Body and Soul

Dear people,

I am the voice of the Earth. I carry you in my body. The planet on which you live and walk is my body, the expression of my soul. You are welcome here because you are part of my body. Your body is part of me, made of earthly matter. Be very aware of the cells in your body, which are very small, independent entities that know exactly what they are supposed to do. They work toward balance and harmony and cooperation in your body

Now imagine that you are present as a brilliant sun in your body. Your light is not of the Earth; you come from the cosmos. You are a living soul who is able to take on various forms and now you are present in an earthly form. Imagine that the light of your soul radiates in the center of your body, the center close to your heart. See a light burning there and remember who you are: you are aeons old. You have had many lives; you are not here for the first time.

Remember who you are! Know that you are independent of this body, of this life, and of the society around you. You have come here to bring something new, something unique, something not quite understood by those around you. It takes courage and daring to bring in what is new, because new things cause resistance. That is why it is so important to remember who you are: your freedom, your independence. Only then can you really be yourself in this reality and spread your light.

I now ask you, from that which is your heart, to connect the light of your soul with all your body cells, which have their own individual consciousness, yet which are part of me, the Earth. Imagine that the light of your heart, your soul, joins to the consciousness of all your body cells. Your light shines into all your cells, and your cells respond with joy. This is what they want – they want to be inspired by you! This is their goal; this is their function.

Maybe you think that the aim of your body cells is simply to maintain your body so it can function and survive; and on some level, that is true, but not on the deepest level. Your highest purpose here on Earth is to provide an instrument through which your soul can manifest itself; that is what your body is for. So connecting your soul with your body awareness is extremely important. Your entire body is undergoing a transformation that cannot be explained on a material level.

Now imagine that the light from your divine core spreads slowly from your heart and touches all your cells in a tender way: in your chest and shoulders, and throughout your neck and throat. Then allow all the cells in your head to be touched by your soul's energy and to take it in so they are able to get direction and guidance from the divine Source. Let your soul's energy, the light of your heart, to then stream through your solar plexus, your belly, and down through your abdomen, and feel for a moment the center of your abdomen. There may be old emotions still there, or resistances against life that make it difficult to allow in the light of your soul: "Is this safe? May I really be here with my unique energy, my light?"

See if your soul's light can penetrate into your stomach, your tailbone, your pelvis. If you feel places there that offer resistance, that do not allow in the light, just observe that happening and do not force anything. Just see if there is a dark spot or a tense place somewhere in your body where the energy is somewhat constricted and concealed. With a very accepting and open gaze, concentrate your attention on that spot of heaviness. Your consciousness is very soft and pliable, and as a soft breeze, surround that spot with your attention.

Inside that blocked energy, there is life that has been hidden away for a variety of reasons. Encourage that life to make itself known to you. Ask the question: "Who are you? Don't be afraid of me, show yourself." See if something appears to you: an image, a symbol; it can also be an animal or a human being, or maybe a child. Everything that is blocked and hidden in a person wants out, wants to be free; but it is afraid, which is why it is hiding at times. To be able to reach it, you need not force anything; it is enough to be gently present and to listen. To not want to change anything, to not wish to get rid of this part, is the most helpful approach.

So calmly see or sense what wants to reveal itself from that dark part. Imagine that you reach out your hand to what appears and you reassure it by telling it: "You are good; you are allowed to be who you really are." You welcome this part of yourself by taking responsibility for your energy, by promising that you will work with it. Because in all this clogged and blocked energy there is also a strength, a capability that belongs to you. It should never be the intention only to make a blockage or a problem disappear. It is about transforming and releasing old energies, and so thoroughly that the core of light within you can join with it. That is why love is the way, and not struggling with negative energies or problems that are in you, but loving them.

Finally, let the light of your soul flow all the way down from your pelvis to your thighs and your upper legs, and give especial attention to your knees. Imagine that the cells of the bones in your knees open up for the light from your heart. Remember how joyful it can be to live and be active on the Earth, so retrieve those memories of joy. Then let your light descend farther into your calves and your ankles, and fully into your feet: into your heels, the soles of your feet and your toes.

Entrust the light of your soul to the Earth. I am here for you; you are welcome in and on me. You do not have to go it alone. The more you allow your soul's light to be here, the more you are protected and carried by your own wisdom and by your connection to me, the Earth. I salute you from my heart and want to thank you for your presence here and now.



Cheri 23rd February 2017 1:43 pm

Pamela, all your messages are so beautiful and profound filled with loving Christ energy, they touch me very deeply. When I started my journey several years ago coming through alot of personal pain and grief a message from spirit came through to me very clearly reminding me that I forgot to "laugh" mother earth. As you said, every single living thing from the tiniest cell to the most beautiful planet wants to fulfill it's highest mission of creation to bring about a pristine state of grace operating at all levels through harmony and balance. We are all in this together, nothing stands alone.

debs go lightly 23rd February 2017 1:54 pm

Dear Pamela and Gaia, thank you :)

Heartfelt courage 26th February 2017 4:21 am

Every message I'm reading strengthens the last and I never read them in order,.but love them all....

mother earth gaia 6th March 2017 6:55 am

my name is mother earth gaia. i would like to ask you, nicely, not to talk about me or say that your channeling me any are not me. my voice isnt yours. i am speaking up hear for myself because my kindness has been taken advantage of. in your artical you state that people come from me and are welcome here. this isnt true anymore because everyone on this planet, except for the bush men in the congo and the true rastafarians of the planet, has taken advantage of me and my generousity and its killing me. miners are robbing me of my crystals and my energy is being used the wrong way. leave my rocks alone.they arent supposed to be touched. the dams on this planet are blocking my chi force and destroying my rotation. pipe lines are being layed by the Miles dystroying my structure and taking away the precious oils I need to keep rotating.
you are all spoild children to me now. who take take take. now i am forced to tell you all that your not welcome here unless you wake up and give back and give thanks. where are your gardens? where is the love i share with you? why are yall so greedy? please leave me alone.

Eyewitness 24th April 2017 5:00 pm

This is so beautiful... but I want to ask Gaia something kinda 'off topic' if you don't mind. Please help me to understand why all of nature seems So Utterly Indifferent to life on this planet. How many catastrophic extinction events have taken place here, long before there were any negative thoughts at all? How many species vanished completely long before humans were here to mess things up? Watching nature tears my heart in pieces as I see all manner of destruction to the individual being...with no vaguest regard for anything but lust and food. Is it just me looking at things the wrong way?? How can nature be so utterly cruel in every way.... and yet, when you stand back far enough, it all looks so beautiful to behold? I see death and destruction everywhere.... How can Gaia watch baby birds drown in the pond, watch tiny dogs torn to shreds by wolves, watch horrible suffering and pain and not, somehow... intervene? Please help me to see this in a different light. Thank you.


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