Being The Bridge To The New Earth

Dear friends, dear family of mine,

I love you all deeply. I am here from a space of friendship. I am your equal; I am not a master standing above you. I want to be with you from soul to soul and also from human to human. I know what it is like to be human on Earth and to experience deep emotions of doubt, fear, and anger. I want you all to have compassion for yourselves and all the emotions you have. But, above all, I want you to be aware of your greatness.

In this day and age, we are moving into a new reality on Earth. A new consciousness is being born right now. It is a consciousness that is founded on the heart and based on the oneness we all share. You all long for this consciousness to manifest on Earth, and you live for it – it is your highest ideal. But what I would like to impress upon you is that you are the carriers of this consciousness. This is not something happening outside you. It is not something you have to wait for, and you do not have to rely on others for messages or predictions about the future. You are the very center of this transformation. It is you who are the birth canal for this new energy, and I ask you to truly stand up and to be all that you are, because I see many of you hesitating. Your hearts are open and you reach out to the new consciousness that is dawning. You long intensely for this vibration of oneness, but you are also afraid.

There are two kinds of vibration on Earth. There is the old vibration of fear that has intimidated you for a long time, even to the point of going into the cells of your body. You react from fear and, for a long time, this is what you have been taught to do. You have been told that in order to survive, you have to act like a small person, not a great one. To be a “good” person is all too often to listen to the voices of fear. The new vibration is quite the opposite. Feel it for yourself – the new vibration is full of joy! It is evident from this vibration that there is enough for everyone. The new vibration encourages you to be great, to share your talents, to be proud of yourself.

How do you move between these two vibrations? Sometimes you connect with the higher vibration of joy and it makes you feel ecstatic, as if you are a little drunk, because it reminds you of the energy of Home, the energy of your soul. You are moved to tears and you know deep inside: “This is what I want!” You want this in the area of your work, and also in your relationships. You want this in everything!

I want to offer a little exercise to you. Imagine that the new vibration of joy and lightness and abundance is coming to you now. I am here, I am standing in the middle of this circle, and with me are numerous guides and friends, who are smiling at you, wanting to offer you this new vibration that is really the vibration of Home. I ask you to receive it and to be aware of anything within you that resists this new vibration. Notice it in your body. You may notice a tension in the body caused by resistance or fear. What I am asking you to do is to identify what parts of you cannot merge with the new vibration. And please, give the energy of resistance or fear a face and let it appear to you as a child.

Inside you, there is a child who is afraid to surrender to this new vibration. It does not trust it, because this child has not learned to trust. I ask you to be very aware of this child, because this is the key. What I see happening to you is that you dwell in two realities at the same time. Sometimes you feel very inspired and elevated, and at other times you fall back into the old vibration and fear overpowers you. Everything you felt before in your heart, your truth, seems to vanish and you find yourself depressed or blocked from moving forward. And some of you even feel that it is hopeless. You feel you do not belong on Earth, you even want to leave. That is why it is so important to recognize what is behind this reality of fear. It is a frightened child and you are able to help it; that is your true greatness.

Your greatness is not so much that you are able to feel oneness, but that you are able to reach out from that place of oneness to that which is in the dark. If you do not honor and understand this fearful child within yourself, you cannot fully enter the new vibration. So invite this child to now be close to you. Let it express his or her pain to you and allow it to express it freely, to even exaggerate it. What is its deepest fear? Is it even ready to be here on Earth?

It is when you are fully acquainted with this child, this inner presence, that you can put your arms around it and save it from the fear that has overpowered it. Fear may express itself in a variety of ways. It can be expressed through depression, and also through anger and not wanting to be part of this reality; a distrust towards other people, or a desire to escape, and it can lead to all kinds of destructive behavior. But if you can look behind the destructive behavior and see the face of a frightened child, you can reach out with compassion.

Today, we can do this together. So now imagine that you have your own child in front of you. It is leaning against you with its face toward the middle of the circle. Tell your child it is safe. Be aware that to experience Light can be frightening for this child. I invite you to feel the energy that we, I and the guides who are present here, are sending to this child. We approach your child with patience and tenderness. We love it exactly for who it is, right now. Can you receive this love from us?

Really healing yourselves means descending into the dark, and the ability to do that is your greatness. This is the essence of the Christ energy. It does not separate, it does not accept a distinction between Dark and Light, because it knows that oneness is everywhere.

My message for you today is that you are the carriers of the Christ energy in this day and age. First of all, you apply this in your own lives. You do not walk away from reality, you do not walk away from fear or darkness when you see it. Instead you kneel down to it and you ask: “Where is the child within?” Do not be afraid of darkness, because it is your fear of darkness that blocks you from moving into the new vibration.

You all carry memories within yourself, not only from this lifetime, but even before that. You have memories of moments in which fear overpowered you and you lost your way. That is why you sometimes get lost today and do not believe in your greatness. But I tell you: this is the time for change, it is now. And your true mission is not just to leave the old vibration behind and enter into the new, but  to bring the new vibration of love and joy into the old, to heal the child within, and to heal society as it is now. Because that is the result; this is what happens when people heal themselves individually; this energy will flow out into society. It will enter the institutions of education, even politics and medicine, and the new vibration will enter peacefully, without struggle.

You are able to do it, and I thank you for being here.



Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of Endless Possibilities 19th April 2013 9:53 pm

"Have been in the Presence of This Brother of Light...have Sensed the Depths & Purity of the Divine Love that Emanates through Him. It Flows to All with an Intensity that goes on Always & Forever as this Pure Love Originates from The Infinite. Once Received...Heaven on Earth is Achieved!..."
Love Always & Forever,
Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of "Endless Possibilities!"

kaykay 21st April 2013 4:43 am

Thank you Pamela and Jeshua for this beautiful message!!!

Susany 28th April 2013 10:28 am

So powerful ! Just beautiful??? :smitten:

betsy. 26th May 2013 5:04 pm

"And your true mission is not just to leave the old vibration behind and enter into the new, but to bring the new vibration of love and joy into the old, to heal the child within, and to heal society as it is now. Because that is the result; this is what happens when people heal themselves individually; this energy will flow out into society. It will enter the institutions of education, even politics and medicine, and the new vibration will enter peacefully, without struggle." Yes! I agree! It seems this is where the self-love is so very key. We offer our unconditional love to our inner child and accept all of ourselves just as we are right now. Giving ourselves that love and permission I think truly catapults us beyond the fear and so much into love that everything just begins to change and click. Yay! Thank you, Pamela, for this loving message! Much love to you!!! :smitten:


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