godde, think of a diamond each point a star

Oldooz 18th June 2009 10:52 am

How I love reading you... I feel home!.. love!

MaryO 14th July 2009 4:46 am

Thank you.

ayadew 17th December 2009 2:06 pm

I am in the world but not of the world. Thank you Jesus

Convalia 9th January 2010 2:25 am

Zalewasz mnie swoja Miloscia, Jesus. Kocham cie!!!
Thank you Pamela and Jesus, I love you. Thank you for answering my questions.


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